Thursday, September 2, 2010

Daddy won't be coming home

Daddy crossed the line. He won't be coming back, I made sure of that. He never should have invaded my privacy the way he did.
There I was, all set for a nice relaxing hot shower after a long day of work. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him. He was hovering over me.  I nervously kept my eye on him in case he decided to make any quick moves. He kept his distance but this wasn't the end of it.

The next day he was there again. This time he was a little too close for comfort. He had climbed down the shower wall. So I quickly washed him down the drain. And that, my friends, is why daddy won't be coming home.


  1. Wait. You had the camera in the shower with you?:)

    Love the title!

    My parents own a cabin in the Piney Woods. In the fall, these critters are all over the place on the outside--it gives me the creeps.

  2. good one annie. can't believe you got such a great shot...

    ewww...super creepy but still great!

  3. Love this picture!! I have to try and remember to take more like that!!

  4. When that happens here I always say, "Better luck next time." I would have done the same thing.

    Have a terrific day. My very best to Duke. :)

  5. Great Shot!!! - A Kodak moment lol

  6. Jane, LOL, I thought so

    Nico not while I was showering, I'm not that addicted to taking pictures. I dried off got dressed then went back in with my camera to take the picture

    Roschelle, :) it really didn't start out so good since the lighting in my bathroom is horrid. It had a lot of help in my photoshop elements

    gayle, sometimes I wonder why I take all these pictures but then when I'm digging for something for a post I realize how useful they are

    Sandee lol, I think I just said "See ya"

    Beebeebabs, I don't think he really enjoyed it all that much

  7. eeeee! miss ann! i HATE spiders. i think you made the right choice for sures!
    the booker man

  8. Ick. Ick. Ick. Good for you! I don't like spiders. Ick.

  9. You go girl! I hate those things.

  10. Well, you did give him a second chance. Guess he didn't take your hint. :)

  11. Again with the bugs...spiders even...Ewww!

  12. Yikes! Those long legs are creepy! Glad he made it down the drain!

  13. Daddy lasted way longer at your house thanhe would of at mine! Ick!!

  14. That's the best way to deal with home invaders like this. Outside is fine for them, but inside is too close.

  15. such long legs... this is pretty scary if you are trying to shower in peace.. hehehehhee.. love the twist :)

  16. I actually like Daddy Long-legs (the only type of spider I don't mind), but visiting you in the shower is a little too close for comfort. By the way, that photo gives me the creeps (virtual shiver going down my spine) :)

  17. What sort of spider is he??? Are you aware Ann that when you wash a spider down the plug hole they can climb back up again??

    I quite like spiders but prefer them outside where they don't make cobwebs in my

  18. Ann - he seems a little should come over to my place. Our spiders are a lot fatter than yours ;-)

  19. I just love Addams Family Bedtime Stories.

  20. I am not sure Ann. That could be bordering on animal cruelty.LOL Of course he didn't heed the first warning. So I guess it was self defense.I won't have to alert any animal activist groups.LOL
    Have a wonderful Spider Free Weekend.

  21. LOL, our Mom hates spiders too. Ewwwww is all I can say and we sure are glad Daddy is not coming home this time.
    Have a great week end.

  22. I like Granddaddy Spiders. They are interesting to observe. When they invade my space I just pick them up and relocate them. Their mouths are too small to bite humans. I'm sorry he wasn't a good listener.
    I like his picture though.:)

  23. Kind of had a Hitchcock flair to the story.Good post Ann!

  24. Ummm.... I hate to confirm allotments4you's comment above Ann but have you ever see the documentary on spiders where they can actually breath under water for quite some time and can actually crawl back up the water drain? Unless you actually kill them?

    Hence the song "The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout. Down came the rain and washed the spider out. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain and the itsy bitsy spider crawled up the spout again."

    Think about it... ;)

    Happy Thoughts!
    xo Catherine

  25. We have a lot of daddies in our shower and bath. I need a sugar daddy, though, not this kind!

  26. Okay, way toooo creepy for my taste but a FANTASTIC shot nonetheless.

  27. the booker man glad you agree with me :)

    Lin ICK is what I was saying when he was climbing down the wall

    Miawa lol, I don't mind them if they keep their distance

    LDH not only did I give him a second chance but I tried to chase him up the wall by spraying the wall just underneath him. He refused to go so I washed him

    Grace, sorry I'll try to keep the bugs to a minimum. :)

    Beaded tail He does have some long legs on him

    marie daddy would have lasted longer had he just stayed

    ratty I agree outside is a better place for them

    anny that first day I saw him I was freaking out, couldn't keep my eye off him while I was in the shower

    tahtimbo I know they are supposed to be a good spider but not in my shower please :)

    bossy betty, I like daddy too but again, not in my shower :)

    allotments4you I only know him by daddy long legs, I don't know what the technical name is. I guess I figured he could climb back up but it was unlikely it would be while the water was still running

    duni, I'll keep my skinny spiders over your fat one any day :)

    fishhawk wait till I show you what's living in my basement :)

    grampy oh it was self defense all the way, no doubt about

    A. Marie yep big EWWWWWWWW

    Marg update, daddy is back but he's at least staying up in the corner and not venturing down the wall

    Jean I would relocate him if I wasn't so squeamish about touching

    out on the prairie I think I heard the theme song playing while I was watching that spider

    catherine never seen the documentary but I do know the song quite well. and yes he is back either that or it's his brother out for revenge :)

    sharkbytes a sugar daddy would NOT have been washed down the

    poetic shutterbug lol, my creepy side won't come out very often but I couldn't resist this one.

  28. OHNooooo!!! Poor Daddy!!!Hahahaaa...

  29. Ha! I hate spiders, but daddy long legs don't bother me as much. Nevertheless, I'm 100% behind ya on washin' him down the drain! Nice shot.

  30. Donna, daddy wouldn't have had to go through it if he wouldn't have climbed down the

    earthtoholly they don't bother me much either except when they get that close while I'm in the


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