Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ordinary every day things

For a switch, try looking at the ordinary every day things in a different way. You may just find that they are quite extraordinary.


  1. this is a really cool pic, I love the writing on the wall...

  2. You are definitely taking your photos to another level.

  3. Very nice! I noticed you have a watermark (think that's what it's called)of your name on all your photos, I want to figure out how to do one eventually, was it difficult to learn?

  4. I Love this, Ann. How nice it would look framed and hanging on the wall! Quite extraordinary :)

  5. art-y rather than photo-y. Does that make sense>

  6. "For a switch..." - I get it! LOL You have very artistic switches! Great photo!

  7. I really love this. The writing on the background gives something very ordinary such a unique and artistic look. Beautiful!

  8. I finally mastered layers! I love the effect. Always great, Ann. :)

  9. These are really lovely Ann.

    You appear to be having the time of your life with your camera - I envisage you stalking the house and getting a series of Eureka moments!!

  10. A great piece of art. I can't get my mind out from comparing it to Leonardo Da Vinci style.

  11. Pure gold! You're right, there's beauty to be found everywhere if only we will look ...

  12. Love it. I am still trying to make regular pictures come out half good.

  13. Love this!!
    The script is awesome. However do you do it? I'm constantly amazed.

  14. I like the fact that the "Light" is on!:)

  15. I wondered what the text was, Jean said the switch was on and if it was love letters.LOL

  16. time to just "think", and be creative

  17. You really are getting terrific at this photo deal. Love the picture of the wall switch. You just never know what you are going to find here. It is so interesting.
    Hope you have a terrific day.

  18. This is Really a thing of Beauty Miz Ann!!!

  19. Tanyia, yes but would you love it as much if it was your kids who had written on your walls...lol

    urban cowboy i don't know about that but thanks for saying

    Char a watermark is pretty easy. You just type out what you want then either save it as a PNG file or make a brush out of it

    bossy betty, thanks

    LDH why thanks, ya know I rarely print any of my pictures. They all sit in a file on my computer

    Grace yep makes sense

    deejay, thanks

    beaded tail I was hoping someone would :)

    Angela the writing was a texture that I think I got from shadowhouse creations

    Lin YEAH! piece of cake now right?

    Kloggers thanks I do have a lot of fun even though it doesn't make sense to the people around me

    marie, thank you

    vanilla seven WoW, that's quite a compliment thank you

    philippa just have to open your eyes wide :)

    fishhawk thanks

    Russ me to, me too

    Duni lots of playing and experimenting

    Jean how about that. Really the light was off. I have to switches that control the light. One at the bottom of the stairs and one at the top. Even though the switch says it's on, it's really off. but hey it worked :)

    out on the prairie I have no idea what the text is, it was a texture I picked up from shadowhouse creations. It could be love letters I suppose, but to who?

    Miawa my favorite time of day :)

    Marg nope you never do know do you ...lol I tend to jump around a lot...lol

    donna thank you very much

    Nico. a lesson I think I learned much to late :)

  20. Wow!! You do know how to change a light switch! LOL

  21. What a cool light switch!
    Thanks for visiting! You are first commenter on my B-post!

    Best wishes,

    For the benefit of other readers:
    Anna's B-words + RED

  22. How cool. You are so talented. I love it.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  23. Love this picture!!!! Think I will look for something like this!!

  24. I love this. It's such a great picture. :-)

  25. Audrey yep, I can even change a bulb now and then too :)

    Anna thanks

    Sandee thank you very much

    gayle glad you liked it, enjoy your search :)

    cashier thank you, glad you liked it

  26. That is really cool! It doesn't even seem like a real picture...more of a scrapbook type image (if that makes any sense).

  27. Tahtimbo, thanks and yes it makes perfect sense. Most of the pictures I do end up not looking like a real picture :)


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