Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Like mother like daughter

I still have more pictures of Volant to show you but I'm taking a break from it today to bring you something else courtesy of my daughter Amanda.

The other day I get a text message from her that says
 "oh oh oh I have an idea for your blog"
So I ask what is that?
Her response is
"because I'm conceited :) and because I'm crafty like my  mother you should take the pictures from my facebook  of all the wreaths I've made and post them on your blog. You can call it " like mother like daughter"

So that's what I'm doing today. If I've given nothing else to my daughter at least I have passed on the love of crafting.
Here are some of the wreaths that she's been making

I suggested she start her own blog but she didn't go for that idea. I'll work on her :)


  1. Oh, she makes lovely wreaths!! Isn't that nice that she takes after you like that? :)

  2. Like mother like daughter indeed. I like them. A lot. She's very talented.

    Have a terrific day. My best to the little man of the house, Duke. :)

  3. aww... her text made me smile! Lots of creative talent from you two :)

  4. Amanda did a great job, Ann :) I bed you are proud she caught your craftiness! :)

  5. Lovely work! And I agree that she needs her own blog, LOL!

  6. She did inherit the crafty gene! Those wreaths are very nice! She does need her own blog so share more of her craftiness!

  7. How cute of her to come to you with that idea...and how sweet of you to jump on it! A good idea too, they are all just wonderful! ;D

  8. Oh my, I like the second one best - my nice bright colors!

  9. Ann, your daughter reminds me of my brother: he is always ordering me to blog about his creations!

    I LOVE her wreaths, especially the fall wreath. She DID inherit your talent!

    Renee :)

  10. Simply amazing work! I would love to see more! If you can't convince her to start her own blog, maybe you could run one for her...of course, charging her a monthly "convenience fee" to compensate you for your time :)
    (Yes, I'm a wonderful parent, huh?)

  11. How proud you must be of of your daughter! :)
    Very nice designs Amanda!!!

  12. Great wreaths! I love the sparkly snowflake ribbon!
    My daugters are getting a little crafty too! Does a mama proud!

  13. She has good ideas! A blog by her would be great.

  14. Sic Duke on her! You do remember him--don't you? The little white fluffy puppy who lives to catch your attention and misses you so badly while you are off on crafting adventures with someone else? Oh, I can see him now, with his little button nose pressed against the widow, searching, hoping, praying to catch a glimpse of your return.

  15. Those are ALL great! I can see that she is just as talented as her mom!!
    I love the orange/pumpkin one! So cute!

  16. These are great - especially the autumn leaf one. You must be very proud.

  17. Great job with the wreaths. I especially like the first one. I am an old traditional type.She also takes good pictures. So that is two things you passed on.It would be nice to see her start her own blog. Maybe she could do an etsy thing. You two could get together.

  18. Tell Amanda how beautiful they are and I'm confident that you gave her much more than just your craftiness Mom!

  19. It runs in the blood. :)

    Both of you are so talented. Like mother like daughter, indeed.

  20. These are lovely... you do have a very talented girl there :) like mother like daughter :)

  21. from the queen of "can't do Crafts at all" tell her they are beautiful. God did not put one craft gene in my genetics. but i do like looking at others creations

  22. yes, it's amazing what you can learn from a parent even just by watching, these are great!

  23. She sure does take after mom, her wreaths are wonderful.

  24. Wonderful!! I really like the colors she used!!
    And Yes Mam! She NEEDS to start a blog! How fun it is and a great "diary"!!!

  25. A chip off the old craft table.Nice job Amanda.

  26. The wreaths are beautiful. She did inherit your talent for crafts...and your eye for beauty.

    Great job Amanda.

  27. definitely runs in the family.. nice job..my Bah Humbugs are having a tougher time.... :)

  28. And I still have to get a few more done before the end of this month! Glad everyone liked them!!

  29. Lin at least she picked up one of my better habits

    sandee ya just never know :)

    LDH her texts always do that to me...lol

    tanyia but of course :)

    donna I think she should too then I don't have to feel bad if I don't post one of her suggestions..lol

    beaded tail I think she does too

    Julie hey anything for a blog post.

    grace yep, gotta love those nice fall colors

    funky folky what's up with them, why don't they just get their own blogs...lol

    tahtimbo oh I like the idea of charging her...lol

    jean always :)

    marie that is a pretty ribbon. and yes it does make you proud

    josep I think so too

    fishhawk, I get the hint but Duke just hasn't wanted to sit still much lately and the light has been very bad

    Duni at least now she's using her own craft supplies and staying out of mine

    philippa she did a great job on these

    russ oh me too, I don't go much for the new fangled stuff, give me old fashioned traditional look any time

    Miawa I sure hope so :)

    junezach I guess it does, I always say I got it from my grandmother

    Anny yes I do :)

    sandra I like looking at others creations as well, gives me ideas

    country mouse studio and it's amazing what you don't think they are watching

    b boys mom well if she took after dad she would be a hunter...lol

    donna I think even if she didn't share her blog she could at least have a record of all her things

    out on the prairie lol, that's cute I like it

    Leeuna aw how sweet

    livintheblues between me and my daughter we'll have you fa la laing all through December

    Amanda I have tons of things I need to get done, I should get busy.

  30. Those are gorgeous! You're both so crafty!

  31. Those wreaths are beautiful. Crafting is something you will always be able to share together.

  32. Reeni she did do a good job

    Anna yes they are

    Anne I just wish she lived closer so that we could do stuff together

  33. Your daughters wreaths are beautiful!!

  34. gayle, I agree, she did a great job on them.


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