Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Break buddy

I've told you before about how I like to go out in the parking lot on my breaks at work. We usually take a milk crate out with us so we have something to sit on.
Well I'm out there the other day sitting on my crate enjoying the sunshine. When I got up and turned around I found that I wasn't out there alone. There was a little guy hiding in my milk crate.
Is he smiling at me or is that a look of relief that I'm no longer sitting on his toes?


  1. Well he wanted to take his break with you too. How cool and what a great shot.

    Have a terrific day. My best to my pal Duke. :)

  2. Hahahahaaa!! Boy! He's giving you the evil eye Girl!!
    Great shot!

  3. A Praying Mantis, that's a good sign!

  4. Maybe he was hoping for a bit of donut!

  5. He looks as if he has something smart to say. Once again, that's a great photo!

  6. tats a pretty neat closeup :) have a good day ahead Ann!

  7. That's a great shot but once again - bugs Ewww!

  8. Those things fall into the category of creepy/cool! They will eye you like that--unafraid of your size. I swear they'd try to eat you if they could.

    Was it really big? Like 5 or 6 inches??? If so, it was the female. The males are much smaller than that. You gotta watch out for the females--they eat the males after mating. Ewwwww.

  9. nice pic! probably glad you were off his toes =D

  10. Did you share a snack with him???

    Great pic!

  11. I like these interesting insects but don't try to touch one...they will stab you or bite you!

    Your breaks sound like mine.:)

  12. He definitely want to be your friend ann :)

  13. So then you had someone to talk to... right? *grin*.

  14. Well, Lin hangs out with frogs, and you hang out with a praying mantis. Yep, something went wrong somewhere. I feel for Duke. I really do.

  15. AAAIIIEEEEEE! I am a little bit skerred of that bug!

  16. I think he might be a little sad because you are leaving.

  17. Cool shot, Ann!
    He looks very wise :)

  18. EEEEEEEEK, oh wait that wasn't me, must have been you.Guess i need to go looking for one of these, you are the 3rd blog to have found one.Cool!!!!!

  19. Woof! Woof! COOL! great Shot. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  20. I was thinking, how lucky you didn't sit on him until you mentioned that you were sitting on his toes. I guess he is just lucky he didn't get squashed.

  21. Blahchkkk!!! I'm terrified of those things. He was probably too busy "praying" to see you. :)

  22. you think he would have said something if you were sitting on his toes...:)..great shot

  23. What a great picture of your friend. He probably was very relieved when you left. Those darn grasshoppers are very tame though. We have had them here in huge numbers.
    Have a great evening.

  24. Ummm... well let me just say it...
    EEEKKK!!! :(

    xo Catherine

  25. Sandee If he would have at least let me know he was there we could have had a nice little chat :)

    Donna I kind of thought he looked like he was smiling

    Miawa I hope he was praying for me :)

    Nico and I let him down, I didn't have a donut with me

    tahtimbo he does doesn't he

    anny thanks, took it with my cell phone

    Grace, I know again with the bugs but I'm having a rough week...lol

    lin yeah it was pretty big.

    roschelle probably..lol

    bossy betty i didn't even know it was there till I got up and was going in

    jean don't worry, I don't touch bugs just take their pictures

    vanilla seven well I can use all the friends I can get

    Jen I would have if I had known it was there

    fishhawk I would hang out with people but they don't seem to like me much...lol

    daisy he does have a creepy looking face

    Russ could be, he was still there when I went out for lunch

    Duni he may have been but he didn't talk much

    out on the prairie ya know I haven't seen one of these in years. I was surprised to find it there that's for sure

    sugar thanks

    anne I don't know if I actually sat on any part of him or not, he was on the inside of the crate but in the picture it does look like his feet are wrapped around the crate there, so who knows

    leeuna he may have been but you would think that he would have noticed that it got a little dark in that crate when I sat down.

    livintheblues you would think, but nope not a peep out of him.

  26. Marg I haven't seen a whole lot of grasshoppers this year but then I haven't really been looking for them either :)

    catherine EEEKKK was what I was thinking when I stood up and saw it there

  27. That is a great picture! How ever did you get such good focus? I think they look rather evil.

  28. What a great shot of this new buddy of yours! Such clarity! Did you share your soda?

  29. What a great pic! Those are the onlly kind of bugs that I actually like!

  30. An excellent photo of a magnificent specimen...glad to see they don't give you the 'heebie jeebies'!!

  31. I think he is smiling for the pictures.

  32. sharkbytes just point and shoot. it was taken with my cell phone :)

    LDH he didn't seem real thirsty so I drank that myself

    Donna they are pretty cool looking

    Sallie it was kind of fun seeing one, I haven't seen one in ages

    Allotments4you not as long as they aren't touching me they don't...lol

    b boys mom I thought he looked like he was smiling too.

  33. Oh, just way too creepy BUT a FANTASTIC shot :)

  34. Poetic shutterbug, I find them a little on the creepy side myself but I can't help being fascinated by them at the same time. So long as they don't come in contact with me, I'm ok..lol


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