Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A look back

There's nothing new today so I went back in the files to find something of interest. One year ago today, I took a whole lot of really stupid pictures. What on earth am I saving those for? OK how about two years ago. Ah, two years ago Amanda and I took a ride to the cemetery where my father is buried.

My dad's plot is at the top of the hill and the view is quite lovely. There's a farm right next door.

A couple views of the building that sits at the back of the cemetery.

Like I said, the view here is quite lovely. It's so peaceful and quiet I think I could sit here till the cows come home.

Oh my, it looks like I have. Well see you all tomorrow.


  1. Nice shots, my dad was 5 days older and a fly boy. The log cabin is terrific,sometimes cemeteries become part of our heritage.we have two that I can visit 4 generations, and the decorating was passed on to me by my father.

  2. These are really wonderful pictures. Thanks for looking back.

  3. What a beautiful, peaceful place! Thanks for sharing your look back!

  4. wonderful shots..they translate well ..the peaceful feeling is definitely there..:)

  5. How peaceful. I love old rural cemetaries. My family has a plot at a very similiar place in MO. The second shot actually made me think for a second it might be the same place because there is an old barn with cows right next to it too.

  6. out on the prairie, hmm, maybe our dads shared some air space :)

    sharkbytes you are quite welcome.

    beaded tail it's very peaceful, and your very welcome

    livintheblues thanks, I thought so too. I believe that it was the perfect spot for my dad

    lenox knits me too, this one is very small compared to some and I think it's just perfect. One day I should go and photograph some of the other headstones, some look to be quite old.

  7. it's a lovely place. i don't know why that feels strange to say about a cemetary but it's certainly true in this case. you can almost feel the peacefulness through the pics.

    you are really a good photographer, annie!

  8. Mom you do know that when Ian and I were there in August I went to the cemetery and took a few more pictures of Grandpas,your grandparents and Aunt, and Uncle Franks stones...You should go see Uncle Franks, it's real nice too. And if your looking for some ideas or inspiration since Ian just left for his deployment do something about military ;)

  9. Those are FABULOUS photos...

  10. Wonderful pictures Ann! I think most cemeteries are so beautiful and peaceful...these photos are certainly evidence of that.

    As I was reading through your post and looking at the beautiful photos I felt such a sweet calm come over me....and then I got to the cows and your last two sentences.
    Totally burst out in laughter and there went the mood!

  11. Great photos of your Dad's head stone and the nearby farm. Sure wish I could visit my Dad's grave more often.

  12. Beautiful photo's! LOVE the log cabin, and the cows are cute too :)

  13. What a gorgeous view! I agree with you completely...pretty sure I could hang out there 'til the cows came home myself :o)

  14. No, I would not consider any of those pictures as being really stupid, at all. In fact, I would consider all of them as being really good! Please have another talk with her, Duke.

  15. You did a wonderful job with the pictures Ann. You brought out the peace of the cemetery and the surrounding area.And the closing cow shot was a stroke of genius.You are indeed a great artist.

  16. What a beautiful place sweetie...sometimes you DO just sit 'til the cows come home....

  17. A very peaceful place to rest in peace. Beautiful shot Ann. Especially the shadow on the headstone :)

  18. What a lovely, calming and charming place to visit your dad. And those cows! Silly, silly cows :)

  19. It is fun to look back at old pictures. That gives me an idea to do some of my old old pictures.
    That does look like a nice farm and looks like the cows did come see you. They just wanted to know what the heck that camera was. Have a great evening.

  20. Roschelle I guess it's just hard to put death and lovely together :)

    Amanda yes you told me you were there. I still have to go see Uncle Frank's. I'll keep the military thing in mind :)

    Grace, thank you very much

    Marie lol, I couldn't help myself with that last one

    Jean thanks, I hate to admit it but I don't visit as often as I should

    Audrey that log cabin is really nice,

    Jen I should take a ride there this weekend and see if the trees are all changing

    FishHawk it wasn't these that were stupid it was the ones I took last year, that's why I had to go back 2 years to find these. But thanks :)

    Russ thanks, the cows just sort of grazed their way in there :)

    Donna, often I sit until the cows come

    Anny the shot of the headstone was my favorite because of that shadow

    DSS silly cows for sure, these weren't even real thrilled with having their pictures taken :)

    Marg it is fun, and amazing sometimes.

  21. Looking back is a good exercise. I think I need to do that too. God bless your dad for his service. Love that pic of the plane on the headstone. And the pic of the cow is just too funny.

  22. It is beautiful there, how nice a place to be laid to rest.

  23. What a lovely resting place for your father! Lovely pictures.
    Thanks for sharing this and for visiting Anna's B-post. You are first Commenter on that post.
    Sara Cat

  24. I really like all of these photos and the memories that go along with them. Love log cabins so that is a favorite. Thanks so much Ann for sharing these with us.

  25. Donna my dad loved to fly so a plane on the headstone was a must :)

    Miawa I believe you are right

    sara katt it is very nice there

    poetic shutterbug you are most welcome. my pleasure :)


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