Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why I love Duke

I know how much all of you adore Duke but I don't think you really know just how much of a sweetheart he is. I could not have asked for a more thoughtful and caring dog. Just wait until you hear what that little white bundle of fur did for me today.I came home from work dead tired. I just wanted to take my shoes off, kick back and maybe catch a nap. Of course wanting and being able are two entirely different things.  There was laundry to do, dinner to cook and a kitchen to clean.
Laundry, washed and in the dryer.
Dinner, cooked, on the table and eaten.
Dishes, oh please I just need a minute or two.
That's when it happened
Duke jumped up, pushed a chair over to the sink and said if I would just reach the dish soap for him, he would have the job done in a jiffy.

Would you just look at him, he's doing such a good job.

All done 
Such a good boy. Good job Duke.


  1. He is such a good boy!! Or did he just want that treat or to lick the dishes????

    He has a very smiley face! It reminds me of my other favorite dog friend---Sadie (over at Beaded Tail). I love to see those smiley faces every day!

  2. Duke does dishes and he's adorable? He is a very good boy!

    He has got the sweetest face and we can't help but smile when we see him!

    Thanks to Lin for her comment about Sadie too!

  3. You just know - that if he could help he would help .... it is written into his very being. Just lickin' lovely - please say a big 'woof' from me!

  4. Good job, Duke!! That's a very nice thing for you to do. In fact, I will even go as far and say that you are the cat's meow. Oops, sorry :)

  5. that last photo is a hoot!

  6. Hey...can you please bring Duke over to wash my dishes? My kitties refuse to wash dishes.:)
    No wonder you love him!

  7. now that's impressive. if ya ever need a sitter for duke, i've got plenty of dishes...oops, i mean plenty of time to watch him for ya!

  8. Yay! Well done Dukey boy! :D
    He is truly a good dog. That's why we love him. ;)

  9. I'm sure I should probably make some kind of joke about sparkling glassware with spit and polish, but I won't *grin*. He sure does look awfully darn cute though sitting there smiling at you on that chair :o)

  10. Okay, you're just rubbing it in, now. For our puppies dirty dishes--not clean them! (Well, a few times we have picked up bowls that were once full of food that looked like they had never had anything in them.) Anyway, you might as well have ended this post with, nah nah, nah hah hah!!!

  11. Great helper you have there Ann. Now you have to train Wade to do some fancy work.

  12. Too cute! Does he do windows too??


  13. What a joy he is for you! You could have let him just lick 'em clean for you, or NOT.

  14. I always set my plate down for the animals,saves scrubbing.

  15. OMG I love the last photo! He is such a cutie:) and what a good boy to help you out with the dishes.
    But did he take care of the laundry?

  16. Good boy, indeed!!! My dog refuses to do the dishes, but does a pretty good job on the laundry.

  17. He is too adorable! I can see why you love him so much:)

  18. Yayyy! Duke. He is such a talented boy. Of course with beauty like his, he doesn't really need the talent. Can I borrow him? Please?!!

  19. That Duke is all goodness rolled into a ball of fluff. I hope you have gotten him a bunch of dog treats to celebrate how fabulous he is.

  20. Lin you weren't supposed to see the treat in I should have hid it a little better. I've always loved Sadies, smiley face

    Beaded tail yep, he's all that rolled up in one little white fur ball.

    Kloggers too bad more people weren't like dogs were, it would be a much happier world wouldn't it? :)

    tahtimbo no apology necessary, Duke says it's an honor for a dog to receive a cat's meow rating

    Grace, he just looks so proud of himself in that picture doesn't he?

    Jean, cat's are like that, we wait on them, not the other way

    Roschelle, and while you're watching him maybe he could do up a few dishes

    junezach he sure is, the best

    Jen no only does he look cute, but did a good job too, not a lick of food left on those dishes :)

    fishhawk I was going to end that way but I was sure you would come back with SHOW OFF

    grampy hmm, don't think that will be as easy

    Jane he tried to do windows but he left a streak

    Miawa my mother used to tell me about a friend my grandmother had that would let her dog lick the dishes clean and then put them back in the

    out on the prairie yep, and who wants to scrub

    Nico the laundry is a little tough for him, he has a hard time turning the shirts right side out. But he tries :)

    Bossy betty, we should get your dog and Duke together, they could open their own cleaning business

    Angela, he's a treat every day :)

    Leeuna Duke would probably enjoy a little vacation but would you promise to send him back home?

    Anne oh but of course, he may be cute and talented but he's no dummy, he doesn't work for free :)

  21. I am on the floor laughing right now. Really. How much fun is Duke?!?! Louis NEVER helps with the dishes at our house. Well, he is happy to lick them clean, but never interested in any manual labor ;)

    I hope Duke got some extra treats for that!

  22. Send that puppy over here! Maybe you can rent him out and never have to work again!

  23. Oh Duke, you are the very best. What a good dog to wash the dishes. Hope you and your family have a terrific week end.

  24. He is a true little precious gem. Send him over here, I have a sink full. BTW I have that same chair in my kitchen :)

  25. Duke looks so proud of himself! He gets cuter and cuter everytime I see him.

  26. DSS Duke has that same effect on me most of the time. Duke is as much fun as a barrel full of monkeys :)

    sharkbytes oh wouldn't that be wonderful, if only I could. I wonder what kind of labor laws there are regarding

    marg, he's very domestic :)

    Reeni, LOL couldn't resist doing this one

    poetic shutterbug got that dining set years ago. I loved the look of the chairs

    Sheri He is looking pretty proud of himself in that last picture. Maybe it's because those dishes are so clean you can see your reflection in them :)

  27. Now that's what I call a sweet friend! What a servants heart :)

  28. Awww.. what an adorable furry lil helper... and he seems rather pleased with himself for helping you out :) You got a real keeper there Ann :)

  29. LDH that's why I love dogs so much, they're so willing to do anything just to make you happy :)

    anny he sure is a keeper. and to think I used to hate little


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