Friday, September 17, 2010

Guess what?

It's Friday! Mom's week is finally over and she gets 4 days off now. Now she gets to visit the fair and enjoy the sights and sounds. Then there's napping, maybe some shopping, a couple of walks and lots of relaxing.
Do you have your eye on anything special for the weekend?


  1. Very cool shot! Love the crop and the B&W!

    This weekend? I just scanned the paper for garage sales and there are tons of them! Looking for a small writing desk for guest room. Think I will find one?

  2. OOOOhhhh napping..give me some napping..:)

  3. Yay for your mom having 4 days off! We think walks should be moved up on that list of things to do followed by napping and relaxing! We'll be napping and relaxing because mommy and daddy are going to a college football game and leaving us home alone.

    We hope you and your mom enjoy your weekend!

    Angel, Isabella and Sadie

  4. WOW Ann that is one awesome photo!! Duke is lucky to have his picture taken by his mom. She knows his best side, or should I say sides :-)

  5. TGIF! I'm so glad your Mom has 4 days off! I am hope to visit a local fair also and do some bird watching.
    Love the photo of you, Duke!:)

  6. I really like this photo!

  7. You are eyeballing me, Duke! Yes, something special is happening here. Will tell all tomorrow or Sunday.

  8. I have plans of work on the allotment for the weekend...but it's work that I want to do, it will be hard but the sun is shining and it's a beautiful day and spending outside with friends and family will be a perfect weekend...and totally satisfying!!!

  9. Let's hear it for a four day weekend - Woo! I think I'd be all about the nap (that R&R stuff never fails :o) Too bad I'm spending mine cleaning.

  10. Be sure and remind her to go get you some more of those yummy treats! If she tries to say that she's not sure if she can find them, then tell her all of the grocery stores have juicy t-bones.

  11. Duke, we love your eye. We have the exact same plans as you do. Lots and lots of naps and lots and lots of eating, and maybe a little reading in between.Hope all of you have a fantastic day.

  12. Relaxing, a flu shot, and more work on some of my vacation pics! Hope you have a wonderful l-o-n-g weekend!

  13. Sounds like mom is going to have a fantastic 4 days off ~ good for her!

    Have fun!
    xo Catherine

  14. Well Duke. I hear they have pretty good doggie treats at those fairs. I am sure mom will bring you home something special. Give her that I need a special treat look before she leaves. Then she'll have to.

  15. sleep, sleep and then maybe some sleep. Going to Tampa Sunday to visit a relative and then back home again. That's it for my weekend! Have a good rest and lot's of fun Annie.

  16. Love this picture!

    Have a wonderful time at the fair!

  17. Love this shot! wonderful monochrome.

    Hope your momma will spend the weekend resting and playing with you at home :) have a good one ahead.

  18. Eat lots for me, I am judging a bathtub race again today at 2 and then back to the lake.Got rained on all night but it was nice to sleep through, barely made it for breakfast with the Methodist women.I am about ready to explode, they made sure I had enough.The librarianhere is charmed with blogs reading over my shoulder.

  19. Happy weekend to your Mommie Duke! Give her a lick from me for all her lovely comments on my blog!

    For the benefit of other readers:
    Anna's SC-Week-20
    Today is the first day I am doing drops in maybe a week! I have not had so much time.

  20. You'll have her around for four days, Duke and that just means more treats :) My weekend is spending time relaxing and catching up with my writing and photographing. Wish I had you Duke to photograph and blog for me.

  21. LDH thanks, actually it was a very bad shot cropped to highlight the good part :) Good luck on the garage sales, whenever I go looking for something specific I never can find what I want

    livintheblues Duke will gladly share his nap time with you

    beaded tail home alone, how fun. Is it party time? tell your mom and dad to have fun at the game

    manoverboard thank you but I must confess it wasn't so awesome before I cropped it

    Jean thank you. Bird watching sounds like fun

    Grace, thank you very much

    sharkbytes oh we can't wait to hear what it is. Can we have a hint? :)

    allotments4you work that you want to do is more like play. I never mind that

    Jen Yeah for 4 day weekends. There needs to be some serious cleaning done around here but can't guarantee it'll happen

    fishhawk alas, no dog treats at the fair, guess we'll have to make a trip to the grocery store

    Marg napping, eating and reading sounds like an excellent plan

    Donna ew a flu shot, that doesn't sound like fun. I've actually never had one though

    catherine she's going to try anyway

    Russ between you and fishhawk I don't who is the biggest instigator :)

    Miawa sounds like you have a good weekend planned

    bossy betty, thanks and I'll do my best :)

    Anny thank you. We'll do a little of both

    out on the prairie Sounds like a great weekend. All that food, I think I gained weight just hearing about it :) I hope the librarian is enjoying the blog hopping

    Anna he will be happy to do that.

    poetic shutterbug a fun filled 4 days it will be too

  22. Four days off!! I bet you earned every one of them, too. Have a great weekend and enjoy the fair!

  23. Yay! Four days off! I'm jealous! LOL

    Best shot ever, Ann! :D

  24. tahtimbo well I think I've earned them, don't know what my boss

    Junezach actually the shot wasn't very good but the crop helped it immensely. Sorry about the long weekend, just pretend I didn't say that :)

  25. Sounds like you have a great plan for the weekend! I seem to be doing the same thing here. Awesome picture of the Duke!

  26. duke,
    wow, that's super duper nice that your mama has 4 whole days off! i bet ya'll are having tons of funsies!! did you get to go to the fair with her?

    the booker man

  27. sheri I don't know if it's so much of a plan since I mostly just intend to play it by ear :)

    the booker man no fair for the Duke, they don't allow dogs. Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous?

  28. Hi Duke!! We had a lovely weekend. Louis spent lots of time on his back, feet straight up..on the couch :) That is his favorite place to be.

    I wonder, Duke, how your mom gets you to actually look AT the camera when she photographs you. Hmmm...Louis would much rather show me his rear :(

  29. DSS LOL, I see a lot of Duke's rear too. The trick is to get him when he isn't all wound up and maybe make some funny noises to get his attention. Treats don't hurt either.

  30. I will most definitely try treats. I've tried the funny noises, and as soon as I get ready to push the camera button he's distracted by something else. He's a bit ADD...just like his mom...

  31. DSS the treats usually work better than the noises for me too but a combination of both helps. Don't feel bad about the ADD, Duke and I suffer from it too :)


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