Friday, July 23, 2010

The Brenda Photo Challenge (7-24) Ruby Red Macro

There's no place like home, there's no place like home.
Oh pardon me, I was just thinking about the Brenda Photo Challenge, the theme is Ruby Red and that reminded me of the wizard of oz and Dorothy's ruby slippers. I guess I was caught up in a little free association. My mind tends to do that frequently.
But on with the post, my pretties. I searched my yard, no red. I wandered around the house and couldn't find anything red that would make a good picture. Last resort, dig in to the craft stuff and find something red.
Well here we go, how about some red buttons.
I also found some red paint and some red glitter glue.
Here's a red paint drip.

So what do I do with the drip now? Ah what else would a free association type do besides turn it into a red ink blot with a bunch of red glitter glue smashed in for extra flair.

Yeah, I know, it's pretty weird looking but I ran with it.
After that to satisfy my urge to edit, I added some textures from Shadowhouse Creations to the paint drip picture.

Before you head out to check out the rest of the entries in the challenge I want to give  you some additional information about Duke's birthday bash.
  • You can RSVP now for the party with just the link to your blog. You do not have to link to the exact post.
  • You can also schedule a post for the day of the party if you want to attend but don't think you'll be around. Scheduling is easy. In blogger just click on post options and you'll see the option to schedule the day and time you want your post to appear.
  • Submitting your link is also easy. At the bottom of the post you will see a little blue box that says add your link

See, it's circled in red in the picture with a big red arrow pointing to it. Once you hit that just fill in the blanks and follow the directions. Easy as pie.

Of course you don't HAVE to submit your link but if you do other party guests will be able to mingle with you and ooh and ahh over your fabulous gift or your stylish outfit.

OK that's it for me today. Now head on back and get your RSVP in for the party and then right after that go check out the rest of the entries in the Brenda Photo Challenge.


  1. I too thought of Dorothy and her slippers. Waiting to see if they show up, macro if course.Love how you are so "crafty".Did mine early since I am out on the prairie melting as the witch did.With this heat there is no place like home, although I got to ride a horse named Elvis the other day.

  2. Ann your macro shots are really awesome... great clarity! What kind of camera do you use? Now if I could have a bit of this talent from you Id be thrilled! :)

    Love the paint drip photo!

  3. Ann, Super photos for Brenda's Challenge!
    My inside Kitties and I are looking forward to Duke's Birthday bash. He does like cats doesn't he? I hope I can do the link thing. This is new to me. :)

  4. I like what you found for the them and really like what you did with the paint drip!

    I've got something in mind for Duke's birthday bash and if I can get it together, I'll be linking soon!

  5. Such a gifted and talented woman you are Ann! Great entries as always! Your masterpieces are simply irresistible. :D

  6. amazing tones you have here!! regards

  7. Ann, those are really clear macros! You are quite the photographer. Magnificent macros. Love what you did with the paint drip, so creative! :)

  8. gorgeous pics, as usual. I do love the color red!!

  9. I love the ink and glitter, it really works well. So far looking through the challenge photos no ruby red slippers but ladybirds instead. Off to look through the rest.

  10. With you making even a paint drip look amazing, you are making it awfully hard to not call you a show off.

  11. very clever...and interesting!

  12. Great shots!

    Thanks for your comment (I think it´s called a hole punch in english)

  13. Out on the prairie, I thought that horse didn't have a name...oh wait that was going through the desert not the prairie, wrong song.

    Tanyia thanks, I have a sony. It's a low end dslr but I love it :)

    Jean thank you. The only one Duke doesn't seem to like so far is the If you can't do the link, it's ok, as long as you can come to the party we'll be happy

    beaded tail you should see what else I did with the paint I was holding the paper up outside and the wind blew and I had red paint on my fingers which transferred to the camera dn the

    june zach aw, you're so sweet, thanks for saying

    Costea Andrea Mihai thank you very much, and thanks for stopping by

    Tes thanks, I got lucky and had a last minute flash of inspiration :)

    Roschelle thank you, red is a good color.

    Dave I haven't spotted any ruby slippers either. Guess Dorothy had the last pair.

    FishHawk it's ok, give in to the temptation. It's sort of become your signature line and I take it as a compliment :)

    Annie it was pretty much last minute since I procrastinated so long on this one :)

  14. Maboe, ah, that's what that was. Very cool.

  15. Fantastic pictures, Ann! You have such skill with your camera - unlike me and mine, I have a feeling you actually read the manual. :-)

  16. I'm with Ann Martin!!Lolol...I didn't read mine either!!
    These are Fantastic Ann!! Love the paint running! Guess that's why you're the pro!!
    Wonderfully done!
    I already signed up to attend Dukesters Party! Can't wait!

  17. Love that last paint drip picture. Of course they all look cool.

  18. My favorite is the red button, I was thinking about it too but I can't find one here, glad you found it!

  19. Love your red pics! But somewhere I got my hopes up for pictures of red slippers! LOL

    I tried some spilled red fingernail polish pics, but none were good enough to post. You did great with the red paint drip!

  20. Cute little ladybug! Great pictures of red.

  21. Yay! Buttons :)

  22. Ann- you can take any old misc thing and turn it into art. I love that third one, and the paint drip! I'm thinkin' about the party. I've never done one of those linking games before... not sure.

  23. i think you've showed a crafter of true colours....your shots are very creative...nice job!

  24. I love the drip but I especially like the lady bug. But guess you didn't do that one. Lady bugs bring such good luck. Hope you have a great Sat.

  25. I did a shot of my "Dorothy" slippers and then decided not to use it. I love your creativeness! The buttons, the drips, the textures, all make for excellent shots for this challenge!

  26. Love that red drip! Fantastic idea!

  27. I love the paint drip and the glitter. You are so creative!

  28. Oh WOW! You did great! Loved the dripping paint picture, then the squished version, and then you blew me away with the textured one. Perfect...

    Isn't Shadowhouse Creations stuff great? He's quite a genius.

  29. I love the buttons, but I love the paint...bu I love the buttons. Oh gee! Great shots

  30. Okay, here goes--SHOW OFF!!! Oh yeah, I feel much better now. Thanks!

  31. Great job on finding a couple of red things around your house. As always love what you did with the paint picture.

  32. Ann actually I tried to read the manual and I just couldn't do it. I go by what I've read online and trial and error :)

    Donna I couldn't get past the first section in mine :) I wish I was a pro and my husband keeps saying "yeah, when you gonna make some money off of it"

    Russ I liked the way that turned out too

    Al luckily I found the buttons otherwise I didn't have much red to go with

    Karen sorry, couldn't find a slipper :) You should have seen what a mess I made with the

    Sheri I bought those for something (can't remember what) and never ended up using them

    Lisa but of course you would like the buttons :)

    Sharkbytes well I can when I forget about following rules and just

    dancingmatilda thank you very much

    marg I like ladybugs myself, always thought they were rather cute

    brenda thanks. I also had some other pictures picked out and then decided I didn't really care for them.

    jeanne thank you

    angela I think the creative thing only comes out when I stop trying and just play and have fun

    Donna I've only downloaded a few of shadowhouse creations textures but I use them over and over all the time

    sheri LOL glad I'm not the only one who has a hard time making decisions

    FishHawk you are quite welcome :)

    bboysmom you wouldn't believe how many times I went through the house trying to find something.

  33. DKMiller thank you very much. I had fun with this one

  34. Such creative takes on this theme. I didn't participate because my mind went blank. Love the red paint and buttons. Very cute. Can't wait for Duke's party :)

  35. poetic shutterbug thank you. I have to admit that I did this one very last minute. I had a hard time coming up with something.

  36. The textured paint drip photo is amazing! Wish I had your eye :)

  37. I thought of Dorothy too. Love the pics!

  38. DSS thanks, sometimes I can pull stuff off :)

    CTG Ponies yep, first thing that came to my mind.


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