Thursday, July 15, 2010

Duke's idea of chillin

I can't believe I'm going to show you these pictures but here they are. The pool may be green and slimy but Duke doesn't care. If it's hot he's jumping in.
Last Week Wade was on vacation and spent a few days on a friends house boat. When I came home after work Duke was dieing to get in the pool. Of course I couldn't say no to him.
He would swim around in a couple circles then make his way back over to the ladder.
It was so hot that day that after he got off and shook the water off he turned around and jumped right back in. He did that three or four times. Duke sure does love the water.


  1. Just got out of the pool, my dog wants to sit in my lap,doesn't like her ears wet. Can't believe you stayed in town while off.

  2. Hi Ann! I really enjoyed your blog, thank you for the comments and following me.

  3. That's so cute! He's livin' the good life.

  4. That is so hilarious that he loves the water like that!!

  5. The pool looks fine....and so does Duke. What a life!

  6. Duke sure is a funny and smart fella :) i would do the same if there's a pool here.. its super warm here too.


  7. Duke is just so cute! Just like a kid who isn't ready to get out of the pool just yet! We might need to see a video of him in action. Just sayin!

  8. That's great! With the weather we're having, I would be right behind him.
    We are expecting to have the hottest day of the year tomorrow 100+.

  9. It's a hard knock life for ole Duke, isn't it? :)

  10. Duke is so cute in the water. Of course he's very cute outof the water as well!

  11. how wonderful to have a pool you can just jump into when you are hot with the ignorance of not caring about it's cleanliness....maybe we should all take lessons from Duke though with our recent turn in weather i am not needing a cool soak right now!! :-(

  12. Friday, July 16th, 2010
    Dear Ann,
    Wonderful photos of a wonderful dog! Duke is so cute and so smart!

    It was 90 degrees Farenheit the day before yesterday, and I was alone at home. Everyone else was on the farm, except for the girl-cats and me. So I put the fan on and pointed it at the little sofa in the room where the children usually watch their films. I laid in the sofa, tried to read a book and dozed off. When I woke up, Cajsa Cat was fast asleep beside me enjoying the cooling breeze of the fan! She was so cute! It was touching that a tough-cat like Cajsa likes me enough to want to nap right beside me! Too bad that no one else was at home who could have snapped a photo of us lying there together, my cat and me!

    Thank you for stopping my and commenting on my Z-post!
    I love strawberries too, both wild and regular. Do you have strawberries where you are?

    That was interesting to hear that your grandmother had worked for a company that made zippers. I wonder how were are made at that time.

    Have a happy day!

  13. With a super hot weather like that who could not resist jumping off to a pool of cold water? :)
    Duke is loving every bit of a second swimming in the water. ;)

  14. We get a big kick out of our little Stuart (a pomeranian, long-haired chihuahua, doberman pinscher, pit bull, rottweiler and mutt mix) when he is held out over the pool that my wife just had to get after hearing about your pool. For his little legs start churning faster and faster the closer he gets to the water.

  15. Duke is looking good as usual. The pool is wonderful, but a lot of work.You need to hook up a skimmer to Duke so he can clean it up while swimming around.LOL
    Have a good weekend.

  16. I think Duke has the right idea about staying cool. I've always known he's a smart fellow.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. My very best to Duke. :)

  17. That's really funny... he doesn't mind the chlorine?

  18. Hahaaaa...that Must be fun to watch!! I love The Duke!

  19. Lucky guy!
    As long as he doesn't turn green and slimy too :)

  20. Duke you are such a smart fella to jump into that pool and cool off. We can see you are having a great time. Stay cool now and have a great week end.

  21. Duke sure knows what to do to cool off. What a smart guy he is.

  22. Oh, Duke is so adorable and he knows it. I would just love to hug him!

    Shadow would love the pool, but Sheba hates water. She won't even go out in the rain. Which makes bath time a real battle.

  23. One smart little guy! The pool looks pretty inviting to me ~ it is so crazy hot and humid and unrelenting here. Duke knows best!

  24. That Duke is sure one smart dog, that's for sure! Nothing beats the heat like jumping in the water...well, if you add cold beer that's even better.

  25. out on the prairie I wasn't off just Wade was, I still had to go to work

    Char glad you liked it, and you are most welcome

    Cinnamon girl yes he is lucky guy

    Lin he is hysterical sometimes

    Roschelle yeah he has it so rough

    Anny he is a funny guy, cracks me up all the time

    beaded tail yes he is just like a kid sometimes too much. I keep meaning to do the video, one of these days

    tahtimbo oh boy, that's hot. find a cool shady spot to chill

    grace it sure is. I wish I had it so rough

    marie cute just seems to come natural to him

    allotments4you I don't mind if it's a little green but if it gets too bad, forget about it

    Anna he's no dummy that's for sure. sometimes I think he's too smart.

    junezach he does enjoy it and I must admit it was nice, I joined him

    FishHawk aw I bet Stuart is hysterical to watch. You need to teach him how to get in and out himself like Duke does. Do you want Duke to come give him lessons?

    Russ a skimmer on Duke sounds like a good idea except he never seems to cover the whole pool, he does a few little circles then gets out

    Sandee it is a good way to cool off, works for us too

    sharkbytes doesn't seem to mind it at all. It's tough keeping him out of it right after we shock it.

    Donna it is but then it's a pain when you want to just get in there and float around and get a little peace and quiet. He will NOT let me go in without him

    Audrey oh that would be dreadful. I don't think Duke would look good at all in green fur

    Together we save Duke is one amazing dog

    marg I think he spends all day while I'm at work thinking about going in the pool.

    BBoys Mom he sure does and he will jump in if we don't watch him

    Leeuna I had a chocolate lab before Duke and she could not stand the water. My other lab used to love to play in the sprinkler but when it was turned on Molly would run as fast as she could the other way

    LDH it's been really hot here too, I think this is the hottest summer we've had in a long time

    urban cowboy I'll just stick to the water, not only can I not stand the taste of beer, I can't even stand the smell of I'll take the water and a tall iced tea :)

  26. Duke has certainly got the right idea :)

  27. poetic shutterbug, he knows how to chill that's for sure. With the temps as high as they've bee I've joined in

  28. Duke, you are so cute! I could imagine you in a pair of Speedos and swim goggles!

  29. Daisy LOL I may have to get him some to see how he looks

    Miawa yes he is :)


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