Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another try

Remember when I showed you my Thanksgiving cards and said that I had another idea I was going to try? No? Oh well, it really wasn't that memorable of a statement anyway :)
But it did give me something to blog about today. Mainly I wasn't pleased with the last 2 cards because of the lack of color. This time I chose more fall like colors and used my own photos. I also went with a larger card because sometimes bigger is better.
So what do you think of these?

This first one isn't actually finished, or then again maybe it is. I was thinking about putting something in the blank space next to the picture but haven't decided what yet.

This one didn't need anything else.


  1. Very Nice! I like the first one best with the blank space. Nice design!

  2. Oh! Pretty!

    I like the first one best too.


  3. The colors are so rich! I think the first one needs a word or something.

  4. The second one is spot-on Ann. Spot-on!

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  5. I'd frame the 2nd one and the first one could have some words on like Thinking of you or Just a note or something. Both are really nice!

  6. Woof! Woof! It is very nice ... to nice to give it to someone. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. Both are beautiful cards! good work Ann!

  8. Ooh! how pretty! I like both of them. Well done!

  9. hey!! both of them r too gud,but the second one is ammazing...

  10. Yes, the first one needs something in the blank space and
    Yes, the second one is perfect...

  11. Great flower pic ~ both cards are so pretty. My favorite is the first one...just as it is!

  12. Very colorful. Love the flower shot. So vivid and vibrant.

  13. The first design would make for a great series of Duke cards. For you could replace the flower with a picture of him, and then use the blank space to convey his greeting or maybe a thought for the day. No, one can never get too much of Duke.

  14. They are great, Ann! The colours are perfect for the season. I like the second one best :)

  15. Brilliant, Ann - bright colours do it every time! Maybe on the first one you could quill a matching red daisy to go in the space?

  16. I think the first one looks good just the way it is.

  17. Love the photo thoughts.I think a thought would be nice in the first one, it is a day for being thankful.

  18. They are beautiful and I don't know what size they actually are but for sure, more color is better.

  19. So pretty. Are you giving me a giant hint that you want to use a picture of me in a turkey suit in the blank one? I will have to contact my agent to see if this is a possibility.

  20. They're both beautiful. I love the bright fall colors.

  21. I love the first one Ann...I always love a card which you can personalise just a little bit more. They are both excellent though!!

  22. Pumpkin and I agree that the second one is awesome! Bubba seems to disagree. Something about a blank space that would be appropriate to write a little loving thoughts about Duke. So he chooses the first one for that reason.

  23. LDH thanks

    Sallie, thank you. I can't decide myself :)

    sharkbytes I agree it needs something I just couldn't decide what

    Sandee thank you very much

    beaded tail if only I could decide what words to put there, that was my problem...lol

    sugar thanks I think I will give it away though

    Anny thank, and fun to do too

    Helen thanks, I thought they were much better than my last set

    mansi I was pretty pleased with both

    grace, a little something something is what I need to work on :)

    marie i've been wanting to use some of my photos on cards, finally got to it

    vanilla seven not bad for fake flowers huh?...lol

    fishhawk a series of Duke cards may be in the works

    Duni I'm leaning towards the second as my favorite as well

    philippa, thanks, I didn't think of quilling, maybe that's what I'll do

    russ why thank you

    out on the prairie hmm, that's a good idea.

    Miawa the size is almost 5x7

    bossy betty well I didn't want to come right out and ask but since you brought it up.... :)

    Leeuna fall colors can make anything look good can't they?

    allotments4you thanks,

    sheri I see Bubba and Duke think alike :)

  24. Ann, those colors are so vibrant, it is a beautiful card.

  25. poetic shutterbug, they are great colors aren't they. And thank you


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