Friday, November 19, 2010

Something old

Don't you just love antique shops? I know I do. I couldn't resist browsing through the antique shop in Volant.

Check out this camera. I have no idea what kind it is or how much it was. I just  knew I had to take a picture of it though.

Doesn't this look like a cozy little corner

Can you imagine typing your family Christmas letter on this thing?

This was my favorite. Just look at this old Singer sewing machine. It doesn't have all the stitches on it that mine does but I would love to have this
Well I guess this wraps it up for my Volant trip. I still have quite a few pictures from the day but I'm sure your all getting tired of hearing about it by now. Now I need to come up with something else. YIKES!!!!


  1. Wait some of that stuff looked familiar, does that make me an antique.I remember my dad shooting through a similar camera.I enjoy looking over yesterdays treasures myself.

  2. Not my cup of tea. I like the new stuff. I used most of the stuff you're showing here. Sigh.

    Have a terrific day Ann. My very best to Duke. :)

  3. My Dad and Mom had that sewing machine and typewriter (and Dad was Still using it before he passed)...but Wow! Bet that camera took some cool shots!

  4. What a nifty place! Nice tour. Thank you so much.

  5. I love antiques. Well, at least looking at them. I really, really love those quilts!!

    I am more or less taking the day off from blogging. that would be day and night. I just baked some cookies, took a hot shower and now I am trying to find a movie to watch.

    I am exhausted after fighting with my blog and my PC this week. I can't wait to see my blog either.

    I accidentally deleted the email that had the link to it. But, I remember what it looked like and it is going to be much lined and simple.

    It was so hard to edit out all of my junk but I removed as much as I could.

    LJ may remove more tomorrow when she gets it up!!

    Now back to you and Volant. This has been just wonderful. It looks so marvelous and your pictures are great!!

    See you tomorrow! Happy Night!!

  6. I have enjoyed seeing and hearing about your visit to Volant. That old camera looks a little familiar but the typewriter, now that is old. So interesting to see all that. What fun.
    Hope you have a fun week end. Hugs to Duke.

  7. I grew up with parents who were obsessed with antiques and shopping for them. It was a curse and a blessing but I love that sewing machine. Reminds me of the one my grandmother had, she was an upholsterer. They certainly don't make things that sturdy anymore.

  8. when I saw the title I thought you were blogging about the old Grey Goat... Me.. :)

  9. Not antiques fan myself (sometimes I think Sandee and I were separated at birth) but I did grow up with that sewing machine. It was still floating around the family 20 years ago, I wonder where it is now. As a matter of fact the table is almost identical. I actually used it once or twice but sewing was/is just not my thing...

  10. That is a neat old typewriter. I bet it is really heavy! Looks like you had fun looking at all those old antiques. It's always fun to look!

    Happy Weekend Ann!
    xo Catherine

  11. I love browsing Antique shops. The typewriter is something else! I also remember that one!:)

  12. Better. Still not good, but better. (A really good mommy would have included her favorite puppy in the editing process, and had pictures to prove it.)

  13. Everything you pictured there is so unique. That little corner would make the perfect place for relaxing during the weekend.

  14. Great pictures Ann. Thanks for the tour. I love anything Vintage. We actually have a sewing machine that looks exactly like that one. It came from my wife's great grandmother.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. I adore going through antique stores! That camera looks similar to some old ones that hubby has. And the sewing machine is a version of one in my studio room too! Love the eagle decal on that one! Thanks for sharing, sweetie.

  16. Nice Pictures - Willy recognizes some of them.10-4 Willy

  17. I love stuff like this. It reminds me of all those hours I spent in my grandparents' homes.

  18. Love antique stores too!
    Best wishes,

  19. My goodness, I love the sewing machine, how beautiful! I wish I had been able to go along, that would have been a lot of fun I bet!

  20. out on the prairie I think I may be an antique since I've seen some stuff in shops that I grew up with :)

    Sallie I think so too

    Sandee, Oh I like new stuff too but I still like all the old stuff as well

    Donna my grandmother had a similar machine.

    sharkbytes, it was

    shinade I look more than I buy :) hope all is well with the blog now

    marg I always love looking at the old stuff

    theresa I got bit by the antique bug thanks to a sister in law who adores them

    livintheblues lol you're too funny

    grace, that machine reminds me a lot of the one my grandmother had. You never know maybe you and Sandee are related :)

    catherine it does look like it weighs a ton and yes I did have fun

    Jean me too

    fishhawk I never claimed to be a really good mommy :)

    josep that little corner almost reminds me of my grandmother's house

    Russ how cool, and does your wife ever use the machine?

    donna oh me too, I have fun browsing.

    junezach yes they sure are

    willy thank you

    bossy betty yep, same here. It's funny when you go to an antique shop and see something you had around the house when you were growing up

    Anna they are fun to browse through

    tanyia it is isn't it. I have to wonder what it was like to sew with one of those things.

  21. I don't like antique shops because of the smell. If it is the least bit musty, I can't go in. Isn't that weird???

  22. I love antique shopping, especially for jewelry. You took some great pictures. That old sewing machine brings back some memories! Take care, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

  23. Ann, I LOVE that old typewriter. When I was a kid, I had these big dreams (delusions) of being a famous author, spending my day plucking away at the keys of an old typewriter!

  24. Lin, not weird at all, that musty smell is awful

    Angela I'm not a big jewelry wearer but I like looking at the old stuff just the same.

    Funky Folky I think we were all full of dreams and delusions at one

  25. lots of beauty here. I like the sink with the curtain, we hd one like that when i was a child. daddy types him sermons on a typewrite very much like this one, a little different. lots of familar things here.

  26. Sandra, sometimes I think it's very cool the things you can find in an antique store and other times I think it's sad that so many of them are familiar :)

  27. Ann, I adore antique and second hand shops. They have so much history and so many treasures to explore. Love that typewriter :)

  28. Beebeebabs :)

    poetic shutterbug I couldn't agree with you more.

  29. Antique Shops are wonderful. Hey I have a old sewing machine like that in my shed! I don't think I would want to sew on that or type on the type writer but what fun to look at.

  30. That is so cool!!! I coulod spend days there! I really want those train cars. Oh, and the sewing machine, we have one just like it w/ the cabinet it came in.

  31. b boys mom yes they are. You should see how much you can get for the sewing machine, you might be sitting on a little gold mine :)

    tahtimbo the train cars were cool. I have another shot showing more of them. How cool that you have one of those sewing machines. Does it still work?

  32. i love antique shops.. i could spend hours... or maybe dayssssssssssssssss in them :) lovely place in Volant. Thanks for sharing with us Ann.


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