Monday, November 8, 2010

On a whim

I was going through my email in box last week and was reading an offer from Crafter's Choice Book Club. You got 4 books for $1.00 each and then had the option to select a 5th book at half price. I browsed through the titles and on a whim went ahead and signed up. You only have to buy 2 more books in the next year and the 5th book counted towards that.  I just couldn't help myself since I'm such a sucker for anything craft related. Besides I thought that it might help with my little slump that I seem to be in.
The books arrived last week and now Duke is a little upset because he didn't get anything.

Now before you go yelling at me for not thinking of Duke, let me explain. Just look at these books. Do you see the one on the right? The one called One yard wonders?

Well that book has projects in there for your pet. Duke will be sporting one of these.
And I'll be able to make him several in different colors too. So see I was thinking of Duke when I got these.
Of course I was also thinking of myself because just look at this one.
I found quite a few really nice projects in that book.

Two of the other ones I got.
Lots of good ideas and projects in these too.


  1. Have fun with your new books! And I can't wait to see what you make for Duke! ;D

  2. I think you should use some kitty fabric for his "coat". ;)

  3. Beautiful books filled with so many great ideas! Can't wait to see how dashing Duke looks in his new walking coat!

  4. We're glad Duke will be getting new coats and we can't see what else you make with all these new ideas now!

  5. Well if Duke could read he'd know all this. He'll get over it when you present him with his new coat. How adorable.

    I love the Christmas cards. I can see you doing that in the very near future.

    Have a terrific day. My very best to Duke. :)

  6. I can hardly wait to see Duke in a new outfit! He is clearly going to receive the benefits of you getting so many fun books at a great price!

    Happy Crafting Ann!
    xo Catherine

  7. Duke will be in high fashion soon! I love the fabric books. Now that we have the exercise/project room put together, I should whip up a few things for Bubba!

  8. Wow, you got some great books! I love them all.

  9. from a whim
    comes new things
    and a little happiness

  10. These are pretty neat books.. and so many new ideas. You'll be busy for a whole year!

    Love the coats for the doggies. But i am all thumbs when it comes to sewing. You are gonna have loads of fun with these books!

  11. Looking forward to see how you going to dress Duke up! :)

  12. I hope you enjoy the books Ann.

    Now I don't mean to worry you - but I joined one of those types of book clubs quite a few years ago. Everything went smoothly until I wanted to quit my membership and it became very difficult to prize myself out and free again. So I would say stay sharp - please. I can't begin to tell you how many letteres, phone calls, etc I had to make to escape!

  13. So now you can settle in for a long winter's crafting...

  14. Those are some nice books. Although, since I am craft-impaired I wouldn't know the first thing to do with them :) Looking forward to seeing Duke in his new outfit.

  15. I have One Yard Wonders!!!
    It's a great crafting book. I'm planning to make a kitty bed :)
    and a little smock for my niece!

  16. yes i see the one on the right, enjoy your new books.

    best wishes

  17. Did you stop to think that maybe Duke had already looked through the books and that his dejection was over what he had to look forward to? No, I will not be yelling at you. For I have every confidence that Duke will take care of you in his own way. On the other hand, if he would like some suggestions...

  18. Looks like the new books will keep you busy. And Duke should get some nice new things also. It looks like a win win to me.

  19. Oh My Ann, how are you going to decide what to do first. What fun. You are just going to be making all kinds of great stuff. I love to do stuff like that but don't have the patience any more. Looking forward to the results. We think Duke's coat should be first.
    Take care and have a great Tuesday.

  20. Fun books, I was amazed at the scrapbook stuff seen at this last craft show, The popout books were going like hotcakes.

  21. How fun!!! It's an early Christmas for you, AND Duke! Promise him a new walking tog for every day of the week!

  22. I think Duke is going to look fabulous in his new coat. I can't wait to see it.

  23. Woof! Woof! My mom borrowed "one yard" book from a friend ... she LOVES it. I can't wait to see your finished projects. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  24. oh i am in love with Duke. He is a little charmer. I don't know how I missed this post but I did.

    I can't wait to see what you come up with either. I know it will be grand.

    Happy evening Ann!!

  25. Wow, the last book looks really good, the one about cards, tags and so, I can't wait to see what ideas you'll get from it. And of course I want to see Duke with his stylish coat! :)

  26. Yes, I see that you thought of Duke...I just hope he can read!!Hahaaa...He Might think you're getting him a new "friend!"
    Cool books!
    And why are you still in the dumps little Girl???

  27. Julie I'm sure I'll have lots of fun

    Lin either kitty fabric or maybe I could make him an orange stripey goodness coat :)

    LDH now I just need to get some fabric to make it. Hopefully this weekend

    beaded tail so many ideas I hardly know where to start

    Sandee I know Duke is going to be thrilled and yes the cards are on the list of things to do

    catherine yes he sure is. I've got a few ideas for what to use to make them

    Sheri oh yes Bubba needs some new duds. Duke actually loves his coats and sweaters

    My name is Helen, yep, and I've been pouring through them soaking in all the wonderful ideas

    livintheblues new things and a little happiness is exactly it :)

    anny oh believe me I have so many things I could keep myself busy for many

    vanilla seven and he'll be happy to model when he gets them

    kloggers I've joined some other clubs before and some yes have been a hassle and others not so bad. I'll just hope this is one of the not so bad ones :)

    grace yes I can and I'll be a happy little crafter

    tahtimbo well you don't have to be crafty to know that the first thing you do with them is open them and sorry couldn't help that

    duni it is a nice book, so many cute patterns in there

    dave oh good, and i surely will

    fishhawk you must have duke confused with some other dog for duke is a fashion hound. he loves his clothes. you wouldn't believe how excited he gets when he sees me pull out one of his sweaters

    russ that's right there are no losers here.

    marg well it's kind of tough. I have found so many things already that I'm wondering what to do first. Maybe I should just start at the beginning and work my way through

    out on the prairie scrapbooking is a big thing, even with everything going digital lots of people prefer the old fashioned way. My daughter really enjoys it. Pop up are pretty cool

    bossy betty yes it is. gotta love that. too bad I had to buy my own present. but then at least I got what I wanted :)

    anne oh yeah, he's gonna be the best dressed dog on the street

    sugar and did your mom make any of those cool things in there for you

    shinade Duke is definitely a charmer. He's won everyone over here :)

    Josep they all have some wonderful ideas in them

    donna oh I hope he doesn't think he's getting a friend. He'll have to settle for the coat. Not it the dumps, just a little crafting slump

  28. Those are some great books! I like the cut it fold it one! Enjoy!

  29. Duke will be stylin once you finish his little sweater :) I like that cut it and fold it book. Sounds like something I could even do :D

  30. Reeni there was one that I wasn't as thrilled with as I thought but still got some good books for a good price

    poetic shutterbug yeah, now I just have to get the stuff to make it. There were some pretty neat projects in that book

  31. ;) been there done that. Have fun with your new books!

  32. vickie, glad I'm not alone. Now I just need a whole bunch of time to sit and play :)


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