Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome to November

Wow, November 1st already. Where has this year gone?
I have no new pictures from trick or treating last night. It was cold rainy and I wasn't feeling very good all day so I just skipped the pictures and looked forward to settling in for the night.
Yesterday morning though my yard was a flurry of activity. The birds were happy little campers out there at the feeder. Me? I was a happy little camper inside with my camera taking pictures through the window.
I'm not very good at identifying birds but I'm pretty sure that's a female cardinal on the right. For you experts, please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong

This didn't turn out as good as I had hoped but those blue jays are fast. They sure don't sit in one place for very long.

I just liked the way this one looked. 

Before I go I have to tell you about one little trick or treater we had last night. Wade likes to sit outside and wear a really ugly scary mask to pass out candy. A car pulled up across the street and a man and small boy got out. The man stood by his vehicle while the little boy ran across the street. He came running into the yard and when he saw Wade sitting in the chair he slowed down. He took a few steps closer and got a look at the mask. He let out a scream, turned around and ran all the way back to his dad.crying. I heard the guy yell out "You've got to be kidding me" He put the boy back in the car and they drove away.
This may sound cruel but I found it rather amusing. Now if this had been my kid, I think I would have brought him back over, asked Wade to take off his mask and show the kid that it was just pretend.
Not one of the other little ones took off running like that. Some were very cautious and the ones that looked totally intimidated Wade did take the mask off.  That first little one though didn't even give him a chance to do that. I wonder if that little boy will come back next year?


  1. I really love pictures of birds and you got some good ones! The little birdhouse is so cute too. :D

  2. We feed all the birds too. They are indeed fun to watch. We have scrub jays, sparrows, hummingbirds to name a few. I really like hearing them especially in the spring.

    As for the clod you drove off. I feel sorry for that kid. I really do.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  3. That is too bad about that child. The Dad should have brought him back, now he will be afraid of Halloween from now on. We didn't have any but I am not surprised. There just aren't any young children around here and my house is way off the road.
    Take care and have a great week.

  4. You have a male house finch(red) in the first shot.Nice shot on the blue jay, they are fast and tend to see you looking at them with the camera.Sorry to hear you not feeling good.

  5. Goofy dad... Don't parents know that some people do that? The red bird is a finch (either purple or house)

  6. Hahahahahaaa....How Funny! My hubby Loved the story!!!
    Sounds like Someone needed to "man UP".....LOLOL

  7. welcome to November as I shivered in the bus this morning waiting for it to warm up... nobody warms it up for the driver :)

  8. Your birds are very pretty! I like the silhouette photo too.

    How funny about the kid running away! I say that but I'm a scaredy cat and probably would have done the same thing when I was a kid.

  9. Julie, I do too. I think I need to put a zoom lens on my Christmas wish list this year so I can get better shots of them though

    Sandee This particular feeder is in the front of the house and usually only gets sparrows so I was surprised to see such a variety.
    I did feel bad for the kid too but I couldn't help but get a chuckle out of it, it reminded me of something you would see in a movie

    Marg, yes it is. Worst part was that kid ran right across the road without stopping. It's a good thing no cars were coming. He really was too little in my opinion to go across the street alone.

    out on the prairie, I knew I might be mistaken about the identity. I really should get a book and start learning what they all are. thanks for the correction.

    Sharkbytes, when my kids were as small as this one was I always walked up to the door with them. I really think this guy should have too but that's just my opinion. Thanks for the correction. Maybe one of these days I'll get them straight :)

    Donna LOL, it really did remind me of a scene you'd see in a movie or something. Too bad he didn't drop his treat bucket, he might have had some good stuff in

    livintheblues they should assign someone the job of warming that bus up for you :) It was might cold here this morning we let the car warm up a bit before we went out

  10. That's quite a birdhouse. Can I live there?

  11. I see someone already told you it is a male house finch. :)

    So, was the dad mad at Wade or the kid? I feel sorry for that kid. His dad should have walked up with him and laughed. It's not easy being a dad and some folks just suck at it. Sad, eh?

    word verification: shlog (giggle)

  12. Your bird pictures are great! I love the last picture. Something about and its simplicity. Nicely done!

  13. Its Halloween for gods sakes.. hahhahahahaa.. what was the daddy thinking? He should have brought his child back to show him that its not real.. else i bet the little kid would be having spooks for many nights.

    Anyways... that's a pretty neat bird house you have there.. no wonder the birds are all coming. I love the last picture of the birds... the effect is beautiful. You got it perfect!

  14. LOL. Can show us the mask that he wear? Btw, the last photo is a masterpiece. love it :)

  15. Considering the parent's reaction, I don't think it would be too much of a stretch to assume just how that little boy got to be such a scaredy cat. By the way, I love your bird feeders!

  16. Love the bird pictures, especially the silhouette.

  17. Love all the little birdies on your blog this morning :o) In answer to your question, "Where has the year gone?" I believe the correct response is:
    Whiplash anyone? Sheesh :oP

  18. looks like a female cardinal to me and i have spent many happy hours trying to get a blue jay to sit still long enough to get a photo. i did get a couple by throwing peanuts to the squirrel in thepark and the jays would sweep down and grab the peanut away from the squirrels. that is a really fancy hotel for birds you have

  19. The Dad really ought to have walked him back to let him know it was okay.

    And I love the last photo.

  20. Love your bird feeder and photos. They always see me coming to and the minute I raise the camera they're gone

  21. Grace, my son gave that to me a few years ago for Christmas. I'll check and see if there are any vacancies :)

    Lin yep, not so good at identifying those birds :)
    Not sure who the dad was mad at but he was a real shlog in my

    sheri that was my favorite, I just loved the look

    anny that's what another guy said that was just walking up when this kid took off.

    Vanilla seven darn, I forgot to take a picture of the mask. Maybe that will be another post. And thank you very much

    fishhawk, have to wonder about that guy. The feeder was a gift from my son, the thing is huge and we can't fill it all the way or it would weigh a ton

    philippa thanks the silhouette was my favorite

    Jen I do feel a slight twinge in my neck

    sandra the birds and the squirrels both think that they have first rate accommodations there :)

    Erika that's what I thought too, I also think he should have walked across the street with him, he was too little if you ask me

    country mouse studio, same here even when I'm in the house. I don't get how they know. :)

  22. However did I miss your wonderful bird pictures yesterday? I especially love the bluejay!

  23. great images, specially the last one.

  24. Some lovely bird shots Ann. I have missed the birds recently...i think they have been finding plenty to eat in the hedgerows and the fields as the farmers turn the earth. I know they will be back to see me soon though!!

  25. kloggers I don't know, how did you miss them? not to worry though since they are still here today :)

    Dave, thank you very much

    allotments4you I can't wait till spring when the birds are back in full force

  26. I'm no bird expert either, Ann, but you might have a bluejay in your second pic there. Beautiful shots...I especially like your silhouette pic...I like that coloring.

    And that poor little kid. Message to his dad: HellO! It ain't called Halloween for nothin'. He really should've escorted his son to your yard if he was so young that he scared that easily. Geesh...

  27. bingkee, thank you

    holly one of these days I may be able to get those birds straight. I said the same thing about the dad, he shouldn't have let him walk up alone.

  28. That birdhouse is precious and I love the cute little birds so much. Wonderful shots.

  29. poetic shutterbug, the birds seem to be enjoying it quite a bit but then so is the squirrel :)


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