Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Done but only for the day

I'm running late with the post tonight since, with the exception of a short break here and there, I've been painting since I got home from work. The ceiling is done and my walls have one coat of antique white on them. Did you know, according to my daughter Amanda, that antique white makes for boring walls? I've always had color. My living room has been a very light blue and gray with some sponge painting on the blue walls. The kitchen was green and I rag rolled those walls. I'm tired of it though. I want white. Not bright white but my lovely antique white. And so, that is what I shall have.
The walls still need another coat of paint in the dining room. The kitchen needs a first coat and so does the living room. For tonight though, I am finished. Tomorrow we shall be serving our Thanksgiving turkey on a drop cloth.
And now, I leave you with Duke.


  1. Hi, Duke! How did you get out of the painting chore? You kind of look like a big paint brush to me! Even the right color, LOL.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Could I interest you in a little DIY at my house... :)

  3. Another perfect puppy portrait!

  4. Beautiful pic of Duke, the walls will finish their self, didn't you know that?
    Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving Day to your entire family!

  5. Oh Duke, you are so handsome. You sure don't care if the turkey gets served on a drop cloth, do you?? You might even get some. But not too much. Take care all of you and have a good day even with the drop cloths.

  6. It doesn't matter if you have your thanksgiving on a drop cloth. The important part is you are together.

    I don't think antique white is boring. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day and a wonderful Thanksgiving. My very best to Duke. He's such a little cutie pie. :)

  7. I know that this probably won't help, but try and think how great it's going to look when you're done. That helped me get through some bad times when I was painting. I see Duke's just sitting there and watching; he needs to get in there and help. You know, earn his keep :) (just don't tell him I said that, since he might take offense to the suggestion).
    I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!!

  8. Glad you chose Antique white Girl!! We don't want Duke getting Lost!!Hahaa
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

  9. gah he is cuter everytime I see him! Since we rent I absolutely abhor white walls, I am SO tired of them I can not tell you lol.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Ann, love you!

  10. Duke looks great as usual. I hope he gets to enjoy a little Turkey tomorrow. I am wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving and also to thank you for all your kind words throughout the year.

  11. Wouldn't have thought of you as an Antique White gal but I'm sure it'll look very nice when it's done. After all, Duke's white and he's adorable!

  12. I know Duke will lavish on the turkey! LOL

    Happy Thanksgiving! :D

  13. Duke you look marvelous!

    Happy Turkey Day Ann!

  14. Only white color on my walls, it's the best choice — I'm sorry I disagree with Amanda! Have a nice holiday, Ann.

  15. Are you an antique white too Duke? hehehe

    I love white walls... they make the space looks bigger.. and if you ever get bored with white walls... you can always draw some stuffs on them :D

    Happy Thanksgiving... and do give yourself a good rest. The walls can wait :)

  16. Donna Duke said someone had to supervise and he thought he would do a very good job

    livintheblues you could try but I don't think it would work :)

    grace thanks, it was a good day for Duke pictures and I still have one more to show

    Miawa Oh I wish that was and thank you

    Marg Duke has eaten many a meals on the floor so he's up with the drop cloth :)

    Sandee you are absolutely right

    tahtimbo oh it does help. as my brother always says "a temporary mess to a permanent solution" :) I agree about Duke needing to help also

    donna I know, that would be scary not being able to find Duke against bright white

    Tanyia that's the beauty of it all, if I ever get sick of it I can always go back to color :)

    Man over board I'm sure that he will, he has a human dad who always saves him a little nibble of everything

    beaded tail I kind of surprised myself with the antique white but I think I'm really going to like the clean look of it

    june zach oh you know

    marie, Duke says thanks :)

    Josep no need to be sorry, I disagree with her too :)

    Anny Duke is more of a bright white, especially after a bath and he's the only bright white I need around here :)

  17. Hi Duke! You look very smart today!
    Ann - wishing you and your family a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

  18. Thank you for giving me something else to be thankful for!

  19. Duni Duke says to thank you and a thanks from me also :)

    FishHawk, any time :) (well almost)

  20. Is this Duke watching you paint? Painting is not one of my fav jobs. It's not hard but I hate the clean up. I hope you get it all done this weekend.

  21. b boys mom. The Duke picture was taken before we pushed everything into the living room. Painting isn't my favorite either and I hate the clean up. I wish we would have it all done this weekend but I think it's going to take a little longer than that.

  22. b boys mom. The Duke picture was taken before we pushed everything into the living room. Painting isn't my favorite either and I hate the clean up. I wish we would have it all done this weekend but I think it's going to take a little longer than that.


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