Thursday, September 23, 2010


Randomness, also known as got nothing, is the topic for the day. I can't even find a picture of Duke that hasn't already been posted.
So lets commence with the random thoughts here.
The other day I was dining on dog food and was really quite good.
I was eating a sandwich and sitting on the stack of dog food in the stock room. Gotcha!
I wandered outside after the sandwich and played with my cell phone. Not much to take pictures of
It was either this or the cars in the parking lot.
I don't know if you've seen this picture before but it is Duke and he has something to say.
My mom is weird but I love her anyway.


  1. Well, I always like views of ordinary things from a new perspective, so you made me smile.

  2. There are just days like this. I have them too. Nothing going on, nothing you really want to do. No creative juices at all. Well work is a four letter word and that doesn't help. Just saying.

    Duke is a cutie pie and he doesn't care what you do or if you are weird. He's going to love you no matter what. That's the cool thing about our babies.

    Have a terrific day. My very best to Duke. :)

  3. Got that giggle from me. Like the first quip to get everything started.Well done Ann.

  4. cute post! love the pic of the door. the sandwich looks yummy and the dukester is adorable, as usual!!

  5. aaahh...seeing I take pics with my cell phone all the time..I like these..:)

  6. I don't think we could ever get tired of seeing sweet Duke! Hey cute pup!!!

    xo Catherine

  7. did you have to sort of scrunch the dog food bags to get comfortable...?...just wonderin..usually I have to sort of bash em around a tad so the seat isn't to lumpy

  8. Yeah, Duke, so do we! (Cool pic of door/handle)

  9. Yep, you had me doing a double-take there :) I think these random posts are kinda fun and I really like the photo of the door. If you hadn't told us, I would never have thought it was taken with a cell phone.

  10. I like Dukie's ears--they are sorta like ponytails. :)

    If it is any consolation, I've got nothing....NOTHING to post about tomorrow. Ugh.

  11. I love the "Random" theme.Often posts like this turn out to be the biggest hits. Bet you knew that. wink,wink :)

  12. Duke, your mom just sees things more creatively than we do - she's not weird! We all see you as absolutely adorable!

  13. Duke, please tell your mom she just made my day! :D

    Have a fantastic weekend ahead! ;)

  14. I love her too, Duke. (Just don't tell her. For she would probably get even weirder.)

  15. You had me going at the start of the post. I thought you had enough of the bakery and had decided to live a dog's life. We don't think you are weird. You are unique. We all love you. I am thinking of starting a Ann fan club.You would have your own blog and groupies and all.
    Anyway. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

  16. You DID have me there, for a moment :)

  17. I love pictures of Duke even if I have seen them before.

  18. Umm..I posted a truck in the parking lot today!

    I prefer your pictures. Love the one of Duke!

  19. i actually know of a pet shop owner who eats/test some of the pet food in his shop.. hehhehee.. last i saw him.. he was gaining quite a bit of weight. Too much snacking on the sides i guess :) Have a good weekend Ann.

  20. The angle of the b/w picture is pretty awesome :) Forgot all about lil ole Duke. Send my love to him.

  21. somehow I think if you post a repeat of Duke no one would mind:)

  22. sharkbytes new perspectives are nice and so is smiling :)

    Sandee that's why I love Duke so much, he doesn't have very high expectations of me, just give him a treat and a pat on the head and he's happy

    out on the prairie I'm always on lunch by myself so I have to find ways to amuse myself during my half hour

    roschelle thanks, it was a good sandwich

    livintheblues for some reason I seem to forget that my cell phone takes pictures most of the time

    catherine I don't think anyone could

    livintheblues oh yes that is a necessity. gotta have that kibble in just the right position for maximum comfort

    Grace :)

    tahtimbo I'm surprised at the pictures I get with this phone, although not all are good, just depends

    lin i used to have a back log of posts ready but I've been running short a lot lately

    jean no, had no idea but it worked for me :)

    beaded tail I got that word from dad, I really don't know what it means but he says mom's weird all the time

    junezach I will and she'll be very happy

    fishhawk, it will be our secret. I won't say a word to her. I learned all about that from watching that famous Duke on the Busch's baked beans commercial.

    russ unique, isn't that another way of saying I like the sound of an Ann fan club though

    DSS I love my dog but I stop short at taste testing food for him

    Beebeebabs he sure is

    b boys mom good because I may have to use some old ones over

    bossy betty, I imagine it's a fabulous parking lot truck though

    Anny I think I'll pass on taste testing the dog food. Maybe the shop owner needs to be taken out for more walks and exercised to get rid of that extra

    Nico I figure if tv can do it why can't bloggers :)

  23. I love random. It show spontaneity and imagination. Now as for Duke, he is clearly posing :)

  24. Good boy Duke, Mommy loves you too! I've got some of those pictures somewhere of "nothing".

  25. poetic shutterbug random is good sometimes. Duke sitting still for the camera is always good :)

    Miawa nothing pictures are sometimes the best kind


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