Sunday, September 5, 2010

It was a "ME" day. Sort of

Guess where I went today?
I was up early this morning and had intentions of making it a total "ME" day. First stop, A.C. Moore. After seeing the ad I HAD to go.
Check out that deal. $49.99 for FOUR cartridges. Wow! Now if you aren't familiar with the cricut, let me tell you these things run about $90.00 each so four for $50 is a steal. The fine print say while supplies last so I checked online to see what time they opened. I made it there a mere 7 minutes after they opened. Another woman was walking in the store at the same time I was and we headed to the same department. She was looking, I was looking, but where is the bundle? We both headed to the front of the store. More looking and then I asked her is she was looking for the same thing I was. So we asked a clerk. One of the girls had just gone back to get one for another customer who was just ahead of us. Guess what? They had ONE. So in my ever so polite tone (hint of sarcasm here) I asked "Do you have any more?" She says no. So I inquire if there are any rainchecks. Nope, fine print says quantities limited, while supplies last.
Oh but they did have some for $25 that were retired cartridges, a whole 4 of them. All the rest were on sale for $50 each. No thanks. Way to ruin my good plan A.C. Moore.
I headed for Joann Fabric, they had them on sale for $40. It wasn't a total loss. I did get some stuff for me but I ended up 3 cricut cartridges short of a perfect day.


  1. Oh what a total bummer! That's so not right to have that ad and only have one in stock. At least you found one on sale at Joanns.

    Plus you got to go home to cute little Duke! That helps make a day perfect!

  2. Huh...those so called "sales" where they only wish to get into the store are maddening!
    I like "just for me days" and try to have them often. :)

  3. That drives me nuts when they offer things like that and they don't have enough in the store. Ugh. That's when I start boycotting those stores. Best Buy is always good for that.

  4. That's why I don't waste my time shopping in actual stores anymore - You go there, they don't have what you want, need, saw advertised. When I shop on-line (which I have just spent the last 2 hours doing) I can compare several stores easily, search for coupons and promotion codes but mainly I know if it's in stock. Most of the time I at least get free shipping - today, free shipping on the diapers only but I found a 20% off coupon for Bath& Body Works and they are having a big sale and then Bed, Bath & Beyond was the only store I could find close to what I wanted re: tub mat, toothbrush holder and shower caddy plus they were less expensive than Target etc.

    Since we don't have a car shopping on-line is always easier - even with shipping it's still less than the cost of renting a car or public transportation or a cab...

  5. It's so wrong! That's what one of my daughters used to say and in this case it fits perfectly. Sorry you didn't have the ME day you had hoped for.

  6. While supplies last. Love that phrase! That happend to me at OfficeMax once on an external hard drive. I was the FIRST customer at the door on the FIRST day of the sale and they had NONE. I was so mad for driving 40 minutes for nothing that I wrote the company and not only did they honor that price on another brand, they gave me a 20 dollar gift certificate as well.

  7. Hate this when they only have one or two. A national electronics store is famous for that.Joanns are a little steep but you have until 10-31 for that deal. HA!Glad I went para- surfing instead of shopping.Did lots of shopping yesterday anyway.

  8. It's good to compare prices between stores. You will be surprised sometime on how the price can be vary.

  9. Beaded tail That's what I thought too. I didn't realize that supplies meant one item.

    Jean I was telling my husband about the shopping trip and he asked if I bought anything else. When I said yes, his response was "then it worked" Sucker born every day I

    Lin I may have to do the same thing.

    Grace, I like to shop online but there are times when I want instant gratification from shopping. I didn't want to have to wait for something to be delivered.

    LDH your daughter's line is right on :)

    Sheri I actually did send a complaint email. Now lets see if I get any response from

    out on the prairie Joann's has some good deals sometimes but I agree they can be a little pricey. Maybe I should have tried something else besides shopping today although I doubt para surfing would have been my choice :)

    vanilla seven oh I know, it's amazing how much higher some stores are for the exact same item.

  10. Some stores will do anything to get you in the door. If you buy anything then their ad worked. I hate it when they do that too. I tend not to shop in those places after a bit. Won't even look at their ads after being burned a couple of times. What a shame. Glad you found a deal at Joann's though. Good for you.

    Have a terrific Labor Day. My best to Duke. :)

  11. We don't have either of those stores around here. I have a Silhouette Machine that never requires a cartridge and can use all the fonts on your computer.

  12. Bummer, ann. Don't you just hate it when that kinda stuff happens? I'm glad you could at least purchase one, though.

  13. I hate it when stores do this...they are wholly convinced that if you go and don't get what you are loooking for you will still spend money in their store...i make a point NEVER to do this!!!!

  14. Okay, I'm calling that one flat out SLIMY! I know that companies use "hooks" like that in small quantities to get people in the door, but I've never heard of only one. That's ridiculous :oP

  15. Only ONE and they had a printed ad to carry the sale? what a silly shop.

  16. Well that stinks. Glad the day wasn't a total loss though but it is too bad that you didn't get those cartridges.
    Hope you have a super Labor day with lots of good food.

  17. The ads always fool us, don't they?
    For just that reason a law was passed here that stores MUST have enough stock on deals like this!

  18. Sorry your ME day was not as you had planned. I usually avoid stores and shop online instead - far less hassle.


  19. It sounds like Duke needs to go pee on someone's leg--maybe even several!

  20. FishHawk has a good idea. Only thing maybe you should train him to carry a sign outside of the store telling everyone how unfair they are.

  21. It is so frustrating when stores do this ~ run an add with a great sale and then they only have one. Coincidence or marketing strategy... hmmm....

    I'm glad you were able to salvage the ME day by going to another craft store! :)

    xo Catherine

  22. Sandee It will probably be a while before I go back there. I should have just stuck to shopping on line

    Janice wow, not cartridge needed, sounds like a cool machine

    earthtoholly big bummer, had I not gone home with at least one I would have really been bummed but sill was hoping for more

    allotments4you I did buy something that I had also planned on purchasing but I didn't go for the higher priced item that was available. My purchase there was very small

    Jen Slimy is the perfect word for it. That's what I thought too, I don't think one can qualify as supplies

    Anny yes only ONE they get you with the fine print though

    Marg as early as I got there I thought for sure I would find them. Stinks big time

    Duni they sure do. I like that law, I wish we had it here

    Jane I normally shop online but I wanted to actually have something in my hand that day. I felt the need for a little retail therapy :)

    Fishhawk LOL I like that idea

    Grampy that's a thought too, although Duke wouldn't be able to carry a very big sign

    Catherine, I'm going with marketing strategy, a really crummy one if you ask me

  23. What a cheap trick to pull on consumers. I despise when they do that. One isn't even a "supply". It's ONE!

    I love ME days although they're few and far between.

  24. Don't you hate it when that happens. So often I see something in a flier on Sat. but I'm not going to town. Monday I get there and everything is gone! What?! Good grief - if you're going to have a sale - have some stock too!

  25. Having been in retail for decades I can tell you that stores will do that purposely to get you inside. They figure once there you will buy something else similar even if it costs more. It's criminal, I know but they do it. At least you found something somewhere else so it wasn't a complete loss.

    I actually do all my shopping online or at least 99% of it. Going to a mall or large stores makes me cringe. I guess it's from being in retail for so long :)

  26. I have had that happen to me. It really makes me mad. It really is not fair.

  27. Leeuna, that's exactly what I said, when you say supplies, to me that refers to more than one

    Poetic shutterbug I normally do most of my shopping on line but occasionally I want something and I want it NOW :) I knew stores did that but it still isn't right especially when it happens to me :)

    b boys mom you said it. the worst part is that it's a good 30 minute drive just to get to that store too.


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