Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back to Volant

In the upstairs of the Volant Mills Barn they had old machinery that I thought would make for some interesting pictures.
A few of them that I found.

I didn't think to do it on all of them but this one I did take a picture of the description of what it was. Do you know what this is?

Maybe tomorrow I'll have something a little better for you


Sandee said...

I love looking at old machinery. It always looks so very complicated. Just saying. It got the job done though.

Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

Julie Harward said...

It's so neat that these things are still around to look at..very cool! ;D

Donna said...

This is so Cool! I wouldn't have known what that was!


Interesting photos. But I don't have a clue as to what it is? :-)

Anny said...

Very interesting machinery :) I like to check out machineries too... its mighty big and looks complicated but it would have simplify the job for someone long time ago.

We do learn a lot from your site :) You are taking me places where i will probably not get a chance to go in this lifetime. Thanks Ann.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I love old machinery. This is great!

BeadedTail said...

It's always interesting to see old machinery and wonder how many trial and error machines they had before getting to the one that worked. They truly were going from nothing to something which makes the thought process fascinating to me!

livintheblues said...

OK wild guess..some kind of printing press.... :)

LDH said...

The old machinery really does make for interesting photos! I am enjoying your visit to the Volant Mills Barn!

tahtimbo said...

Those are cool machines. I love looking at them and trying to imagine their history. I know my dad would like this too, because he built machines for a living (for example, for Rheems he built the machine that built the hot water heater).
Looking forward to more pictures :)

Catherine said...

Isn't it amazing what some of the old machinery used to look like and could do. Very interesting!
xo Catherine

Country Mouse Studio said...

amazing old machine :O)

Grace said...

It seems we are all intrigued by old machinery. Heck, I like even new farm equipment. Combines really tickle my fancy.

Duni said...

Very interesting machinery. I have a feeling they made quite a bit of noise when they were in action :)

FishHawk said...

Okay, that place is starting to get interesting.

Anna said...

Wonderful photos. I love old machines too. Were these machines used in the textile industry? I don't recognise them.

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I'll keep you posted.
Best wishes & hugs,

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Jen said...

Neat-O! :o)

Russ said...

Great Job Ann. When I first looked at the first picture it looked like some kind of heating device.
Can't wait for more pictures.

Sandra said...

super shots. i love old things like these and thanks for the signage to explain that weird looking thing.

Out on the prairie said...

I like the old stuff like this and try to imagine how much work it was to make a product with them.

Shinade said...

Well as usual I am the last to ring in. but, I have been busy wrecking my blog..LOL!!

I love to poke around old stuff like this too. And, oh my goodness, Walter would try to bring it home with us.

You got some great pictures Ann. I am really enjoying this.

Thank goodness i had you in my blogs I follow so I can add you back to my blog roll I deleted.

I have a friend who helps me and I hope she can help me quick today.

Great shots. You are just so creative!!

Happy afternoon,

Ann said...

Sandee and it was made in a much simpler time

julie I know, it is neat

donna I still don't know what it

the old geezer you aren't alone there :)

anny it's so cool how we can all travel to so many places without ever leaving our chairs

sharkbytes it is quite interesting

beaded tail yes, I wonder that myself.

livintheblues I think, but I'm not positive that this was some kind of farming thing or maybe for a grainery

LDH I suppose to some this might be boring but I like anything old

tahtimbo how cool to have been a part of that process

catherine yes, it looked so simple but most likely made their jobs a whole lot easier

country mouse studio I thought so

grace combines huh, I guess I've always been fascinated by farming stuff

duni i'm curious now as to what they sounded like when they were in operation

fishhawk, lol

anna I don't really know for sure. even after reading their descriptions I still wasn't sure what they were

Jen :)

russ heating, hmm, I wonder

sandra I wish I would have done the signs for all of them.

out on the prairie, I imagine it still wasn't easy work

shinade first or last, makes no difference, I enjoy having your visit. good luck with getting everything straightened out

Ann said...

Those old-time machines are fascinating. Judging by how popular old-fashioned letterpress printing is now, who knows, some of these could come back into vogue again too!

Anne said...

I love old machines. There is something so fascinating about early ingenuity.

B Boys Mom said...

Very fun and interesting.

Ann said...

Ann, who knows, a lot of old things do come back

Anne I totally agree

b boys mom, not my favorite sighting of the day but it was still fun to look at

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