Monday, July 26, 2010


It's no wonder people tend to give me that "look". You know the one I'm talking about. The look that says "Have you lost your last marble?" "Are you just a few bricks shy of a load?"
I admit it, I do some strange things sometimes. They make absolutely no sense to the people around me but I find them entertaining.
For example the other day I ripped some paper. What? You've never ripped paper to amuse yourself? Whatever!
So anyway, I ripped some paper, like this,

You still aren't seeing the fun here are you? Well let me continue. I ripped the paper, I took the picture, then I played around with it in photoshop elements. Then I had this

Oh look! There appears to be a hole in my story. 
On to the big finish. 
Drum roll please.....
Now do you see the fun? 
I was going to upload this to 4shared but after all the excitement of the day I was just too tired to do it. However, if you're in to photo editing and would like it you can contact me and I'll email you either the PNG file or the PSD file or both if you want them.
OK, I'm off to go see what other things I can find to amuse myself with.


  1. You know I don't think I've ever ripped paper to amuse myself. I've done other strange things and I'm sure I'm a few bricks shy of a load. Just wanted to clear that up.

    I do like what you did with your torn paper though. Very nice indeed.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  2. Very pretty, my daughter just downloaded photoshop for us and I need to get her to teach me how to use it, it looks complicated. :D

  3. So what did we do before we had these great little computers. I am in my 12th, and still looking at something new.Glad you are getting ripped, one art class I took we just cut paper for the first week.This built into our development of 60 projects over a semester.Making some flowers today off tutorials.

  4. Angel and Isabella like to rip paper but when they're done it doesn't look as pretty as what you did!

  5. This is awesome! You are very creative.. and ripping papers is a perfectly normal thing to do :)

  6. I really like the first shot...

  7. I can honestly say I know a creative genius! Tooo cute :)

  8. One word: Amazing! You are so creative!

  9. I would have never thought to do this. Your art creation is outstanding!
    Creative folks are often considered a bit nutty.:-D)

  10. hey Ann...your finished picture is amazing although to be honest I loved the simplicity of the first one...and the textures visible in the second...for me you could have stopped the post at any of the pictures and I would have been suitably impressed!!!

  11. Duke should be very helpful when it comes to ripping holes in things. If he's not, our puppies can sure teach him some stuff.

  12. That was fun! And you are doing this in Photoshop Elements? I should try some of this. I have PS too.
    Pretty pictures you make at any rate!
    Best wishes,

  13. Didn't expect a torn paper can be transformed into beautiful design!

  14. I've always been a couple of french fries short of a Happy Meal myself *grin*. Maybe I should send you the dratted Fruit Ponies file I bought. Can't get all those graphics neatly cut out of the darn "paper" (didn't know it was going to come that way, I thought it would be individual graphics - grr). Love the Hydrangea!

  15. Great job Ann. I'll have to sendyou some of the papers Claudia tears up and see if you can work with them. Actually you probably could.Amazing.

  16. Just perfect! You not only have creative ideas, you follow through with them.

  17. I tend to shred things but more as a nervous habit than to create art. That came out absolutely beautifully!

  18. That really turned out gorgeous. Good job of just messing around. It doesn't look to me like you are missing a marble. That really is nice. In fact I am jealous because I would love to be able to do stuff like that. What kind of Photoshop do you have to be able to do that??

  19. Completely amusing work of art! ;D

    I did not see what's coming and you made such a great surprise! ^_^

  20. This is very cool! I have Photoshop Elements and the most I seem to use it for is cropping and adjusting the coor of my photos. someday I'll figure out how to do FUN stuff like this!

    I'm really good at tearing paper though.....

  21. Sandee well we all have our own form of amusement. :)

    Char I had a heck of a time learning pse when I first got it. If you've got someone who knows what they are doing it'll be much easier. I did have loads of fun though in between pulling my hair out

    out on the prairie I can't remember what I did before computers but whatever it was it couldn't have been as much fun :) I wish I would have taken some art classes

    Beaded tail I bet they make some very creative tears :)

    anny I thought it was pretty normal but my husband doesn't agree :)

    Grace just plain black and white does make a statement

    Roschelle well thank you, I don't know about genius but I'll take a bow any way :)

    tahtimbo thank you

    Jean Oh I've very nutty :)

    Jesson and Rey Ann thank you very much

    Tanya had I known that I could have saved myself some and thanks

    FishHawk Duke's not very good at ripping unless it's one of his toys. Other things he just doesn't mess with. If he decides to further his education I will send him your way though so your puppies can tutor him

    Philippa thank you

    Anna yes, photoshop elements. Some people think that it's not very good in comparison to Photoshop but you really can do quite a lot with it. I think it's a great program.

    Vanilla seven ya just never know :)

    Jen Fruit Ponies huh? never heard of that. I hate it when you get something and it's not what you expected. Maybe if we put our fries together we can make up a full meal

    Russ maybe Claudia could be my assistant. I'm sure Duke wouldn't mind a cute little girl hanging out with us

    Urban cowboy thank you very much

    sharkbytes sometimes yes and sometimes no. I have a whole pile of things I've yet to follow through with

    Anne Well maybe you should see what you can do with all that shredded stuff once your done :)

    Marg actually I keep my last marble in a little tray on my desk. That way I always know where it is. The program I use is photoshop elements 8. It's a toned down version of the big program but much cheaper

    JuneZach thanks glad I surprised you with it :)

  22. That is so cool Ann. Love it! Of course, if I ripped paper it would be ripped to shreds, lol.

  23. You are a trip Annie, your imagination is so cool.

  24. That is so neat! And very pretty!

  25. Theresa thanks I've done my share of shredding also

    deejay thank you

    miawa not all would agree with you I'm afraid, some find it

    cinnamon girl thanks

  26. Wow, you are really getting good at PSE!! I'm impressed as usual. :)

  27. Lin, thanks, I have my days though, there are times when I send a lot of things to the trash bin :)


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