Monday, October 8, 2018

More cake

Since I'm not doing anything creative at home I'll have to show you my creativeness at work. Not sure if creativeness is a word or not but my spell check doesn't seem to have a problem with it.

Any way, I had two cake orders to do at work yesterday. The first one asked for palm trees on either side in tan and mint green. They wanted a white border with pastel accents. I asked her what she meant by accents and she said like stringy color hanging over the border. This is what I made. The pink and green along the border are very light but there is actually color in there.

The second cake they wanted a light purple border with pink, purple and blue flowers. Also a unicorn if I could do one. At first I thought, no, I can't do a unicorn. Then I remembered all the cut files I've seen for cricut that are unicorns and I did the cake to look like that. This is what I ended up with.

It was a guy who picked this one up and I said I hoped it was ok. He's like it's for a 3 year old whatever is fine. Then when he looked at it he said oh that's beautiful. 


  1. They are both BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the pastel beachy look of the palm trees. And the unicorn is fantastic. It is not too disney-ish, meaning it could be for an adult as well! You are creative, but also talented! I love seeing your cakes!!!

  2. the one for the 3 year old could not be more perfect.. and I LOVE the first one. those stringy thingy's on the side are prettier than roses or shells. the palm trees are wonderful. I have tried to figure out how to stop the gmail thing and can't

  3. This is so awesome...both of them!

  4. I love them both and your cakes were the first thing I saw on Facebook this morning.

    Have a fabulous day, Ann. Big hug to you and lots of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  5. Well, you met and succeeded the challenge on both accounts! Nice work!

  6. Seeing the words the man said about the unicorn cake has me smiling for you dear heart.

    Both cakes are very nice. ~ FlowerLady

  7. Those came out really nice. You are very good at what you do!

  8. Oh My! I wonder that anyone actually cuts into the cakes - too pretty to eat!

    1. Well I know they do cut into them because I got a complaint on one I did the other day. I made it all chocolate and she claimed she ordered half yellow half chocolate. I wish I would have saved the order form so I knew if I screwed up or she didn't order what she thought.

  9. The palm trees sure are pretty! WOW! You are very artistic!

  10. Wow---I love them both --but the first one is my favorite.... I love the 'stringy' borders.... NEAT..... You are just so talented... Have you ever thought about making/selling your cakes from home (when you are not working)???? I have a friend in North Carolina --who works at a market of some kind --but also makes and sells cakes from her home year-round... She's got a great following --and they keep her busy... It might mean more money coming in for you...


  11. No, never thought about doing cakes out of my home. I never had an interest in doing it outside of work


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