Saturday, July 17, 2010

digital makeover

It's been some time since I've done any, "just messing around," kind of edits. I've done a lot of photos where I have added texture of adjusted various things, but nothing like I used to. I can remember doing some really crazy off the wall kind of edits and maybe some day I'll pull some of those awful things out and show you a few.
I thought it might be fun just to take a random picture out of the files and play around with it a little bit and see what I could do to it.
Here's the picture I started with.
That's an old stepping stone that I have sitting out in the back of my yard. It wasn't bad looking when I first got it but through years of dirt, mud, snow and whatever else it's looking a little sad. I thought I would put a little color back in to it.
I added a blank layer over the picture and just started painting in the color. Then I changed the blending mode to linear burn and it sort of popped out at me and said, "I feel better now"


  1. Beautiful Sunflower. It's amazing what you can do with photo editing

  2. That's quite something - a definite improvement!

  3. That's one thing I haven't done yet with all my photos; that's beautiful and it makes me want to try!

  4. simply incredible!! I love how you really brought that stone to life....
    I wish I could do work like that!

  5. That's incredible how you can transform things like that!

  6. This is great! someday I'm going to learn how to do that!

  7. That's beautiful! The sunflower is my favorite flower.

  8. Very cool. It is so neat the stuff you can do!

  9. I'm in the process of learning new editing software that I bought this week. Your technique looks like something I would like to try sometime. I love how your stepping stone turned out!

  10. I stop by often and many times don't comment like I should because of time restraints, but need to get my Ann and Duke fix regardless. I did want to mention thou I love your new layout especially the great header, wonderful job Ann :-)

  11. What was that middle thing again :)
    That is just fantastic that you know how do that. I didn't even know it was possible. That kind of lets you know the level of my technical abilities.

  12. Whoa, that is really, really impressive.

  13. Roschelle I've always loved sunflowers but then there aren't many flowers that I don't love. The photo editing process is amazing to me. Makes you wonder though when you see a picture, is it real or is it photoshopped.

    Grace thanks, I thought so too

    Char it's almost like playing with crayons again, I enjoy doing it now and then

    Chef Dennis thank you. I'm betting that you probably could do it. Once you know the process it's pretty easy

    Beaded tail it always amazes me the difference you can make in a picture with just a few simple steps

    marie thanks, go for it but be warned it can be addicting

    audrey I think all flowers are my favorites :)

    tanyia thanks sis, the possibilities are endless

    Janice thank you, and have fun learning that program. I've lost hours in a day sitting and playing with mine. If you ever have any questions let me know, I'll be glad to help if I can

    Man over board thanks, I've been wanting to make a change for a long time. Don't feel bad about the comments, I often do the same thing.

    Tahtimbo ah but your technical abilities when it comes to figuring out things like coding is far beyond my grasp :)

    fishhawk thank you, bet you didn't know I could stay in the lines when I colored

  14. That looks great! I like it much better!

  15. Great job Ann. It is amazing what you can do. I just try to get a half decent photo or it is over for me. No editing abilities at all.

  16. It looks great and as always shows your talent. It's fun to just mess around and make something that's simply pleasing to the eye. Love it Annie.

  17. Always something cool here.What agreat job, now i feel bad I never play with my software.Many would be amazed how that perfect photo in a mag is made.i worked with a national publication and they shot all video to take stills.

  18. Wow..this is fantastic really looks like you have taken the stepping stone and re-painted it before snapping another shot at it...I am very envious of the great edits you produce!!

  19. This is Great! Haven't a Clue how to do it!

  20. That came out awesome, I will have to experiment with digital burn. You ought to give your sunflower some real color too.

  21. Well done Ann. Some day I would like to be able to do that. I would just like to make some of my pictures not so fuzzy.
    Hope you have a great day.

  22. Before I read the post I thought you had actually painted it. Great job.

  23. Incredible!! I just have my little photo editing program that came with my computer. You make me want to go out and buy a new one!!

  24. Sheri thanks I did too

    Russ ah yes getting a half decent photo seems to be my problem frequently

    Miawa thank you. It is fun and good therapy as well

    out on the prairie that's interesting that they used video. With all the things you can do it's hard to believe that some things are real when you see them in pictures

    allotments4you the only thing is now I want the stepping stone to really look like that

    sharkbytes glad you agree

    donna just a few simple steps really

    urban cowboy yes I should give the stone real color however it won't be as easy to do as this picture was and will require more clean up

    marg i have a lot of pictures that I wish I could make less fuzzy

    nico thanks, maybe one of these days I really will paint it

    bossy betty i can't remember how long i went wanting to buy a good editing program before I caved but now i'm so glad that i did

  25. Wow! The digital painting looks so real. It amazing what one can do to pictures with a program.

  26. I love this. You are just so talented. I wish I was creative like you are. Really.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  27. You have done such a great job!!

  28. Jean it is amazing, and I find it totally fascinating. It also keeps me out of trouble :)

    Sandee Thanks, I'm going to get a big head if you keep giving me all those compliments :)

    Gayle thank you very much

    Alesa thank you.

  29. Ann, you are just amazing in your artistic talents. That is beautiful.

  30. poetic shutterbug thank you very much. This really is a very simple edit believe it or not.


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