Monday, September 13, 2010

What I brought home

Yesterday I showed you what I didn't buy, today I'll show you what I did buy when I went to the craft show.
Believe it or not I only bought two things. One for me and one for Duke.
What I got.
I fell in love with this when I saw it. I don't know if you can make out the tag or not but they have an etsy shop. I didn't see any of these in their shop but I'm sure if you were interested in them you could contact them to see if they have any available. They had different kinds of tree logs and I was debating between this and another but finally settled on this one. Their etsy shop is Wickwood Creations

Duke's treat came from Joe Cool's Dog Drool. The entrepreneur behind the name is 11 year old Joey. He guaranteed my that Duke would love his Ty-Ruff-ic Treats. I wasn't sure, but I purchased one and told him I would let him know how Duke liked it.
I wasn't quite quick enough with the camera.
This was all that was left by the time I got the camera out. Duke gave this a 2 paws up rating and cleaned up every last one of those crumbs off the floor. Keep up the good work Joey.


  1. Okay tell Duke he can't be near your new candle. I can read the tag very nicely.

    I'm glad Duke liked his new treats too. He's such a good boy.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  2. Did Joey make his own dog treats??? If he did, I'm impressed. And apparently so is Duke.

  3. Both were good choices I think and I see that Duke agrees! ;D

  4. I like the hollow log candle holder!

    You have good taste.


  5. Hi Duke it's me Joey and I am so happy you liked Ty-ruff-ic treats. I wish I could have met you! I liked reading about the craft show but really liked the pictures of you on your moms site. tell your mom thanks for stopping to shop at my booth. Have a nice day.

  6. Great finds! I think Duke liked his more! Joey, you have a future!

  7. I really like that candle holder and it's obvious Duke loved his treat too! I haven't made any dog treats since last Christmas. I think I need to do that soon - Sadie does too!

  8. Great finds, Ann!

    I was to tired last night to I will understand your busy week.

  9. Aw, come on - dogs will eat anything, except low fat/no fat cream cheese. I speak from experience.

  10. love that candle holder. it would fit perfectly with my living room decor. ...hint...hint

    i can email you my mailing address =D

  11. The candle holder is beautiful...and a wonderful idea for a for Dukes present...I am sure it looked amazing and tasted great....If you're Duke that is!!

  12. Dear Ann & Duke,
    I love crafts shows! What fun! Lovely finds.
    Thank you for your input about my new bracelet on my MYM post. You are first commenter!
    For the benefit of other readers:

    Anna's MYM-post Sept 13th

  13. Well, at least you brought something home for Duke. (Actually, I really like your candle-holder, but my manly manliness will not allow me to say so out loud. Hence, the parentheses.)

  14. Nice candle holder. We miss not being able to burn candles. Glad Duke liked the treats.

  15. The worse part is getting home and thinking about something you should have bought.You may never see one again. Nice selections Ann.

  16. The candleholder is adorable! Such the perfect thing for fall ~ love it. Glad that Duke enjoyed his special treat! :)

    Have a Happy Tuesday Ann!
    xo Catherine

  17. I am so glad that you bought something for Duke. Although he needs to learn to show a little restraint when the camera is coming out.

    The candle holder is fantastic. I have never seen anything like it and it is beautiful.

  18. I absolutely love that candle holder. Never have I seen one like it and it's just so artistic and beautiful.

  19. Mom loves the log candle holder. Wouldn't it be fun to have a bunch of those all lit up together.
    And look at that lucky Duke with his Yummy treat that he inhaled. Sure glad you got a treat Duke. You are the best.
    Have a great day.

  20. I love the log candle. I have rustic things in my house and this would fit right in. Very nice. Duke looks very happy with his treat. I think it's great that a 11 year old made the treat.

  21. I better not show that candle holder to my wife, because she would want one. Actually, I wouldn't mind having one, either :)

  22. Sandee I've already instructed Duke that he must stay away :)

    Lin yes, he did. I think it's great that a kid that age is doing it all on his own

    Julie I thought so too

    UP thank you very much, I thought the candle holder was quite unique

    Joe Cool thanks for the history behind the treat. We were very glad we stopped at your booth on Saturday. We'll make sure to look for you at craft shows in the future

    LDH I think he does too

    Beaded tail He gobbled that thing right up. One of these days maybe I'll try making my own. Sugar has some great recipes

    Jean so far so good, I've managed to stay awake long enough to visit everyone :)

    Grace believe it or not there are some treats that Duke will not eat. Milk Bone dog biscuits are toys, they are not for eating according to Duke

    Roschelle I'll gladly send it to you just as soon as I get tired of looking at

    allotments4you it made a great gift for me :)

    Anna you are most welcome. I always enjoy seeing your work

    Fishhawk you don't have to worry about your manly manliness on that candle holder. Seeing as how it's made out of a real log it had to have required power tools to make it. That means that it is a manly decor item :)

    Russ I love candles. Not only the scent but I could get hypnotized just watching the flame

    out on the prairie tell me about it. I debated over a chair I saw and really liked. I didn't buy it and now I'm wishing I would have

    catherine and it looks really nice on the coffee table in the man cave too :)

    Anne I keep tell him he need to learn that but he won't listen. maybe I should just not buy him anything next time. Yeah right like that'll happen

    poetic shutterbug I've never seen anything like it either, think that's why I snagged it up

    marg I think that would look fantastic. Maybe I should try and get some more

    b boys mom I thought so too. I think it was his mom who was there with him and she pointed out that this was Joey who did all the work and it was his business. I was impressed

    tahtimbo they were a really good price too. I think I only paid $15 for it. I was amazed. i thought they would have been more.

  23. The candle holder is very cool. The shots from yesterday make it look like a perfect day. Nothing like craft show shopping and Mexican and good photography all in one day!

  24. I'd say he liked it, wouldn't you! Love the log candle, never saw one before.

  25. Hi Ann,
    Love your new candle holder ~ what a neat design! I'm going to check out the Etsy shop.
    And lucky Duke ~ looks like he really scored with Joey's yummy treats.
    Thanks for sharing yesterday ~ the JOY muffin tin is so cute! The beach looked beautiful too!

  26. Lenox knits it was the perfect day, doesn't get much better

    Miawa yes he did like it. saw that candle holder and knew I had to have it :)

    marie there just wasn't one thing about the day that wasn't perfect. I couldn't have asked for anything more

    vanilla seven, me too, it was just so unique, I fell in love with it

  27. Well isn't that something? I wish Joey lived near me (or me near him!). I would love to support a young entrepreneurial spirit, while feeding Louis some tasty treats :)

  28. DSS I was really impressed. I didn't see a way to purchase the treats on his website, guess I'll have to hope to see him at another craft show.

  29. Sounds like Joey is quite the entrepreneur - I love the names of his company and treats and it sure looks like Duke does too.

  30. Ann I was quite impressed that someone his age was doing this and I loved the name he chose for his business.


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