Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yummy filler

Pay not attention to the fact that some of you may have seen this appear in your reader yesterday. If you didn't skip this and continue. I goofed when I was trying to schedule.

Anyway, seeing as how I was off having fun today and don't have anything prepared for a post I'm going to go with one of my filler pictures.
Have you tried these?
I don't know how long these have been out, most likely all summer, but they are YUMMMMMY! I would offer you some but unfortunately the bag appears to be empty.


  1. Stop it! I don't need the temptation! AAAHHHHHH......

  2. oh my gosh! i love m&m's almost as much as i love coconut!

    shame on you annie! lol!

  3. I have tried these and yes they are delicious! I have to close my eyes when I walk by a candy counter.

  4. We'll try and find them. Out here in Idaho, we are the last to get anything new.
    Oh, I also want to try the pretzel ones.

  5. I love coconut anything - I wonder why my husband has never brought these home for me? Hmmmm....

  6. Yep, we tried them! They were good but I'm going to stick with the plain ol' chocolate M&Ms. I need all the chocolate I can get!

  7. Donna, sorry, couldn't help it. I love those things

    Roschelle the combination of m&m's and coconut is sinful

    Jean I had been pretty good about avoiding it until I spotted those one day and asked the cashier at work and she said I had to try them. So this is HER fault.

    tahtimbo I've seen the pretzel ones but haven't tried those yet.

    Grace you better check his pockets, maybe he's hoarding

    beaded tail lol, I don't blame you, I'm a bit of a choc-a-holic myself.

  8. I've never heard of coconut M&M's....maybe we don't have them here?!?!?! I am going to find out though!! I love the peanut and chocolate ones!!

  9. *Laugh* Haven't tried the coconut yet, but the pretzel M&Ms are pretty darn tasty. Too bad there are only like 7 or 8 of them in a bag (can you say ripoff?) I'll have to look for the coconut ones next time :o)

  10. Oh My! I do love coconut...I can't even tell you. I have seen these but not tried them, I may just remedy that little situation today.
    Sorry if this appears twice - I am having eblogger issues today.

  11. I love M&M's but haven't tried this one. Looks really yummy to me!

    Ann, you should have left something for us! LOL

  12. YUK!!! (My wife would agree with you, however.)

  13. It is not nice to tease your readers.LOL I love M&M's

  14. I opened a big bad of peanut 3 days ago and someone has eaten all.Hey I started breakfast withthem two days ago.A must to take when I go camping for any length of time.

  15. I try not to look:) M and M's are my down fall!! Trying to diet......and I love them so:)

  16. Our assistant just went out the door to go get some of those yuumy M&Ms. I bet they are good. Coconut is one of her favorites. Thanks for that visual even if it is empty.
    Have a great Sunday.

  17. allotments4you me and m&m's go way back, I've always loved any kind. The peanut butter ones are really good too

    Jen I haven't tried the pretzel ones but that does sound like a rip off. You would just start enjoying the taste and the bag would be empty.

    Miawa you only showed up once. I've had trouble with commenting too. Let me know what you think of those m&m's

    Junezach I know I really should have but I kept saying I'll just have one more and before I knew it the bag was empty :)

    FishHawk if it makes you feel any better my husband agrees with you :)

    Russ I know but then I'm been known to have a teeny tiny mean streak in

    out on the prairie I've been known to have m&m's for breakfast too

    gayle anything with chocolate is my down fall

    Marg oh darn I wish I would have known she was going, I would have had her pick me up another bag.

  18. I might or might not like them. I like fresh coconut, but not always in other things. I haven't seen them here.

    My verification word is "arfshe" - is Duke lookin' for one?

  19. Ann, I was down at my 711 a couple of weeks ago buying some milk and cereal when I saw these at the counter. When I saw coconut, which I love I thought he, I've gotta try these. Now, I'm hooked. Not only am I hooked, but I get them for my squirrelly friends at the gardens. Those little rascals love them too.

    I like these much better than the original.

  20. Hey ~ those look yummy! I shall try to sniff some out today! :)

    xo Catherine

  21. I will look for these ~ they sound so good! And maybe I won't get in so much trouble for sneaking my husbands peanut M&M's!

  22. Now Now Linda no teasing I thought we were friends lol

  23. Thanks for the offer... but the bag is empty?? Did Duke finish them all off?? :D

    I've only seen the normal ones, I don't think they sell this flavor here :(

  24. I have never seen those (if I had I would try them). We never get new and exciting candy here in this area.

  25. sharkbytes lol it's very possible that Duke is looking for one

    poetic shutterbug that's too funny that the squirrels even like them. I like them better than the original ones too

    catherine they are yummy

    LDH it seems that the guys favorites are always the peanut ones. My husband likes those too

    beebeebabs a little teasing never feel free to tease back any time

    Nessa oh no, chocolate is not good for dogs so as much as I wanted to share my yummy candy with him I just couldn't do

    anne the m&m mars company needs to be a little more considerate of the small towns :)


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