Sunday, July 25, 2010

Find 5

As promised, I'm back today. However, I  must admit, today's post may not be any better than yesterday's. I spent yesterday doing pretty much nothing. Nothing that is except for playing with my camera and my computer.
Today I have a picture of a secret mushroom town with 5 hidden inhabitants. Can you find all 5?

Can't find them? How about now?

Maybe tomorrow I can do better :)


  1. I found 'em all! Duke was the first one I spotted. :D

  2. How cute, Duke was the first one I found too!

  3. Ha...Duke and his friends look bored.

  4. Found Duke First!!Hahaaa...and I must admit I could only find 4! I Thought the one on the mushroom was one but not sure untill I saw the answers!!
    How Fun was This!!

  5. That was cute. I especially love that Duke is there too.

  6. That was fun! I found all 5 with the first being cute little Duke!

  7. Duke was the very first one I found. Of course.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  8. Yeah! I found them all. Of course, I also spotted Duke first! He sure gets around, doesn't he :)

  9. Roschelle, yeah i think Duke sort of stuck out there

    Char I was stumped for a post so I ran with this thing :)

    urban cowboy they probably are, I hear there's not much action in that little forest

    JuneZack way to go

    Reeni worked for

    Donna ha, I stumped

    Tanyia, I had a micro burst of inspiration for this

    anne had to have Duke in there.

    beaded tail seems everyone found duke first

    Sandee but of course, I think you are duke's biggest fan :)

    tahtimbo yes he does, i don't know why he says I never take him anywhere :)

  10. oh, that was easy!

  11. The mushroom habitat looks pretty busy with Duke around :)

  12. Once I spotted lil Duke in there, the rest was just a blur to me... hehehe

  13. Yay! I found all five :)
    You have created a really fun photo collage, Ann!

  14. Ahahahaha - clever girl! I love the itty bitty Duke :o)

  15. You missed my last marble that I lost a while back. Duke is sitting on it. Anyway, could I have it back?

  16. So that's where Duke's been hiding! So cute.

  17. Grace yeah, not much of a challenge to this

    Vanilla seven Duke keeps em hopping in mushroomville

    Nessa lol Duke's the star of the show :)

    Duni I think it had something to do with all the coffee I drank that morning. :)

    Jen even when he's itty bitty he's adorable

    FishHawk ah, so that's why Duke couldn't seem to get comfortable. If you keep it in a little box like I do with mine you won't misplace it in the future.

    Sheri yea, he took a teeny tiny vacation

  18. That was great Ann. A little too easy. You need to give us a challenge. Even when you are fooling around you get great work done.
    Have a good week.

  19. That is cute having all those cute little residents. I did find all five and like everyone else found Duke right away. I also like the owl a lot. Glad you had a good day yesterday.
    Have another good one today.

  20. I enjoyed this "little" game. :)

  21. I found them!! That was fun :)
    I'm always amazed at what you can do with a camera and a computer.

  22. Fun post, but can't believe you weren't in the pool.Wait, it is early and I can't get away from my computer, been on for an hour.

  23. I played...I missed the gnome and thought I saw two fact I still think the fairies are they...they sneaked into the picture and even you didn't see them Ann....can you spot my fairies???

  24. This took me back to my Highlights Magazine days!!! I found Duke right away! This was fun!

  25. I found all 5, but my favorite one is the bubble with Duke inside it. Can I have it? Please, please, I want a little bitty Duke in a bubble.

  26. grampy i'll try and make it hardy next time

    marg duke was pretty easy to spot

    jean glad you liked it

    audrey now if i could just figure out how to get my house cleaned i'de be all set :)

    out on the prairie actually yesterday morning it was pouring and then in the afternoon we went to the beach

    gayle thanks

    emma glad you enjoyed it

    allotments4you i looked and i do believe i can see a couple of fairies flitting around in there

    bossy betty i used to love the highlights magazine and always started by finding the hidden pictures

    leeuna oh my now you've just given me another idea for a craft if i figure out how to get him in a bubble i'll send you one :)


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