Sunday, March 27, 2011

Duke's new do

Yesterday was the big trip to VIP Grooming Salon for Duke.
I pulled out the short leash and boy was he ever ready to go.

I couldn't get the little guy in focus. He was so excited that we were going. He was at the door all a wiggle with anticipation.

Come on mom, back this car out of the driveway and lets get this show on the road.  

Just so you all know, when I dropped him off I asked about taking pictures. I explained that all of Duke's adoring fans would be disappointed if I chickened out. Of course she was more than happy to let us get a shot or two. She even tried to get Duke's attention so I could get one in focus. 

Back home again and Duke is showing off his new look and his stylish bandanna. He also walked out with a little bag of home made dog treats. For me there was a handy dandy business card fridge magnet and a card good for 50% off on grooming after 5 visits. 
So the verdict on the new groomer.
  • made Duke look very handsome
  • gave Duke yummy goodies
  • she's very close to home
  • has convenient hours
  • got my attention with the 50% off card
Yep, we've got a new groomer. Heck Duke may even get there more often now.
So if you think that Vickie did a good job on Duke, why not stop on by her facebook page and tell her Duke sent you :)


Molly Smith said...

Adorable pics!

And, oh I like the new groomer, Vickie! The first thing I noticed in the pic was how clean the room was, wow!

Loved the post and I still think Duke is the cutest (male dog) in the whole world, even ungroomed.

hugs, xo

Lin said...

Vickie ROCKS!! Duke looks very handsome AND happy. :)

Tucker The Crestie said...

Duke looks VERY handsome! Looks like the new groomer is a hit!

live.laugh.photograph said...

he looks great!! i left her a comment on her fb as well :)

BeadedTail said...

Duke is always handsome but we love his new do! Vickie did a great job and the little extras are very nice too. We can tell she was smitten with cute little Duke too! :)

Sharkbytes said...

Duke, you and your new do are very handsome! Hope Vickie knows she has a famous client.

Donna said...

I had to laugh when I saw that tail of him as a total blur! He looks handsome, indeed, and now we can see his eyes better!

Ginny said...

Duke looks more than adorable!!! I can see his little tail is wagging like crazy at the goomer, they must have gotten to be friends! Love the bandanna and the short leash with the bones on it! So gald to get this great report on the new groomer!!

Kloggers/Polly said...

Oh Duke .... you certainly are the 'dude' a most marvellous gentleman 'whato dear man!'

Ann he looks wonderful and so well behaved ..... :)

LDH said...

He looks great! She did a fantastic job and probably loved every minute with Duke!

Jean said...

Duke looks super-cool! You got some great perks from Vicki. I will pay her Facebook page a visit!

Grace said...

Ah, you can see his face now!

Catherine said...

Well that is one good lookin' pup!!! I think your new groomer is a keeper! :)

xo Catherine

tahtimbo said...

Duke, you look very handsome :)
Oh, I stopped by and visited her Facebook page. It looks like you hit the jackpot with this groomer.

Josep said...

That's a good job, Duke looks great and happy :)

Jen said...

How does that saying go again? The only difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is about 3 weeks *laugh*. Thankfully, I don't think the Dukester will have to wait this one out - two thumbs way up for your handsome (and well groomed) boy.
This lady sounds like a keeper to me. I'm betting it's like us with farriers; when you find a good one, make like glue and stick with them! ('cause they are rare ;o)

FishHawk said...

Okay, I went over to her page and left a comment, and it was a good one, too! I'll put it on your bill.

June Zach (Fledgling Blogger) said...

Vicki did a great job!

Duke looks real good in his new do! :D

Karen said...

AW! He look so handsome. Isn't it nice to have a good groomer. I have heard some stories about incompetent ones. So glad our doggies get pampered.

Duni said...

The new groomer did a terrific job. Duke looks SO handsome!

Sandra said...

dukes do is done and adorable. soooo handsome with that scarf. happy happy you found a good groomer near by and that does a great job. you did good tooooo

Russ aka Grampy said...

Duke is looking good. You have a winner in that groomer. I went on her facebook page and left a comment.

Roschelle said...

always a handsome lad - no matter what. LOVE the bandana!!

Bossy Betty said...

Wish my hair dresser did all these things for me!

Duke is handsome!!!

Leeuna said...

Oh oh oh. I've been away for awhile and it's so great to see our cutie pie Duke again. He never fails to make me smile. And yes, the new groomer sounds like a keeper.

allotments4you said...

Adorable Duke...and I saw sun and greenery in those photos too...spring is coming for all of us!!

Philippa said...

He looks gorgeous!

Donna said...

He's so Handsome Miz Ann!!!

DSS said...

Duke! You look so handsome with your new do :) Louis, on the other hand, was just picked up from the groomer. They shaved him. He looks like a lion.

I guess we're off to find another groomer.

Miawa said...

Duke looks beautiful, I mean, handsome and yeah the 50% off get's my eye too.

Tammy said...

Duke sure looks handsome.

Sandee said...

Duke is more handsome than ever. She did an outstanding job and I went over to Facebook and told her so. Thanks for the link.

Have a terrific day. My best to handsome Duke. :)

Daisy said...

Duke, your new hairdo is very stylish! I'm glad you found such a great new groomer!

Ann said...

Molly the picture was in the front, reception area but I saw pictures on her facebook and the rest of the place looks just as clean. I like that too

Lin yes she does

tucker yep sure is

live laugh photograph I thought so too

beaded tail gotta love extras

sharkbytes, oh yes I told her how many fans he has

donna his tail was going a mile a minute

ginny I think they did. The bandanna was really cute

kloggers he does look great, i was pleased

ldh well I hope so :)

jean he does look cool, even though he was cute before I like him freshly groomed

grace lol, that was the first thing my husband said

catherine I think so too

tahtimbo he is handsome isn't he

josep he does and yes he's quite pleased

jen that would be 3 very long

fishhawk lol, uh oh should I go check it out

june she sure did

karen I went to one that I was not pleased with at all

duni he does

sandra he looks so cute with the scarf and he just loves wearing them

russ hooray for a winning groomer

roschelle I have to agree

bossy betty me too , wait I don't even have a hairdresser. I can't find one I like

leeuna, hey long time no see. duke has been wondering when you would stop by and see him again

allotments4you well it's trying to show up

philippa yes he does

donna and the problem is he knows

dss oh no poor Louis, will he be showing his face on Wednesday?

miawa who doesn't love 50% off, I know it got my attention

tammy duke says thank you

sandee yes he is, I love the way he looks

daisy me too, he is looking pretty GQ

Lynn said...

Duke is so precious. Isn't it amazing how dogs get so excited when they know they are going on a field trip. :D -

Reeni said...

What a handsome boy with his new polished look and bandana!

Tammy said...

Duke is adorable!

Marg said...

Oh Duke you look terrific. Glad the new groomer worked out so well. We went and told her so on Facebook. You are just so handsome.

the booker man said...

lookin' good, duke! your new groomer miss vickie is a keeper for sures, especially if she's gonna give out treatsies! :D

the booker man

Ann said...

Lynn I need to take lessons from Duke on getting excited over the little things :)

reeni he is pretty sharp looking

tammy he says thanks

marg Duke thanks you

booker gotta love a lady that gives treatsies :)

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