Monday, July 12, 2010

Life is good

Here's a little project that has a little bit of everything.
 It's thrifty since I used a dollar store frame and things I already had laying around the house
It's recycling since I used cardboard for the base and a tag that I found laying on the floor at work. There's always a ton of those laying around after we get a delivery in.
A little photography and photo editing included. I took the picture of the quilled flowers and then did an edit on them. Printed it out and mounted it to a piece of cardstock.
A little bit of scrapbooking technique incorporated into the mix for the layout.
A little die cut courtesy of my cricut machine.
And finish it off with some quilled embellishments.
Of course I couldn't resist throwing in the quote.

How about that, I can finish a project every now and then.


  1. lol, of course you can finish a project!

    That is really nice, I like that quote, I had not heard it before!

  2. Like the bee and butterfly.Can't get my kid away from tutorials online, but many projects are ready for the weekend.

  3. That project turned out very nice! I love how you find things such as the tag and repurpose it into something so lovely. I like that quote too.

    Hugs to Duke!

  4. love the butterfly. I'm all into butterflies now...every since the clerk at a home furnishing store told me butterflies symbolize "a new beginning"..."a rebirth".

    I guess that sums up my life this past year and it feels good :)

  5. I love the quilled work - the bee and the butterfly and the swirly darn pretty. (What does it say on the background paper? I tried enlarging it but I still can't read it.)

  6. Ann, This thrifty project looks expensive. I love the positive theme and the butterfly.

  7. I'm with Roschelle--I like the butterfly. Very sweet!

  8. That really looks great! You did a fantastic job!

  9. Life is so good and you did such a great work. I love that little butterfly :)

  10. Beautiful work of heART, Ann! So dainty. You're very creative! :)

  11. What a cute project! The butterfly is adorable. I'd probably make a bunch of those and put them on everything I could find!

  12. There's a pretty casualness to it, and I love the inspiration it shares with others ...

  13. Very cool - the quote, the thriftiness, the recycling, all of it and of course your awesome talent behind all of that LOL! Really is cool.

  14. Love the quilling! So cute :)

  15. What more can I say? Every detail of your project was wonderfully crafted. Nice quote too! :D

  16. Cool- What do you do with projects like that. Do you have a house full, or do you sell them?

  17. Hey Ann! Great project. See you do finish them. Now everyone wants to know what you do with them. Think we should own our own little online store Ann and Grampys Crafts.LOL
    I'll take care of the money, and you can do the crafts.LOL

  18. Your thrifty craft project turned out beautifully, Ann!
    I love that little butterfly and scrolls in the corner! I like that saying!

  19. What a great combination of thrifty things! It's a lovely design, and I like the idea of editing a photo of quilling ... must try that myself!

  20. It turned out so beautifully! Like the others, I love the butterfly and the flowers. They are done so nicely.

  21. You are so talented! Great job.

  22. My new nickname for you is the crafty chick!

  23. Job well done. We are so very proud of you to finish something. You have given me a goal now. LOL. And that is the good thing. Keep up the good workd.

  24. Tanyia, well I know I can but whether or not I will is another story :)

    out on the prairie I'm a compulsive tutorial collector myself

    beaded tail the one girl at work keeps asking me if I want stuff before she throws it in the

    Roschelle I didn't know that, very interesting.

    Grace I have no idea what the paper says. I looked real close and it's rather faint. It was just a piece of scrapbook paper that came in a pack I bought.

    Jean, thanks, whenever I do something with a quote I always try to go with the upbeat positive thing.

    Lin who doesn't like butterflies right?

    tahtimbo thank you very much

    FishHawk ok, but just what exactly does Duke think about this one. he's not talking

    Fullet thank you very much

    Tes I like that heART and thank you

    Sheri butterflies add a nice touch to just about anything

    Joanne, well that fits then because I'm a casual kind of person :) As for the inspirational part, I go with that as a reminder to myself to stay positive

    Miawa thank you very much and I think you're pretty awesome yourself.

    Lisa I'm really getting into the quilling thing

    Junezach thank you, just something to keep my busy

    sharkbytes mostly I give them as gifts. I do keep some for myself too. I've often though about trying to sell them but I just don't have much of a mind for business and wouldn't know where to start

    Russ well that sounds like a great idea there but we may have to tweak those details just a bit

    Duni thanks, I love being able to take stuff destined for the garbage and turn it into things like that

    Philippa I was real pleased with the way that edit came out. It had to be used for something.

    Anne thank you very much

    BBoysmom why thanks

    urban cowboy ok I can deal with that, I've been called much worse :)

    Marg thanks and glad I could provide you with a goal. Now go get

  25. This is beautiful! You're so talented at this sort of stuff!

  26. Looking good! Love the quote ~ Terri Guillemets has many sweet quotes about flowers

  27. Cinnamon girl thank you very much

    LDH I'll have to look them up. This is actually the first one I've come across, at least that I remember anyway

    John, thanks

  28. You are so creative!! Let me tell you, this piece does not look at all like it was a thrifty project. Well done :)

  29. DSS well thank you very much. I like being able to use up stuff I have around the house although I do like going out and spending money on new stuff too :)

  30. What an artistic creation. Only one dollar and you've managed to create a beautiful art piece. It's just amazing!

  31. poetic shutterbug I love when I can put something together with stuff I already have.


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