Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I scream

you scream

We all scream
For Ice cream

Yummy! And it's not just people who love ice cream. Dogs like a frosty cone now and then too.

I know, it's not Duke but he wasn't with us. If he had been I certainly would have bought him one too. I know what some of you are thinking so I'll answer now. Yes, I did make it up to him. I bought him a box of frosty paws at the grocery store.


  1. Mmmm, ice cream! One of my favorite food groups! LOL I hope that was the dog's cone and the lady wasn't just sharing it with him.

    Glad that Duke got his own box of Frosty Paws!

  2. There wasn't any doubt that Duke got a treat. He would have liked the ice cream too. Without the chocolate of course. Looks like Duke is about as spoiled as our Little Bit.

    Now I'm hungry for ice cream.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  3. Oh, Frosty Paws! Our dogs love 'em, we give them one for their birthday - lol. You did have to put photos of ice cream up, didn't ya? Think I'll text my daughter and tell her to stop by the Sonic on the way home...

  4. Yumm...I want an ice cream cone!

  5. Ice cream makes me horrible ill but oh, how i love a chocolate dipped waffle cone filled with chocolate fudge ice cream.

  6. I love ice cream on hot summer days, talking about dogs, did you hear about the ice cream vans in the UK that sell ice cream only for dogs, true story.

  7. ahhh dammit, now I want ice cream! :(

    Ginger loves Frosty Paws too!

  8. We haven't given Rascal ice cream but I'm sure she would like it. She's not picky :)

  9. Can't think of a more beautiful photo than one of a bowl of ice-cream! This handsome guy is sure enjoying his cone. Nice to know you didn't forget Duke :)

  10. Oh man, that picture is pure torture! I SO want some ice cream now :)

  11. Y'all take a pic of just about anything LOL

  12. So glad to know duke was well-taken care of!!!

  13. Woof! Woof! It is very interesting you are the 4th blogs I read tonight that bought Frosty Paws. My mom makes the BEST Frosty Paws. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  14. Ice cream is a favorite of my whole family, even more than usual. Even my old dog liked ice cream. It was her only weakness. She was a dog that knew she was a dog, and she was proud of it. She would refuse to eat anything but her dog food, and one brand of dog treats. She wanted nothing to do with human food, not even meat. But ice cream was the one food she actually liked. She would even completely uncharacteristically have the urge to steal ice cream if she could.

  15. He looks like he's really enjoying that ice cream!

  16. I noticed dogs likes ice cream more than cats. Surely Duke going to missed that ice cream :)

  17. Ya got me drooling :) That dog is really enjoying that ice cream. Glad you made it up to Duke

  18. I remember when my nephew was young he always used to share his ice-cream with the dog...a lick for him and then a lick for the dog...totally gross but they seemed to enjoy!!

  19. Frosty Paws? Do I want to know what they are made of? More importantly--does Duke?

  20. Nothing like a bowl of ice cream to cool you off after slaving away outside (definitely a personal favorite :o)

  21. Goodness, I had no idea that dog had their own ice cream!

  22. Well at least Duke got a little something special. Haven't had ice cream in a long time myself. Maybe it's time for some.

  23. The Ice Cream looks good. Now I really want some. I have an Ice Cream post also. Glad Duke got a treat. I'll have to check out Frosty Paws.

  24. One of my little Chips' nicknames was "the dairy dog." He LOVED ice cream. We would go buy each of us a dish and then sit outside and enjoy!

  25. cute!!
    Glad you took care of Duke!!Hahaa

  26. That looks delicious. Our dog loves Frosty Paws and it was better for Duke than human ice cream. Maybe a photo of Duke eating his Frosty Paws?

  27. My cat even likes ice cream! What a wonderful summer treat.

  28. LOL, glad Duke got a special treat. That is funny because I just had some ice cream and gave some to my cat Tabatha, and she loved it. She is licking her chops right now. Duke, glad you didn't get left out.
    Have a great day.

  29. Used to get a free baby cone for our dog when i was a kid.Drove 35 miles to get one today-Black Rasberry.MMMMMMM

  30. beaded tail it's one of the best food groups :) Yes they did buy a cone just for the dog. Otherwise I would have been sitting there saying

    Sandee I bet Duke would have loved the ice cream but he was happy with the frosty paws.

    Char This is the first time I've bought them for Duke

    Jean, I've been craving ice cream a lot lately

    Nico yummm your cone sounds good and since it makes you ill i'll be happy to eat it for you :)

    ryan that is so cool that they do that in the UK , I think they should do that here too

    Tanyia maybe I could send ginger a frosty paw in the

    audrey it seems as if Duke likes anything that we eat.

    LDH the dog did seem pretty happy that he got a cone.

    tahtimbo sorry about that. I should have brought some for everyone :)

    Grace yes and you'll be happy to know that there are some I won't force you to

    bossy betty he always is, except if you ask him he'll tell you about how horrible he's treated, being left home alone all day long while we go off and have fun

    Sugar I've thought about trying to make my own, this time I just went ahead and bought them since I told Duke before we left for the store that I would bring him home a treat.

    Ratty That's a dog after my own heart. I bet I would have liked her

    Roschelle he was enjoying, but then so was I.

    vanilla seven we used to have a cat that would sit in front of you and stare at you when you were eating ice cream. he loved to lick the bowl when you were done.

    poetic shutterbug I could use another bowl of that right now.

    allotments4you I used to do that when I was a kid with the dog that I had. I never let my mom see me do it

    fishhawk. don't ask, don't tell :)

    Jen I've been enjoying too much ice cream lately but I can't help it. It's such a sweet way to cool down in the evening :)

    BPOTW yep they sure do.

    Sheri oh I think you should. Go ahead, have 2 scoops and catch up :)

    Russ I saw your post, one of these days I may give that a try. I've never made my own before

    sharkbytes the dairy dog, that's cute. I've always given my dogs ice cream, they deserve a cool treat too :)

    donna but of course, duke wouldn't have it any other way

    anne yes they are better for them. I just wish he would keep it in the bowl when I give it to him. he carries it over to the carpet and he makes a huge mess. I had to take him outside with it

    b boys mom i had a cat that was crazy for ice cream.

    marg I think tabitha wants some more,

    out on the prairie I've done that too with other dogs I've had. black raspberry sounds good although my favorite is chocolate peanut butter

  31. I love ice cream very much as you mentioned we all scream for ice cream! LOL

    I am imagining how Duke's face would look like licking on frosty paw. Just thinking though....

  32. I was beginning to wonder where Duke was! Hadn't been by in a while, and thought maybe he had a new friend. Glad Duke got his just deserts!

  33. JuneZach imagine Duke licking a chocolate frosty his face would be a mess

    urban cowboy Duke's just been chilling and enjoying his summer. Probably more than I have :)


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