Thursday, September 16, 2010

4 down 1 to go

Hi everyone. Mom is letting me fill in tonight since she's not prepared to post. She was busy reading all your blog posts when she suddenly realized she had nothing scheduled for tonight.
She said to tell you all that she's making it through the week much better than expected and very excited that she only has one more day to go.

I've just been hanging out playing with my toys, like this ratty old ball that I haven't quite finished peeling yet

Sometimes I like to sit and watch mom while she reads blogs. If I sit here long enough and look really cute she gives me a treat out of that big that sitting on her desk.

That's all for today. Hope everyone is having a good week and ready for the weekend.


Julie Harward said...

How fun to have a buddy while you blog...he is so sweet! :D

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hi Duke. Have a treat from me!

Out on the prairie said...

He does have a rather dejected look on his face, poor Dukie.

The Urban Cowboy said...

For some reason, I think Duke's a lot more mischievous while you blog.

Audrey said...

I would give you a treat for just looking cute :) It's nice that you wait so patiently while she blogs - you're a good puppy!

Lin said...

Oh, Duke, I'd be a sucker for that cute face (and ears) too! You'd get LOTS of treats if you came here. :)

Unknown said...

Must be nice to have just one more to go. I'm back tonight. The first of seven!!! Ugh!

livintheblues said...

a treat and a little recipe for the dog is called for here...:)

Unknown said...

i i i do the same thing... i sit close to her legs.. and look pitiful and walla.. i got a treat :)

aren't we smart Duke :)

woofs & licks,

Donna said...

Thanks for the update, Duke!

jeanlivingsimple said...

Duke, you are a great blogger. How fast do you type?

I'm ready for the weekend also!

VanillaSeven said...

Time to buy new tennis ball :)

BeadedTail said...

Duke, it was very nice of you to fill in for your mom and we always love seeing your adorable face! We think it's a great idea for your mom to have treats for you at her desk! We need to work on our mommy and get her to store some treats for us at her desk too! Thanks for the idea!

marie said...

Hey Duke ~ i hope you got that treat!!

Char said...

Thanks Duke, just dropping a line to say hello and yes, I'm still reading your blogs! Have a great weekend! said...

Dike you are as adorable as could fill in for Mum without using any words at all and you'd still bring a smile to my face!!

Duni said...

We are so ready for the weekend, Duke. Hope you got LOTS of treats while looking so very cute :)

Jen said...

Always nice to read one of your posts Duke :o)

Russ said...

Okay Duke. While everyone is busy you can scout around and see what kind of (trouble) fun you can have. No one will even know you are gone.Well it was nice of you to visit. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Daisy said...

Duke, are you peeling that ball like an orange?!? That looks like funs!

Unknown said...

Another great job, Duke!

June Zach (Fledgling Blogger) said...

Please tell your Mom I am all ready for the weekend! One more night shift and I am off! :)

Miawa said...

You are a great companion Duke, Mommy is lucky to have you. Take care of her, she's gonna be really tired when she makes it through this week -

Bossy Betty said...

ALways good to hear from you Duke! You don't have to try too hard to look cute. I'd give you a snack!

Catherine said...

Photos of such a sweet pup are always a perfect post! :)

xo Catherine

Donna said...

Duke, You're a DOLL!!!

DSS said...

Well hello there Duke! My little man Louis also likes to peel balls of their fur. Then he somehow manages to eat the inner rubber part as well? I'll bet you don't do that, do you? No...never :)

We are most happy that the weekend is here too. I hope you and your mom have a relaxing weekend with lots of things to make you smile!

Marg said...

Hi there Duke, good to see you. Glad you get treats when Mom is on the computer. You need to get that ball all peeled.Hope you have a terrific week end.

Ann said...

Julie Duke is always fun, and he usually sticks to me like glue

sharkbytes, and a thank you from Duke

out on the prairie yeah, poor Dukie :)

urban cowboy someone who finally sees through the cute

audrey patiently MOST of the time but a dog can not always be patient

Lin why Lin are you trying to lure my little white ball of cuteness away with a bribe of

roschelle not just nice, it's heaven :) seven in a row is a big ugh

livintheblues how about a little recipe for the human

anny we sure are , we know how to work our people don't

donna any time, love to give updates for my humom

Jean oh I can not tell it's a secret. if word got out everyone would want to hire me and I wouldn't have time to play with my favorite toys

vanilla seven it's always time to buy new tennis balls :)

beaded tail it could be that my mom is just too lazy to get up to get me a snack when I'm hungry but I like the idea anyway

marie yep, got 2

Char oh we are so glad you are still out there, we've missed you

allotments4you I'll keep that in mind the next time I get to do a post

duni I love the weekends and my mom and dad get to stay home with me all day

jen and it's always nice to see you around

russ i know just where the fun is too :)

daisy yep, just like an orange and it is fun, you should try it some time

fishhawk thank you, I'm just a natural :)

junezach oh good for you, you deserve some down time, you've been working far too hard :)

miawa oh she is lucky to have me, that's for sure. I bet after a long week of work she'll just love to take me for a walk

bossy betty and it's always good to see you too. I would gladly accept your snack

catherine yep, can't lose with cute pup pictures

donna thank you, all those compliments are going to make my white fur turn pink from

DSS but of course after you peel the ball you have to eat the rubber part, it's written in the dog rules. Mom and I hope you and Louis have a great weekend too

Marg mom is very good about supplying me with treats and I'm sure I'll be finished with that ball soon

Unknown said...

You are so cute Duke! If I had a treat, I'd give it to you!

Joanne Olivieri said...

Duke, thank you for the update on your Mom. I'd be giving you lots of treats with that adorable face.

Ann said...

Anna, thank you, I would gladly accept your offer of a treat, if you had one :)

poetic shutterbug I get my fair share :)

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