Friday, September 3, 2010

The Brenda Photo Challenge (9-4) Photo Essay

Just the sound of the word essay is enough to bring back memories of the anxiety I always felt when I had to write one. I hesitated about joining this time around at the Brenda Photo Challenge  when I read that word. I thought long and hard about a subject and finally settled on one. Two days later, I changed my mind and came up with something different. I procrastinated, I thought some more. I changed the subject again. More procrastination and finally "YIKES" it's due.
So here it is.

I climbed the tree of happiness to catch the view.
I saw all the lings I love to do.
The crafts that give me such a thrill,
the paper, the glue, learning to quill.
My camera and flowers a beautiful sight
My program that helps them look just right
The grass, the birds the sun shining bright.
The joy I get from a West Highland White.


Leslie said...

Great photo's!

Unknown said...

Bravo!!!! *clapping wildly*

I love the one of you holding the camera =D

jeanlivingsimple said...

Well done, Ann!!!

BeadedTail said...

A+ on this essay! Great job! Extra credit for the photo of you and of course the ones of Duke!

Donna said...

Hahaaaa!! How Wonderful!! Love the photos with the poem! You did Great Girl!! AAA+++

♥ Sallie said...

I felt that.


Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Very Nice ... Ann. LOVE it! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

June Zach said...

Two thumbs up! Nice entries, Ann! Simply love 'em! :D

Tes said...

Beautifully done, Ann! The lovely photos created lovey stories. Duke is ever so cute! :)

Grampy said...

Great job Ann. You had me worried for a moment. Then I saw Duke.
Have a good weekend.

Unknown said...

Lovely poem! Great shots! Well done!
Thank you for stopping by my lastest 'essay'! (I agree with you about that word!).
You are, once again, First Commenter!

Unknown said...

Does the second verse have something to do with a man from Nantucket?

Janice said...

I had essay fear as well and changed my mind several times! I love how yours came together. We seems to both have very similar interest and both have lots of scissors!

Out on the prairie said...

And you found what you felt you had lost. I think it was put in the wrong drawer and you forgot where you put all the talent you have, even though it was there all the time. Very nice Ann.

Daniela said...

This was awesome. I can feel your heart in it

Miawa said...

Awesome Annie! too cool.

Jeanne said...

You clever girl you. Sometimes I think the challenges we think are the hardest come out the best.
RYC: I like to linger over the view along the Charles when I visit Boston too.

Marg said...

Wow, you sure did a great job on that project Ann. The photos are terrific. I too love the picture of you with the camera. And all the other photos really fit in to the poem. Really well done. A big A +++ for you. Glad Duke was a part of it all.
Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day week end.

Anonymous said...

Well for changing your mind and doing this at the last minute, it couldn't be more beautiful. What gorgeous photos. Excellent my friend. Have a wonderful Saturday and very well done :)

Lynn said...

Lovely essay with wonderful photos. said...

this is a lovely poem Ann..and I love all th the pictures that go along with it and how the words tell the story in pictures....okay maybe that doesn't sound exactly wrote but I know what I'm trying to say so just accept that I think it's really good!!

ruthi said...

interesting photo mosaics. love them. the verses are fresh and timely.

Ann said...

Leslie thank you

Roschelle thank you very much :)

Jean, thanks

beaded tail I wonder if I can take my report card to Mcdonalds and get a free

Donna wow you must grade on the curve, thanks for the triple A+ grade :)

Sallie, thank you very much

Sugar thanks, I was happy to have finally settled on something

Junezach I couldn't ask for a better review than that, thanks

Tes thanks. Probably the best subject for me since other than blogging that's usually what's on my mind

grampy thank you, of course Duke had to be included when we're talking about what makes me happy :)

Anna thank you. I enjoyed the continuation of your essay

fishhawk no but I did once meet a man from Nantucket, who walked around town with a bucket. And the rest i will leave to your imagination :)

janice I think I made this one harder than it had to be :) That collection of scissors grew quickly when my kids were living at home and kept using my fabric scissors for other things :)

out on the prairie aw, how very nice of you to say. Right after I finished this however, I put it right back in the

Daniela why thank you

Miawa thank you very much

Jeanne maybe that's because we put extra thought in them :)

Marg that was one picture I didn't mind using of myself since the camera covers my

Thom thanks, maybe I just work better under pressure :)

Lynn thank you

allotments4you I understand perfectly what you are trying to say. I also leave comments quite frequently that make perfect sense to me but feel like they may not sound exactly right :)

ruthi thank you. I just went with what I enjoy the most.

Philippa said...

Great poem, Ann!

Cherry said...

hi Ann! thanks for visiting. i love your photo essays! very creative!

Anonymous said...

Well done! Very creative. :)

Ann said...

Philippa, thanks, that was spur of the moment too :)

Cher it was my pleasure and thanks for stopping by my blog too

Dibear thank you very much.

Unknown said...

Lovely rhyme to your poem.. and lovely picture of your goodself :)

Ann said...

Anny, thank you very much. I guess I didn't do too bad for waiting till the last minute :)

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