Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A gift

A gift from one of the girls at work.

Duke did a thorough inspection on it and said that it passed.

Now I just need to find a place to hang it.

I may or may not be around tonight. If I don't stop by your place, I'll catch up to you in the next few days. I think I'm may just be sitting on the couch with my feet up tonight.


Sandee said...

That's very pretty indeed. I like it and how nice to get something from someone at work. Way cool.

Have a terrific evening with your feet up and Duke curled up beside you. Sounds like a perfect evening to me. Give my best to Duke. :)

Julie Harward said...

What a sweet gift...now, if you can just get some Spring so you can hang it up! :D

Sandra said...

it's beautiful, love that colorful bird. get a shot of it hanging when you find a spot

the booker man said...

isn't it funsies to get pressies, miss ann? i like that pretty yellow birdie lots!
enjoy your snugglefications with duke tonight. teehee. :)

the booker man

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

So cute! I think I could do that... if only I would.

Marg said...

That is such a nice gift. Nothing better than a homemade gift. Hope you enjoy your evening with Duke, that handsome dude.

BeadedTail said...

That's a lovely gift! Glad it got Duke's approval too! Enjoy your evening!

LDH said...

Great gift! I love birds and gold finches are beautiful! NJ state bird :)

Lin said...

Oh, it is very cute. I'm glad Duke and I agree on that. :)

I think I may be joining you on the couch. But on my couch...not yours. Oh, you know what I mean!

Ginny said...

Oh, it's a lovely bell? I love the goldfinch! I would like to see where you hang it. Uh-oh, I hope you didn't have a bad day!!

Miawa said...

Make room on the couch for me, What a day! Enjoy the relaxation time you deserve it.
It's beautiful, I want one.

Collectibles Mercantile said...

Ann, I love that it is so cute. What a wonderful little gift. Besides, Duke ok'd it :D

Catherine said...

Such a cute little bird ~ being inspected by a sweet little black nose! :)

Hope you are enjoying your 'couch with feet up' night my friend!

xo Catherine

live.laugh.photograph said...

thank you for your sweet comment about Kylie :)

go ahead and put your feet up! just relax... catch you tomorrow!

Anny said...

i just love hanging mobiles... can't wait to see where you got that yellow bird hung :)

Josep said...

It's a lovely gift. Enjoy your rest time!

FishHawk said...

This looks like a wonderful addition to Wade's man-cave! For he could hang it over the stairs in order to make it more difficult for you to sneak up on him.

Roschelle said...

what a pretty :)

Jen said...

Neat-O! :o)

Russ aka Grampy said...

I am glad Duke approved. Nice gift indeed.Put the feet up and relax. A little glass of wine might also help.

Bossy Betty said...

I love that little birdie!

Hope you have a good night off with those feet up!

Pat said...

Lovely present. Have a great evening xx

Out on the prairie said...

A nice chime to add.I have a lot around my home.

Nezzy said...

Oh how sweet!!! If your like me, I try things out in different spots before I decide on a permanent home. It's the sweetest little bird hanger.

I have to apologize. I did not realize until today that my pics are not visible on my last post to others. I've reposted with Photobucket so drop by if ya get a chance.

God bless and have a wonderful day sweetie!!!

Tammy said...

What a very nice gift. Just sitting with your feet up sounds wonderful :)

allotments4you said...

What a lovely gift...be sure to show us pictures of it in its final hanging place!

Ann said...

sandee I hadn't told anyone at work it was my birthday and she saw it on facebook,, it was a nice surprise when she brought it in

julie really, spring would be nice

sandra me too, and I will

booker it sure is.

sharkbytes lol, I think you could if you would too ;)

marg thanks I think I will

beaded tail, everything needs to meet duke's approval around here

ldh goldfinches are one of my favorites

lin duke is glad too

ginny yes it is a bell, quite prety, I loved the feather

miawa moving over, come sit a spell :)

collectibles it is and I'm glad it met Duke's approval

catherine only the nose knows if it's ok or not...lol

live laugh photograph you are most welcome

anny me too, but deciding where to hang is the hard part

josep, thanks I think I will

fishhawk I like the idea of being able to sneak in so I'll hang it somewhere else...lol

roschelle, isn't it though

jean you bet

russ wine, if only I had some

bossy betty me too

pat thanks,

out on the prairie I used to have some nice ones but they broke after years of hanging outside

nezzy oh great, I'll stop by in a bit

tammy it does doesn't it

allotments4you oh I sure will

DSS said...

Isn't that pretty! I'm so glad Duke approved, and I do hope you sat around with your feet up :) Sometimes a girl's just got to celebrate herself!

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