Sunday, November 21, 2010

Post it

Today I thought I would do a post about post it's. More specifically a project I did for a post it note holder. I found several different tutorials on line for these and each seemed to have different measurements but not exactly what I was looking for. In the end I came up with my own design for it.

With the little frosty fellow adorning the cover of these you could call them snotes (snow notes) or not. I used my cricut to cut out the snowmen and the scalloped circles. I used my cuttlebug to emboss the white scallop circle with the snowflakes. Added a little glitter, but I may have had more on me than on the snowflakes.
Now I'm trying to decide what my next project will be. So many choices.


  1. These are just fantastic, as always. you are so clever and so creative!

    They really make me feel like Christmas..thanks for explaining how you did it!

    I'm glad you liked the song too...hubby on phone..have a great week and I'll see you later!

  2. I love these. Are you going to sell them? I want to make or buy some for my friends at work. They are so cute.What a great idea.

  3. Ann, these are just freakin' adorable! I love the effect of the embossing! I have seen these a lot of ways also, but I really love the matchbook style and the velcro...that rocks!

  4. I love your little snowmen! So cute! I had fun in my craft room as well this weekend and finally got some Christmas cards made. It's very relaxing isn't it?

    Hope you had a good weekend Ann!
    xo Catherine

  5. These are indeed adorable. I love it. You are so crafty. I sure wish I were.

    Have a terrific day. My very best to Duke. :)

  6. Ann, you come up with the most adorable projects! These are so cute!!!

  7. very handy... :) I'm a post it note freak...

  8. what a cute name, snotes? hehehe. they really pretty ann! :D

  9. Those are just so nifty cool! What fun!

  10. Can you get any more clever? Those are so cute! What a great idea!

  11. What a fabulous idea, Ann!
    The snowman and the entire design is adorable!

  12. I keep being reminded that this is, after all, a crafting site, but I don't care. YUCK! (A picture of Duke a day will keep this jerk at bay. Probably.)

  13. Snotes? Fantastic!! Love the embossing ...

  14. Ann, They are very profession looking and I love Frosty!

  15. This project is great. I am sure your next project will be also.

  16. these are really cute, they would make great gifts in an office place, I was team lead for 21 people and each year strained my brain for something that would not break the bank for each of them. this would have been perfect. but lucky me I am retired and don't have to worry about it now.

  17. Those are so adorable. I wish I was crafty.

  18. What a great idea. I like this since sometimes they get dog-eared(sorry Duke) in a desk drawer, or being pushed around on top.

  19. What a cute idea! Post-its are my favorite and they deserve their own little jackets!

  20. I just don't know How you come up with all your cute ideas!!
    Love this!

  21. These are so pretty!! I just love them! You are so talented - at many things!

  22. Great idea, and I adore the name "snotes". You are so creative. I'm always amazed at your projects.

  23. Shinade thank you. I think I'm even getting into the Christmas mood lately

    B boys mom these were a batch I whipped together for Christmas gifts. One of these days I may get an etsy store up but as of now, it's not happening. I would be happy to give you the measurements for these or make you some if you would like. Just let me know.

    Tanyia I liked the matchbook style too and the tutorial that I found for one wasn't exactly what I had in mind

    catherine yes it is. Are we going to see some of those Christmas cards you made?

    sandee, thanks, I couldn't resist the snowman

    LDH not really my idea but I liked it :)

    livintheblues one can always use a pack of post its

    AsAhmad lol, I liked snotes myself

    sallie thank you

    grace they were fun making once I figured out what I wanted to do

    beaded tail I hope

    duni thank you very much. It just sort of came to me

    fishhawk. or then again, probably

    philippa yep, snotes a combination of snow and notes. I'm goofy sometimes

    Jean who doesn't love a snowman?

    russ thanks I just wish I could figure out what my next project is

    sandra thank you, I'm planning on giving these to the girls at work and then a couple other people too

    Anne thank you

    out on the prairie oh yeah, I need to make one for myself too, my pack on my desk is a mess :)

    bossy betty yes they sure do.

    donna I take other people's ideas and play with

    Ann thank you so much

    Leeuna I rather liked snotes myself. I was going to put that word on the front but figured no one would get it :)

  24. Oh sweetie, these are just precious!!! It's amazin' what ya can do with a little creativity and some sissors. I'm off to snote!!!

    God bless and enjoy this beautiful week of Thanksgiving!!!

  25. These are so lovely Ann.. i love the embossing :) so cool!

  26. Sooo cute! Snotes, too funny. :D

  27. Nezzy thanks, paper scissors glue and I'm just a happy little camper, throw in the markers and I'm

    Anny thanks, I had fun making them

    Ann lol, I like the word snotes, I may start using it frequently

  28. These are ace Ann...and they're definitely 'snotes'!!!


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