Friday, July 2, 2010

The Brenda Photo Challenge (7-3) Freedom

What do you think of when you hear the word freedom? That was the theme for the Brenda Photo Challenge this time around. What a fitting theme it was too since in the United States we will be celebrating our Independence Day.
The first thing that came to mind is our flag. I doubt that there are many who live in the United States that don't see our flag as a symbol of our freedom.
 For me personally though, I would have to say that there's nothing that gives me a feeling of freedom more than this.
 Just in case you might need an explanation to this, NO it's not the fact that I have a job to go to. It's the Friday 2:30 punch that makes me feel free. At least for a couple of days any way. 

Duke also wants to share what freedom means to him.
 What dog doesn't love to run free in the back yard?

Go ahead and check out all the other entries and see what freedom means to them.


Out on the prairie said...

Let freedom ring!Duke as with all of our pets experiences all kinds of freedom. Liked your time card, you're free!

BeadedTail said...

The flag photo is beautiful! Of course nothing better than quittin' time every day except for cute little Duke out in his backyard! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Tanyia said...

how cute is Duke? I really never get tired of seeing his photos!

And here here to a weekend off of work for you! Do you get a long weekend or anything? Any plans?

and ps...made it to FL w/o killing mom lol

Grace said...

What a super picture of Duke...

June Zach said...

Great entries Ann! Freedom to me is flying up in the sky like the birds but that's too impossible for me to do.

I've been so stressed these days with lots of things that my commenting suffers. :(
I know I'll get through all of these.

You enjoy your weekends! My best to you and Duke! ^_^

LDH said...

yep, first thing that comes to my mind is our flag too! Love the shot!

I wish I had a fenced-in yard and could let Raider run free. We give him a little time off the leash but I am always worried he will chase a squirrel or dog if one happens by.

Enjoy your free time this holiday weekend!

tahtimbo said...

That is a terrific picture of the flag!
I hope you all have a great holiday weekend!

Ratty said...

I think I agree with this one. Our flag is always one of the first things I think of freedom.

The Urban Cowboy said...

I really like the way you captured the spirit of freedom with that shot, very nice!

Run Duke, run!

Ya'll have a great 4th weekend!

FishHawk said...

Our little Stuart likes his freedom a little too much. For he has found a way to go exploring around the neighborhood on several occasions, and then acts like he has done nothing wrong when we finally get him back. Hey, we have even threatened him with duct tape since putting him on a lease inside of a fenced yard doesn't always work as well as it should!

Anonymous said...

awww, I really like that picture of duke! I'm so excited to come back home and have a conversation with he misses our talks LOL

Russ said...

The flag is the symbol of freedom for me.But it is also a reminder of what our military people have to do to keep it flying.
As usual we all love the picture of Duke.Just look at him. He stands tall just like the flag.
Have a wonderful Holiday Weekend.

Marg said...

That picture of Duke is just super. Nothing better than freedom. It sure means a lot to me and it should to eveyone. Love the fact that you are free at 4:30 on Fri.
Have a wonderful week end. Duke, make sure you get a hot dog.

Donna said...

Love these Ann! Hahaaa...the timecard..It Does mean freedom!
Gorgeous flag and what can I say about the Dukester? Happy Little Boy! Love it!
Happy weekend!

Roschelle said...

Love the time card!!!

Brenda said...

Duke has the right idea! All of your photos are wonderful!

Cindra said...

Your photos are wonderful... I love the flag... I could reach out and touch, but I have to say my favorite is the the time card punch! I understand it totally!

Audrey said...

Wonderful photo's!! Since school is finally over for the summer here, freedom to me is not having to see the school bus on the yard for 2 months :)

Jen said...

Great post and your photos are (as always) lovely! We are so blessed with our freedoms in this country, and lets not forget the men and women that sacrificed and fought to make it that way :o)

Pat said...

I think all three are excellent examples of freedom! Who does love a Friday after work? Your doggie is a cutie pie! I love the close up of the flag. Well done!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful image of the flag you captured! I don't have a time card but I do punch a time clock and like you the end of day on Friday gives me a sense of freedom. Have a wonderful 4th!

Lisa - Alterity Button Jewelry said...

Gorgeous photo of the flag! Oh, and Duke too :)

jenniferw said...

You captured freedom! The punchcard is wonderful. Happy Fourth, Ann!

Donna said...

There goes Duke, tugging at my heart strings again! I adore your picture of the flag. Bravo for a wonderful shot and edit!!! And yes, Yes, YES about the freedom from the working grind!

WR said...

what a great collection of photos! All three perfectly capture the essesence of freedom. Your Friday time card is just perfect...Friday is my favorite holiday! Have a great July 4th!

Jean said...

I keep a flag up year-round to remind me of our freedom. Happy 4th to you and yours!

Ann said...

out on the prairie and they do seem to know how to thoroughly enjoy it also

beaded tail thanks and yes quittin time is the best time but it's always better than best on a friday

tanyia yes I do. I have 3 days. Since the holiday falls on my regular day off I get Monday off too

Grace he just loves being able to explore the whole back yard

junezach maybe not as impossible as you may think. of course you would need either a plane or hang glider :)

LDH I wish our yard was fenced too. I do keep a close eye out when Duke is running loose. I never know what he'll take off after. He's been pretty good though

tahtimbo you have a good one too

ratty I don't think there are many that wouldn't think of the flag

urban cowboy thank you very much. Duke was doing a lot running, I get tired just watching him

fishhawk sounds like Stuart is an excellent escape artist.

Amanda I bet he does too

Russ It always brings to mind the saying "freedom isn't free" I also thought of our military but couldn't find anything to photograph to show that

Marg the pic of Duke was one of my favorites. He just looks so darn happy

Donna I even stayed a couple minutes later at work just to get the picture of the time card after I punched out. Normally I'm right out the door, and don't look

Roschelle, couldn't pass that idea up

brenda Duke sure knows how to have a good time.

cindra the only thing better than punching out on friday is when it's followed by a weeks vacation :)

audrey it must be wonderful to have the whole summer off

Jen thanks. You are so right, never forget the ones who sacrifice for our freedom

Pat thank you very much

Jeanne thanks and a wonderful 4th to you also

Lisa thank you very much

jenniferw nothing like a little freedom. happy 4th to you also

donna Duke has a way of doing that to people :)

WR Friday is a little bit like a weekly holiday. happy 4th to you

jean we used to have the flag up all year but a strong wind last year twisted the bracket and cracked the siding on the house. Gotta get that fixed. Happy 4th to you.

Sheri said...

The dog is too danged cute! Great capture.

Ann said...

Sheri, I'll tell him you said so, i know he'll appreciate the compliment :)

Sandy said...

Love the flag photo and the time card! I feel the freedom of Fridays too but luckily I don't have to punch a time card! Doggie looks happy and free too. Have a wonderful day

Ann said...

Sandy I wish I didn't have to punch a time card. But if I want to get paid I gotta do it :)

CTG Ponies said...

Great photos! Duke is a cutie.

Ann said...

CTG ponies, thanks, I think Duke is sometimes too cute :)

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