Monday, November 29, 2010

If at first you don't succeed

A couple of weeks ago I was looking out the window and spotted a new bird at the tree in front yard. I ran for my camera, turned it on, pointed and it was gone. I waited and I watched but it didn't come back. Why of why don't I leave the camera by the window?
Well he came back this week and I got a little luckier this time.

I have to use my old camera to zoom in enough on them and I have to shoot through the window. They aren't the best pictures but they are good enough that you can tell what he is. I was so excited when I got these I couldn't wait to share them with you.


  1. He was posing for you too. Just saying. How fun.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  2. What a strange marking on the bird (of course I don't know what it is) and I love the true red head! I think your photos are fabulous, Ann! Clear as a bell and the close ups are great! I hope the bird hangs around for you to watch for a while! hugs from Texas :)

  3. What a lovely flicker! It is a type of woodpecker. We have them around here too! Every now and then they will go to a feeder. But they are really looking for grubs and insects rather than seeds.

  4. well done Ann the pics turned out well..persistence does pay off....:)

  5. You sure am lucky this time... :) Them birds are too fast for me here... lovely one you caught.

  6. You're always finding strange critters in your yard!

  7. Oooh, it's a flicker! They make really loud, obnoxious noises too! GREAT photos!

  8. Hello!

    It's a Red-Bellied Woodpecker, right? I found this for you to check

    Great photos! Well worth the wait! Wishing you a fun day tomorrow!

    Barbara Diane

  9. I am so glad you have shared these pictures the colours in the first one is too good.

  10. He's a very pretty bird! I've never seen a flicker before but have heard them pounding on the side of my boss's house back in Colorado. I had no idea that loud thing was so pretty!

  11. A woodpecker! And you got some great close-up pictures. I'm so glad he came back!! I keep my camera in the kitchen by the window. But even then, sometimes I'm not fast enough!

  12. What do you mean not good pictures!! I think they're amazing! Birds are so hard to capture on film but this you did with this little guy!!
    Well done and thanks so much for sharing!!

  13. It is a kind of a woodpecker, but I can't remember which one. I do remember seeing a lot of them back when I would still take a gander or two outside. By the way, was Duke licking his lips?

  14. I know nothing about birds but he is very handsome. He has very exotic markings.

  15. Why is our camera always in the wrong place and the wrong time!! That is some fancy bird house (feeder?) that that bird is at. What bird wouldn't want to come for a visit there??? :) Fun photos!

    Happy Tuesday Ann!
    xo Catherine

  16. Great pictures Ann. It looks like it is looking for grubs or insects. I would say woodpecker. If you want to see more, hang some suet.They love it.

  17. He's beautiful and you got great shots, I want a new camera - Waa!

  18. I don't really know much about birds, but it's awesome that you got such nice pictures of him! =) They seldom stay still for photos, unfortunately. He must have been posing for you =)


  19. Oh! a woodpecker! I have yet to spot one here. Great shots!

  20. god bless our zoom lens. i find if i leave the zoom on the kitchen table, ready and waiting for days and days NOTHING comes, if i move it in the bedroom all kinds of birds show up. like a hawk in our tree eating a dove. yuck. pretty litte woodpecker and you did get it good. they are reall hard to get,

  21. Oh I love woodpeckers. Thanks for waiting and getting the shots!:-)

  22. I think they are some great shots Ann...and what a lovely healthy bird you have visiting!!

  23. If you heard its call you would remember to look each time you hear them.I like to watch them but they come and go fast on a feeder.

  24. Great shots, ours around here are camera shy too :O)

  25. Never seen one!!! How beautiful for a woodpecker!!

  26. What a pretty bird. I think it's a woodpecker of some kind.

  27. I see those silly little woodpeckers here as well. Now if only I can get to be as lucky as you and get one photographed.

  28. That is a great picture of that Red-headed woodpecker. He is sure pretty isn't he. What fun for him to come visit you. Hope you have a nice evening.

  29. Great pictures of the bird..It's great when you can get a shot of animals.

  30. sandee, I believe he was, I should have thanked him :)

    molly thanks, I hope he visits often as well. I like watching them out there

    donna this is the first year I've seen him out there, it was a thrill

    livintheblues yes it does :)

    anny they are fast, too fast for me most days

    grace well as long as they don't ask to come in and spend the winter I don't mind

    lin hmm, good thing my hearing isn't so

    whimcees some kind of woodpecker. I think you're link looks like a match though

    suganthi glad you enjoyed it

    beaded tail this is the first year I've seen this bird, must be we're putting the right stuff out this time.

    ginny I just wish I had a better lens for this on my good camera, I'm sure I could get clearer shots

    Ann, aww, you're too kind. glad to share any pictures I get

    fishhawk believe it or not Duke doesn't seem to pay much attention to all the birds or the squirrels out there

    anne I'm just sort of learning as I go along with the birds. I've never had such variety

    catherine don't ask me, I think it likes to play games with me and moves

    russ It didn't spend much time on that feeder it was mostly on the tree

    miawa I want a new lens for my

    yuenie tell me about it I have a heck of a time capturing them

    duni thanks, I was thrilled that I got him this time

    sandra i have to resort to the zoom on the point and shoot. one of these days I'm gonna get another lens for my sony

    shinade you are most welcome. I was thrilled to do it

    allotments4you I just hope he likes it around here and keeps coming back

    out on the prairie I have a hard enough time trying to figure out what they are let alone recognize their calls

    country mouse studio I swear they hear me coming through the window. they take off the minute I get the camera raised

    donna first time I've seen one myself

    b boys mom I believe you are right. I thought he was quite pretty myself

    erika this was a first for me. he may have been coming around before but I was just too busy to pay attention

    marg he sure is. and it was fun to watch him

  31. Michelle. thanks, yes and it feels like such an accomplishment to finally succeed

  32. More gorgeous pics. Lucky Duke has a nice winter coat :-)

  33. ManOverBoard, thank you. Yes Duke is quite the lucky guy


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