Monday, September 20, 2010

Now What?

Have you ever had one of those projects that when the idea first strikes, it works out fabulous in your head? Some time ago, I had one of those types of projects. The idea started here. What I had envisioned was marvelous but when I tried to bring it to life, not so much. I tried, I got frustrated, I walked away. The idea kept calling me back to try again. I was determined that I would figure it out.
After more than 2 months of trial and error I'm happy to say I finally finished that project. I won't make you wait another 2 months before you can see it, but I feel that it's only right that I show this to you slowly.
Quite obviously it's another quilling project.

Here's more

Any ideas yet of what it is? Maybe this will help.
Still don't know?

Enough of the suspense. Here is my finished project.
OK, so now what? Gee, if I only knew someone who's name started with a G, say like Grace. Then, suppose I knew Grace's address. I could send it to her as a gift. Don't you think that would be perfect? So how about it Grace, this thing is just waiting to go in the mail.


  1. That is are so creative and artistic..great job! I think I might have given up! ;D

  2. It's funny, because Grace came immediately to mind when I saw the "G". I hope she likes her surprise! ;)

  3. Nice job, this takes a lot of time and patience.Grace you luck out.Nice job Ann!Yesterdays paper had a new bakery that puts caffenine in its goodies.

  4. I'm sure Grace would love this. I really do. She'll send you her address as soon as she reads this. I certainly would. Beautiful.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  5. Very pretty! And time consuming, LOL! Grace better appreciate all that hard work!

  6. beautifully done .. I have the same problem writing sometimes..great idea in my brain but I can't get it on to paper the way I want it...I have a stubborn streak though and eventually I get it..I am quite sure your not stubborn though..more passionately persistent ....:)))

  7. Very nice, Ann! It turned out "G"reat!

  8. What a lovely surprise for Grace! She's very special and you are too to make her such a nice gift!

  9. OMG - I AM TOTALLY FLABBERGASTED. TOTALLY! You are too, TOO nice. You know how fascinated I am with the quilling work and I loved the initial project from the very first. You did one with an "A", wasn't it?

    I am thrilled, honored, pleased, beside myself and giddy...Oh, Ann you are much too nice!

  10. See, i didn't click on the "here" until after I wrote my first comment - and I was right - it was the "A" - I remember! Like I keep saying, I am fascinated with this quilling thing - every thing you make with it is marvelous!

  11. Oh, that is lovely. Grace is so lucky!

    Errr..I hope your next project starts with the letter N.... hehe

  12. That is just simply amazing!! The attention to detail is just incredible. Your are truly gifted.

  13. Beautiful! But now, I think you need to practice a B.

  14. What a clever post! I love the piece and enjoyed reading Grace's blog.:)

  15. Please don't do that again. The suspense was killing me.

  16. Just gorgeous Ann - another great project! (Or should I say G what a great project?!!)

  17. What a fun way to spring something on a friend *grin*. Beautiful job all the way around!

  18. Very pretty ~ oh my gosh ~ I am thinking that was a lot of work and patience to complete that. Grace will be one lucky gal to receive it!

    Happy Day!
    xo Catherine

  19. That was fun doing picture by picture. Of course I didn't figure out what it was. It is however another great job by you. And now Grace is lucky to receive it.

  20. This is beautiful... and looks like a lot of hardwork put into it. Lucky lucky you Grace :D

  21. Julie, thank you. I gave up several times but kept going back :)

    Lin but of course, who else would we think of when we see G :)

    out on the prairie time and patience are 2 things I seem to run short of quite Oh no, caffeine is not something I need more of

    Sandee I'm hoping she does :)

    Donna it goes quicker when I lay off the caffeine

    livintheblues oh believe me I'm quite stubborn

    LDH thank you very much

    Beaded tail aw thanks

    Grace please don't let it get out that I'm too nice, I would hate for my reputation to be Your fascination with the quilling is what made me decide to do this :)

    Nessa, hmm, N has all straight lines, that would be an easier one :)

    tahtimbo why thank you very much

    bossy betty who knows I may end up going through the whole alphabet

    Jean thanks, I enjoy Grace's blog too.

    Roschelle The background color just sort of fell in to place.

    FishHawk well sit down and rest a bit, don't want you passing out on use or anything.

    Philippa lol G, thank you very much

    Jen I was going to send her an email but then thought the surprise post would be more fun

    catherine the total work time wasn't all that much, it was the frustration of it not working the way I wanted it to and walking away that made this a long process :)

    Russ good way to make a longer blog post too :)

    Anny thank you. Not too hard once I figured out how to get the outline of the G to stay in place.

  22. Well darn, my name isn't Grace.That is a really pretty picture. You did a super job. Keep up the good work. And have a really fine day.

  23. That is really gorgeous and really makes me want to get back into carding again. I was quite the beader and carder before I emigrated and took up blogging.

  24. That is a beautiful card. It looks fun to make too! I love it:)

  25. I read about the "G" on Grace's blog. It's a lovely work!

  26. Marg, sorry about that but thanks. :)

    Emm thanks. I am totally addicted to both crafts and blogging. Each one takes time away from the other so I go back and forth

    Angela actually I find it quite relaxing rolling the coils. It's the putting the small pieces together that can get frustrating some times

    fullet :) I read Grace's post too. I think she's

  27. Gorgeous! What a lovely surprise for Grace--and she seems very excited but her gift:)

  28. Grace is one lucky girl. I love your creations, Ann. You have such an artistic eye for style.

  29. oooo, miss grace is a lucky ducky for sures! your project came out so so pretty, miss ann! :)

    the booker man

  30. Wow you do such beautiful work. That looks like it would take forever to make.

  31. Nico thanks, I hope she's still as thrilled when she gets it and sees it up close :)

    poetic shutterbug aw thanks, I'm the luck one to have such wonderful blog buds

    booker man thank you very much

    b boys mom not too long once I got things figured out. I had a hard time keeping the outline of the G in place while I glued the pieces inside.

  32. That's a big project for a relative newbie, well done! I'm glad you didn't give up on it.

  33. Ann, thank you very much. I have a bit of a stubborn streak and when I'm determined enough it works to my advantage :)


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