Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shuffle off to Buffalo

Wade headed off to Buffalo this morning for the Pittsburgh/Buffalo football game. One of the local bars put a package deal together so 41 of them went to sit and freeze and watch the football game. Me? I'm not that in to football and I'm totally against freezing if I don't have to so I stayed home.
I thought about lounging on the couch watching movies all day. I thought about spending the day doing crafts. I decided on laundry and painting.
 Now that the dining room is done it's time to finish painting the kitchen. I have the whole thing almost done. You can see on the right hand side of the picture, just behind the stove, what the old color was. I still have to pull out the stove and paint behind that and a few little touch up spots here and there but it looks so much nicer now.
While I was busy working all morning long, Duke laid on the back of the couch and supervised.
He was staying nice and warm in his sweater thinking about Dad freezing his butt off. You can't see out the window but we did have a little snow on the ground. By afternoon it was all melted but I know more is coming.


  1. No paint on Duke yet, you are a careful painter. That would be a cold stadium to be at, they get the worst of cold and snow.

  2. Good for you. You'll like it when it's completely done. I like antique white. Makes everything so clean and simple. Makes any room look bigger too.

    Duke is a cutie pie. I know he helps just as much as our Little Bit does. She just lays there and watches us do whatever we are doing. Bless her heart.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  3. Paint color? Lovely! Duke? Handsome!

  4. We like that color of paint much better. And Duke, that sweater is just the best, very festive. Good supervising job too.
    Hope Mom got all the painting done.

  5. Your kitchen looks great! And Duke is so handsome in his Christmas red sweater!

  6. although I like painting and don't mind doing my laundry.. I confess I would have flopped on the couch...:)

    ps we got a layer of snow as well now it's supposed to rain tomorrow..crazy weather up here..

  7. How cute in his little preppy sweater! Good on you painting all by yourself!

  8. Duke looks adorable in his red sweater! The paint job looks nice too. Wade saw a good game today!

  9. You are making great progress in the painting! I would love to be able to see a NFL game in person, but the thought of sitting out in the cold would put a damper on it. Although, I guess once I got there, I would be okay. Maybe I'll pick a stadium with a dome.
    Looking good, Duke! The red sweater really brings out the color of your eyes...and nose :)

  10. I like that paint color and I have to say Duke has the right idea just lounging around in his sweater. That's basically what I did all day.

  11. I love painting! It's the fastest way to change the mood of the room!

  12. I do see the old green color. This is a coincidence. Our kitchen used to be an awful dark pea green shade, much worse then this. And now we have painted it a color almost just like you are!! Yours is very pretty, light and airy.

  13. Painting is good choice to spend the day.. and with the supervisor watching... you better work hard. *LOL*

    That's a cute pic of lil ole Duke in his chrismasy sweater!

  14. I'm with Duke, to stay at home and supervise the work was a nice choice :)

  15. You actually painted behind the stove? Wow. Now that's what I call dedication. Your new paint colour looks like ours :)
    Duke looks SO adorable in his red sweater!

  16. I for sure would have chosen to stay home too and paint! Doesn't a fresh coat of paint just make everything brighter? Glad you had Duke there to supervise! :)

    Happy Monday Ann!
    xo Catherine

  17. Alas, it has been a very long time since I have attended a major (college or pro) football game, and there is a very good reason for that. For unless you're able to secure tickets on the 50 yard-line and no more than 50 rows back, it is really hard to tell what is really going on down there on the field. Whereas, modern television cameras can let you see the snot being literally knocked out someone. Yeah, I know there is the whole atmosphere of a roaring crowd thing going on, but I can be rather anti-social at times--especially during inclement weather.

    By the way, I am quite sure that Duke has already told you about missing that edge near the ceiling above the stove. For he is an exceptional supervisor, but if he didn't, you did.

  18. The lighter color will make the room look bigger. It looks good. I'd say by the look's of it Duke is doing a good job supervising.
    Have a good week ahead. And I hope you got Wade thawed out.

  19. i can't believe how well the shot of duke came out shooting into a bright window, he is soooo pretty in his sweater. love your new color in the kitchen. can't wait to see what your post that the tile is the same as mine today. you made the same decision I would make about staying home from the cold.

  20. I think supervisor is a good role for Duke. He looks like he runs the place. You are very dedicated to spend the day painting while Wade is off playing.

  21. You're always so busy! Guess that's the only way to get things Done!
    Loving the red sweater!!

  22. well the new colour is very nice and I always love that fresh smell you get when you have just re-painted somewhere....I love Dukes he catches all the ladies eyes in that!!

    Here's hoping you don't get any more snow...or us. It may look pretty from the inside but unfortunately we all end up having to go out in it...I'm totally with you on the stay in and decorate/clean front!!

  23. Good for you for being so productive! I don't like football much either, and definitely not being cold. I think you chose wisely!
    I love Duke's adorable sweater:)

  24. Snow?!?! I'm envious. I do love some snow. But then, once we have too much of it I'm ready for it to go.

    Duke is a wonderful supervisor, isn't he?

  25. It looks great. I always enjoy checking out other homes with wood trim and floors for ideas. Everything is looking great and I look forward to seeing the kitchen when you are done.
    And what a cute supervisor.

  26. I am with everyone else. Good for you and wow, even behind the stove? I like the new color very much.

    Duke looks handsome as ever sporting his red sweater.

    And, I am with you when it comes to the football game...Brrrr!

  27. i love the color...and Dukes sweater! ;D

  28. out on the prairie, not as careful as you may think, Duke was just lucky enough to be out of

    sandee I'm liking it already. I can't wait for it to be done though

    donna, I love the color and Duke thanks you

    marg me too, my husband wanted to know what I was thinking when I painted the old

    reeni, thanks, I just wish it was all finished

    livintheblues crazy weather here too

    grace I do much better work when I'm home alone,

    beaded tail he came home thrilled to death, he was like a little kid who just spent the day in a toy

    tahtimbo this was the first NFL game he's gone to and he said it he really didn't feel that cold

    poetic shutterbug I would have liked to but there was things to do

    vanilla seven I agree it changes the mood but I hate painting\

    ginny must be great minds think alike when it comes to choosing paint huh?

    anny there were other things I would have rather done but I want to get this finished

    josep at least we weren't freezing :)

    duni well not yet but I plan on it, although I may not go all the way to the floor at least down a little ways

    catherine it does make it brighter and it looks so much cleaner

    fishhawk well I may have to start calling you hawk eye instead of fishhawk if you saw that little old spot that I missed. Darn and I didn't think anyone would notice. I suppose you also saw the paint that I accidentally got on the trim work too

    russ he did an excellent job and I think the room looks so much better already

    sandra I laughed when I saw your post title. another great minds think alike moment

    anne yes he does run the place. and here I thought now that the kids were out of the house I would be in

    donna well not really I just don't take pictures of my

    allotments4you and it was a great day to be indoors too

    angela me too, I've never been able to sit through a whole football game

    DSS you can have all the snow we get, I'd gladly send it to you if I could

    erika so far I'm really loving it, now I want to get the living room done so I can start putting up christmas decorations

    shinade yep even behind the I'm really glad I went with this color, I am so loving it

  29. Duke looks very handsome in his sweater. Painting does make everything feel fresh and clean again.

  30. b boys mom, I do believe that red is Duke's color :) Yes, the painting makes a huge difference. Makes me want to keep everything clean instead of being

  31. I am with Wade on this one, oh yeah football, but the Dukester is looking quite dapper. Did he help paint by the way?

  32. ManOverBoard well you and Wade can have the football I'll take staying warm any day. No Duke lounged while I did all the work :)


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