Sunday, May 28, 2023


 I had a text message conversation with Amanda yesterday that was just too funny not to share. It went like this:

(Amanda is in black and my response is in red.)

Me: fluff stop it with the meowing

Fluff: meow (in complete teen Amanda attitude)

Me: knock it off

Fluff: meooow

Me: DONT sass back

Fluff (muffled and low under her breath) meow

This cat is trying to have the last "word


try "if you don't stop meowing I'll give you something to meow about

I did lol

Oh Lord LOL

And as soon as she did the low under her breath meow I thought crap my mom warned me about this day but instead of kids it's with a friggen cat

ROFL I'm dying here

I bet.

Then she told me I could use this for a post if I was desperate for material. My response was that I already thought of it.

Here is the Fluff in question


Ginny Hartzler said...

How funny! And oh my gosh, what a beautiful cat!! You are on my blog today; you won the purse. I'm so glad! Send me your address.

MadSnapper said...

Fluff is beautiful, love her sweet face. I assume fluff is a girl from the name. this puts another whole face on the words "cats Meow"

Pam said... phrase I heard and said using just a couple of different words. .

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is so funny!!!

Secondary Roads said...

Beautiful Fluff.

CheerfulMonk said...


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