Saturday, September 25, 2010

You are so busted mister

Don't worry, Duke isn't in trouble. He's not the one who was caught red handed. Although the culprit is small and furry, it's of the wild variety.
You see we have a rather large bird feeder hanging from the tree in our front yard. It's so big that Wade doesn't even fill it completely full. Now I know that there have been a lot of birds out there but we seemed to be going through the seed rather quickly.
The other day I was busy doing something when Wade yelled out "Get your camera, hurry up" I went downstairs and this is what I saw
After watching him go through seed after seed at a frantic speed I now understand how this is emptying out so fast. He was fun to watch though and it made me laugh to watch him. He would grab a seed, get to the good part and throw the shell over the edge and then grab another. I must have stood there a good ten minutes watching him do this non stop.
Here's a closer look in color


  1. Thank you Ann - please come by and pick up the award from me!!!

  2. I'd say you caught him in the act and what a cute picture too! I'll bet Duke was relieved that he wasn't in trouble. But he's too cute to be mad at for long anyway.

  3. What a cutie! We have so many squirrels. The farmers have corn close to our yard so the squirrels are leaving corn cobs everywhere!
    They are fun to watch though.

  4. He's so cute! It looks like he thinks that's a squirrel feeder rather than a bird feeder. Squirrels are so fun to watch. Angel and Isabella think so too!

  5. Welcome to my world. Yes...they are cute and fun to watch...but...they are a pain in the you know what when it comes to "bird" feeders!

    OK...I admit this rascal is cute.:)

  6. Oh that second photo is wonderful! I miss the squirrels! (So do the cats).

  7. awesome photo... the feeder is so pretty. great macro shots too.

  8. We had the same problem, so we ended up giving them their own feeder. Believe it or not, unless they run out of their food, they leave the bird feeders alone.
    Although on the down side, you will attract more squirrels.
    Very nice pictures!

  9. The house is like a palace to that squirrel. Enjoy your weekend ann :)

  10. My parents put up a squirrel proof bird feeder at their house to discourage such "raids". They may be cute, but those little guys are serious piglets (not to mention pretty darn destructive :o)

  11. Haha... that was cute he doesn't look scared for one whose been caught red-handed :)

  12. We have several squirrels that hop from tree to tree in our backyard, and when one of our pups spots one while they are outside, the chase begins. No, they have never caught one yet, but this is not from any lack of trying.

  13. these are some great shots! i guess we aren't the only ones getting ready for winter. cute...cute

  14. Oh yes - I know all about this! We get squirrels on our bird feeders too, and it drives my husband mad! We've even had them in our roof, and have had to block up all the gaps where they were getting in before they start to chew through pipes and cables. Squirrels are cute, but they're also bad news ...

  15. I made a corn feeders to keep these away from my other feeders a bit,plus my dog runs them off when I let her out. I have one who will eat from my hand,and I still have all five fingers.

  16. Beebeebabs, thanks so much, greatly appreciated

    Sheri I don't know if Duke ever realizes when he is in

    audrey I probably should get a feeder just for the squirrels, I do like watching them

    sharkbytes he sure does. I think I saw some boxes sitting on the other side. I'm pretty sure he's planning on moving in :)

    beaded tail he's staked his claim :)

    Jean I've heard what a pain they can be but I still can't help enjoying the show

    Grace, I've never seen many of them in my yard before so it's a pleasure watching this guy

    ruthi thanks so much

    tahtimbo there's always a down side isn't there :)

    vanilla seven his own private kingdom

    Jen I've heard that some of those squirrel proof ones aren't so squirrel proof after all, hope the one your parents got did the trick

    wild rose he was too busy chowing down on seeds. Plus he didn't know he was being watched until I went outside to try and get a better look

    fishhawk so far Duke hasn't spotted one of these guys. I'm quite sure if he does he'll be going after it

    Roschelle the squirrel is probably more prepared than I am

    Philippa So long as this one just hangs out at the feeder he'll be a welcome guest. Should he try to invade the house, that's a whole new ball game :)

    out on the prairie oh wow that must be awesome and a plus that you were able to keep all your fingers.

  17. Hahaha, Mr. Squirrel is a pro when it comes to tormenting!

  18. I love that bird feeder. It is amazing.The squirrel is so funny. They hang upside down to get at my feeder. They also make quite a mess.
    Wonderful Pictures.

  19. I used to have squirrels on my bird feeder too and spent hours trying to keep them off of it and nothing worked. I should have bought one of those squirrel proof feeders. Not to worry, he will bring all the rest of his family. They are fun to watch.
    Have a great Sunday.

  20. How adorable. I just love those little guys. It's fun to watch their behavior especially when they are eating. So cute. I'm glad Duke wasn't in trouble. I worried when I saw your title :)

  21. HE looks like a SHE that is nursing her young. Don't blame her for filling up.

  22. Haha ~ sweet little furry friends must bulk up for winter! He is horribly cute isn't he? I guess the birds will have to wait their turns.

    Hope you have a lovely week Ann!

    xo Catherine

  23. Cute as can be, you got'a luv 'em!

  24. Cute squirrel, they all have their own personalities. We have two that come to our feeder all the time. They each go about getting the seeds in their own crazy way. We get such a kick out of watching them hang by their toes.
    Enjoy the show.

  25. I may be the minority but I love squirrels! That bird feeder is cute - it looks like his house! He looks like a chubby squirrel too.

  26. You must have some very yummy seeds in that bird feeder. He really look fat and ready for winter.

  27. Donna, I think you are right

    Russ the feeder was a gift from my son a few years ago, he worked at a shop that makes them

    marg, oh gee, I don't know about a whole family of them

    poetic shutterbug I thought the title may make some of you think it was

    Lin oh no, there's going to be babies? YIKES

    Catherine they are cute and the birds don't seem to mind if he's there or not

    Miawa oh I do, I really do. they are so much fun to watch

    Connie Girl I laughed till I cried watching this one eat, it was so fun

    Reeni I love squirrels too but then I've never had the problem with them that some people have :)

    b boys mom just plain old black sunflower seed. must be his favorite

  28. Oh I just love have a nice place for them to visit. He looks like he's enjoying himself!

  29. marie, yes I think he's enjoying himself too much. He runs really fast too when he sees someone


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