Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just ahead

A couple weekends ago we took a ride to a nearby ice cream place that was advertising a car show.
When the sign says "Just ahead" they do mean "Just ahead". This is at the edge of their parking lot.
They didn't have a whole lot of cars there but we did see a few nice ones.
 I've always liked Mustang's. I even had one several years ago. 
We didn't get any ice cream but we did grab a bite to eat before we left.
 MMMM, just looking at the picture makes me want another hot dog right now.


  1. Ok...I have a confession to make, Ann. I always thought you were the coolest shit! You had that red trans am when I was like 8 lol... to this day I still want a flippin Trans Am. Then you had that red mustang when I was like 19... that rocked and I felt cool riding to work with you in it! :)

  2. I love hot dogs, onion rings, french fries and car shows. Now I'm hungry.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  3. I saw a show on hot Dog eateries on PBS last weekend, and now you make me want one again.They taste best when you are out.Just ahead, another killer ice cream stand.MMMMM

  4. Tanyia I still am the coolest shit...lol Ah my trans am, that car brings back memories. I gotta see if I can dig up a picture of that.

    Sandee yep, those are a few of my favorite things too

    out on the prairie there is a local company that makes THE BEST hot dogs. I can't stand anything else. They make them either skinless or in natural casing. The company name is Smith's and I always say if it's not a Smith's it's not worth eating.

  5. That looks like the perfect All-American weekend! I love those old Mustangs but wouldn't mind having a brand new one either. My first car was a Trans Am and my 2nd was a Mustang GT - now I'm an old fuddy duddy in need of another muscle car!

  6. Old '60s Mustangs have always been my favorite car. I owned a Mustang once, but it was when they weren't thought of as well. Mine was nothing more than a cheap small car. That hot dog looks great right now.

  7. Seeing those cars is like taking a trip down memory lane.
    As for me, I would take the hot dog and onion rings over ice cream any day :)

  8. Mustang car always have certain vibes of coolness. Btw.. I am hungry, thank you very much ann :)

  9. I am a hungry man now! LOL

    Mustang is classy. :)

  10. the onion rings and fries look great but....that hotdog (O_O) WOW!! That's just the way I love mine and now I'm headed to the fridge at 3am....(O_o)

    thanks a lot Annie!!

  11. I've always liked the Mustang. I also like the old T Birds.
    Now I want a hot dog also.

  12. I'll take onion rings! Thanx...

  13. Oh those onion rings and hot dog look divine :D Love the mustang too. I once dated a guy because of his Mustang and another because of his Corvette. Yeah, I was shallow then :D

  14. Hahaaaa...geez girl!! I Wanna A HotDog Tooooo!!!
    Great Photos! I just Love it in here now! Pretty!!

  15. Oh, I haven't eaten a hot dog in ages, what am I waiting for? Great photos, Ann!

  16. My wife is in love with older Mustangs, and I am quite sure that she would trade me in on a dark blue '65 in a heartbeat if such a deal was possible (despite my protestations about red being the best color for that model).

  17. Beaded tail my first car was also a Trans Am. Man I loved that car

    Ratty I've had 2 mustangs, the first wasn't anything special rather a cheap choice at the time. The second was a little flashier

    Mee2 it was

    Tahtimbo nothing beats a good hot dog :)

    Vanilla seven yes they sure do, I really like them

    JuneZach I guess I should have got extra hot dogs so everyone could have one :)

    Roschelle lol what better time to grab a snack than 3 a.m.

    Russ I like just about any of the old muscle cars. Love the sound of them too :)

    Grace, help yourself, I don't mind sharing

    Poetic shutterbug LOL I don't blame you, maybe I should have judged some of my dates by the car they drove.

    Donna go ahead have a bite, I don't mind :)

    Sharkbytes well that's what blogger pals are for :)

    fullet in the summer we have them quite often, it's quick and easy to throw on the grill

    fishhawk just how much would she get for you on a trade in? I have to agree with you that I would also choose red

  18. I love hot dogs and Mustangs are pretty nice too!

  19. My mouth is watering over the onion rings. The Mustang is really nice too.

  20. marie, hot dogs and mustangs both good choices

    B boys mom if they're made right onion rings beat out french fries any time.


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