Sunday, September 26, 2010


Today I have a small demonstration in frugality for you. With the help of my trusty assistant we will attempt to show you an inexpensive way to photograph small objects inside.
Feel free to take notes if you wish. If everyone is ready we will begin. 

After the construction of our backdrop was complete my trusty assistant brought in our subject.

He carefully placed the subject and did a double check to make sure the placement was correct

Once everything was in place he quickly moved out of the way for the shot.

And here are our final samples for your review.
You will note that the before picture is less than perfect but that can be corrected. You may try one of the following methods
1) use an editing program such as photoshop elements
2) learn how to properly adjust the settings on your camera
3) stop being so cheap and buy proper lighting.

Yes it was cold, dreary and I was bored when I did this but Duke and I had fun.


Out on the prairie said...

You make a dynamic duo with the photo exercise.Nice to share some tips,looks like you are getting change of color also.

Sandee said...

Way cool, but if it wasn't for Duke this wouldn't have turned out so well. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

Roschelle said...

very nice. you are a great photographer!

livintheblues said...

your methods appeal to my Thrifty nature...:)

BeadedTail said...

Great job! Your assistant is as cute as can be! I needed to take pictures of jewelry today but it was cloudy. Sure wish I had Duke's help so I could have accomplished something!

VanillaSeven said...

Wow! Duke as a photographer assistant! So cool! I don't like the word cheap. Affordable is more like it.

Kloggers/Polly said...

Great stuff Ann. And by the way for those who may be interested the new Photoshop is out with a free thirty day trial. Guess who is giving it a test run??

Sharkbytes said...

I use that method all the time! Works for me.

Lin said...

I like your assistant. Everyone needs help like that!

Anonymous said...

Nice sequence...Made me smile - a lot!

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for the tips and it looks like you had such a great helper too! ;D

Anny said...

This is fun... and your assistant is most helpful. Hope he got a huge treat after all the "hard" work.. hhehehe

this setup works very well. The shot of the autumn leaves are very nice. Kudos Ann!

Miawa said...

I think your assistant deserves a raise! Very cute and I love silly, you're great at this Annie and thumbs up to the Duke.

June Zach (Fledgling Blogger) said...

Cool demonstration! I learned a lot. And by the way, your assistant was good. Kudos to both of you! :D

Jen said...

I could use better lighting, but that's pretty much what I've done with my Etsy shop stuff (except I used scrapbook paper for my backdrops *grin*). Of course I didn't have a fabulous assistant either - Bella doesn't quite fit in the house ;o)

FishHawk said...

Please forgive me if this hurts your feelings, but I am quite sure that you could not have pulled off that demonstration so successfully without the help of your wonderful assistant. I hope he got paid well.

Daisy said...

We make a lot of after-the-shot adjustments with Photoshop, too!

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! Thanks Ann .. gave me an idea to use burlap. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Poetic Shutterbug said...

You and Duke could open your own photo shop. Thanks for the tips. Can I borrow Duke?

Russ said...

Looks like you and Duke had a good time. Great project for a dreary day.

Bossy Betty said...

I think you should package the cardboard and cloth and sell it on E-Bay as a photo booth.

Marg said...

Duke, you are such a big help. Thanks for that mini lesson in fixing photos. I am going to try that. I do have the Photoshop elements. The second picture does look better.
Good job Duke.
Have a great day.

B Boys Mom said...

You and your assistant did a great job.

Ann said...

out on the prairie, just like batman and robin huh?

sandee I so agree, Duke had a big paw in it :)

roschelle well I would say great wanna be

livintheblues gotta love thrifty, although splurging on some of the fancy equipment would be nice too

beaded tail he's a great assistant and always so willing too

vanilla seven and this was all very

kloggers oh cool. As much as I would love to get photoshop I just can't justify that much money, I have to settle for photoshop elements. It's really a very good progam itself though

sharkbytes yes it does. I should try and get some different lights though. I just need another lamp or

Lin he's a very good assistant

Grace made me smile doing it :)

Julie oh very good.

Anny thanks, it was fun to do. Of course got treats afterwards, he insisted upon it :)

Miawa hmmm I'll take that under

Junezach thanks, and my assistant thanks you too

Jen I've thought about getting some different lamps but when I price them I change my (cheapo) Scrapbook paper makes a good background too

Fishhawk My feelings are not hurt a bit, in fact I couldn't agree with you more

Daisy couldn't live without the program.

Sugar, I bought that burlap a couple years ago for a craft project that I never got around to. I love the look and it fit for a fall theme

poetic shutterbug I'll check Duke's calendar and see if he's available :)

Russ well I know he did, he was glad that I wasn't staring at the computer again

Bossy Betty on E-Bay I'm sure someone would buy it

marg amazing what a little lighting change can do huh?

b boys mom why thank you, we had fun too.

Nico Designs said...

My daughter (she is 3) "helped" me today. She felt I needed pink chiffon to photograph a little boy's pacifier clip. I think Duke just might be a better listener:)
And I am always on the look out for great photo tips.

Donna said...

Hey, you and Duke did a great job! Nothing wrong with cheap, er, I mean, frugal! I need to get my imaginary rabbit, Marty, to help me out like Duke helps you!

Nessa said...

Gosh, Ann... you have the best assistant ever! :D

marie said...

Great job Duke! Oh, and you too Ann!

Love the photos...a lot!

Donna said...

Hi Miz Ann! I'm back...finally!
LOVE this idea!! And Yes, I'm cheap too!!Hahaaa

DSS said...

I read this post to Louis while stranded in my car on the side of the road on Sunday night. Thanks for the laugh! I giggled. You and Duke have so much fun :) Louis would have eaten the leaves and the burlap.

Oh well..he was lovely company while I was stranded. That counts for something!

Ann said...

Nico how cute, there are times when photographer and assistant don't see eye to eye on the set

donna we work well together sometimes and we like frugal

nessa thanks, I think so too

marie oh yeah, give top billing to the

donna yeah your back. cheap is wonderful isn't it? :)

DSS glad Duke and I could help entertain you and Louis while you were stranded.

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