Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is it too Early?

Certainly by retail standards it's not too early to start preparing for Halloween. Some of the stores have already condensed the Halloween stock to make room for Christmas, which totally drives me crazy. That's most likely the reason for the decline in my enthusiasm for the holidays. Don't get me wrong, I still love them, I just hate the way the stores seem to push it out there earlier and earlier all the time.
When it comes to crafting, I don't think it's ever too early to get started on holiday projects. With that being said, I've been on a roll with a few Halloween cards.

 My Cricut has been getting quite a work out the past few days. I did cheat on one of them however. The card with the haunted house and the ghosts I used store bought die cut stickers. I left them on the original backing and covered the edges with strips of paper. That way the recipient of the card can use the stickers in their own Halloween project.
So do any of you have any Halloween projects in the works?


  1. I don't have any crafting projects going. But I sure do admire your cool Halloween cards! Nice idea about the stickers.

  2. I don't really do Halloween. I seem to be in permanent rebellion against it.

  3. We don't do much to celebrate Halloween around here since the animals all hate it (because of the trick or treaters) but I like all the decorations. You really could sell those cards on Etsy! Seriously!

  4. We go to the boat to bypass the hundreds of kids that are bussed into our neighborhood. We just prefer a nice quiet evening on the boat.

    I love your cards though. You are indeed very crafty.

    Have a terrific day and have fun with Halloween. My best to Duke. :)

  5. These are fantastic cards! Each so different but very cool. I like the swirly eyes on the pumpkin! How did you make a spider cute???

  6. That is a good idea to sell those cards on Etsy. Sorry, but the ghost card is really cute. I like that idea. They are all really good though. You are getting so good at all this.
    Have a great evening.

  7. love the ghost and haunted house! i thought about decorating for halloween but it isn't going to be much fun since i'm working that night. :(

  8. Those are really great! I agree with Roschelle, I like the ghost one the best.
    Oh, I heard that Lowe's here in Boise, has had Christmas stuff up for several weeks now. This is WAY too early.

  9. Those are all marvelous - but would we expect anything less? Haven't done Halloween in years - it was always my favorite holiday...

  10. I love that cute spider card and the photo you "played around with" in the previous post is really great! Love the colors...the ferris wheel seats match the tent! Fun!!

  11. Love your cards but no, I don't do much for Halloween now that there aren't little kids around...BUT...candy corn?? Bring it on!

  12. These cards are all great, Ann - I love the colours you have used, and the spider is excellent, a real character!

  13. Umm, I didn't see Duke on any of them. His cards are coming later--right?

  14. I love your cards. I liked the ghost one. We are only working on two crafts. Getting our costumes ready and checking out some pumpkin choc. chip cookies.Maya and Grammy are going to bake some on Friday.

  15. OMG...those cards are so cute!

  16. I agree that stores do push things too early. Part of their marketing strategy?

    The cards are spooky and so creatively beautiful! :D

  17. Like your spider the best.Hobby Lobby has had Xmas for 2 months.I may have to get crafty with the cricut.

  18. Halloween has never been a huge thing in the UK and I have always envied the way the kids of America got all that candy!!

    As for starting things early in the stores, I know exactly what you mean...especially where christmas is concerned which I think spoils the magic for the children...I wish they would bring some sort of law in saying christmas decorations and stuff can't go up in public places until at least the first of is just too long for the little ones to wait!!

  19. Such cute cards! I will take this as a sign it is time to start eating candy corn too!

  20. Ann, seriously... you can make money out of these cards. They are awesome.

  21. Ann, I agree with Sharla. These are really terrific cards. I wish my crafty mojo would come back because it went on vacation somewhere and i miss it.

  22. Jean, I just hope I can keep this trend going and get started on early Christmas gifts

    Sharkbytes I skipped it and went shopping last year.

    Beaded tail I used to do a ton of decorating but the older I get the more I just don't want to bother

    Sandee I don't blame you, they come in carloads around here from the more rural areas, In the 22 years I've lived here I've never been able to buy enough candy to last the two hours they set for trick or treating

    LDH why thank you, the spider was easy I just pushed a few buttons on my cricut machine :)

    Marg that wasn't my original plan when I bought those stickers but when I pulled them out of the package they were just arranged perfectly

    Roschelle oh that stinks having to work. I used to work nights back when the kids were little so I missed a lot of Halloweens

    tahtimbo yes it is way too early, there's lots of stores around here that have Christmas stuff out already

    Grace you are too kind :) I used to love Halloween but have gotten tired of trying to keep up with all the kids that ring the bell

    marie thank you very much. I haven't played with a picture in a long time and it was rather fun to do

    will oaks lol, you sound like my husband, he's already gone through several packages of candy corn this year

    philppa thank you, I liked the spider too

    FishHawk well Duke hasn't picked out his Halloween attire yet so we'll have to wait and see

    Russ I bet those costumes are going to be great. feel free to send some of those cookies my way when they come out of the oven :)

    Lisa thank you very much and it's so good to see you back again

    junezach yes a horrible marketing strategy that I can't stand :)

    out on the prairie craft stores I don't mind so much doing the early thing since you do need the supplies to get projects started. Do you also have a cricut?

    allotments4you it does spoil the magic. I remember when I was a kid they didn't start putting things out there until after Thanksgiving which is the last Thursday in November here. That's the way it should be

    bossy betty oh yes go for it, but hurry before the candy corn all disappears from the stores and is replaced by Christmas candy

    vanilla seven why thank you, if I ever figure it out I just may give it a try

    Nico thank you very much. I'm sure your mojo will be back soon. I've seen plenty of your stuff to know how talented you are

  23. The holidays come so much quicker each year and I always stay away from the malls. I can't take listening to Christmas music before Halloween even hits.

  24. These are adorable! Halloween is my favorite holiday! I'm already dreaming up treats I'm going to bake.

  25. Too early for Halloween? There's Christmas stuff out already Ann ~ I think you are OK with doing Halloween cards! :) And they are adorable!

    Now current project for me. :(
    xo Catherine

  26. Your cards are wonderful! I love Halloween all the colors and shapes.

  27. man overboard I always used to love hearing the Christmas songs but you can only take so much of it

    reeni I bet you'll have some fabulous ones too,

    catherine I know I've seen the Christmas stuff in the stores, makes me sick, it's just too early.

    b boys mom thanks, I agree the colors are wonderful.

  28. Ann, these cards are adorable and I love the spider, it's so cute. And, no, it's never too early. All the stores out here are completely stocked with Halloween. I also used to love hearing Christmas carols but when I worked in retail and had to listen to it eight hours a day beginning the day after Halloween, it got very old :)

  29. poetic shutterbug. thanks. I know what you mean about the Christmas carols getting old. Luckily at work the department I'm in you can't hear the music. It's bad enough when I'm out in the store and I can hear it. It's really ruined my enthusiasm for the holidays


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