Friday, November 5, 2010

Positive vs Negative

Positive: A picture of Duke
Negative: not a very good shot

Positive:  It's the weekend
Negative: I only have Saturday off, and have to work Sunday

Positive: I didn't break my streak for consecutive posts
Negative: I'm really scraping bottom of the barrel for ideas

Positive:  I have lots of craft projects lined up to make
Negative: Work gets in the way of my crafting time

Positive: I've got an adorable little dog to brighten my day

Well would you look at that. The positives outnumber the negatives 5-4. 


Sheri said...

Duke is definitely a positive! A cute one too.

digiVickie said...

awww, that's the BEST post ever!

Sandee said...

Well with Duke around it just couldn't have turned out any different. He's a keeper for sure.

Have a terrific day. My best to Mr. Duke. :)

Sharkbytes said...

Aw, Ann- here's one more positive. You have bloggie buddies who like you a lot. And we think you have a cute doggie too!

Catherine said...

I find it hard to believe you are scraping the bottom of the barrel for blog ideas ~ for this was a terrific one! :)

Nope, no negatives about that sweet little Duke!

Enjoy your one day off ~ I know you will make the most of it!
xo Catherine

BeadedTail said...

With Duke's precious face looking at you, everything is a positive! Hope you enjoy your day off tomorrow!

Grace said...

Let's face it - our pets bring us more joy than most of the people in our lives...I think that's a great picture of Duke.

Anonymous said...

well don't forget that November 11th is veterans day mom.........................ya got pics of grandpa,brad and i'm sure i can send ya pics of ian (idk about in uniform though)...there ya go,your very bestest daughter gave ya an idea. lol dont say i never give ya anything ;)

LDH said...

What do you mean, not a very good shot. That is not possible with Duke! :)

FishHawk said...

YAY! Duke saved the day AGAIN! WOOF! WOOF!! WOOF!!!

Duni said...

He certainly is adorable. I love that little tuft of hair that is sticking up in the middle!
Yeah, I wish I had more sewing time too...

Jen said...

*Laugh* As long as the good outweighs the bad you know it will all be okay. If it were me, I'd just square off that photo of Duke and go for some fuzzy edges; it's a great shot of his cute little face :o)

Russ said...

Great shot of Duke. Just keep those positives up front. Sorry you have to work Sunday. Enjoy Today.

Philippa said...

Yes, the positives DO normally outweigh the negatives - just doesn't always seem that way! Enjoy your day.

Marg said...

Look at that, it was a great post. The positives won. We also think that is a great picture of Duke. Nothing could be negative about Duke. Take care and enjoy your Saturday.

Donna said...

If you ever need a DukeSitter, let me know! What a POSITIVE Pup!!

Ann said...

Sheri, yep positively cute

vickie thanks, it was spur of the moment and made up on the spot

sandee you are absolutely right

sharkbytes aw how sweet, another score for the positives

catherine believe it, I was flying by the seat of my pants writing this

beaded tail Duke's face sure is a bright spot in any day

Grace they sure do, I would rather spend time with Duke than most people I know

Amanda, thanks for the idea. and I would never say you never give me anything :)

LDH well, lets face it, even though it is Duke it's not the best

fishhawk three cheers for Duke

Duni the problem is when I have the time there's so many things I want to do I don't know where to start and end up not getting things done at all

Jen good idea with the picture, I was throwing this together real quick like so not much time to pay attention to

Russ I'm sorry I have to work Sunday too but it's my own fault I volunteered

philippa yep sometimes you have to look hard to see that there are more pluses than minuses

Marg I admit I could have done worse, but since I used Duke it had to be a hit

Donna he is one up beat positive pup

Donna said...

You can't help but smile when you have a face like that greets you each day!

Sandra said...

for sure Duke is a positive and i know the feeling of finding something to post. i consider my post today a bottom of the barrel. i had already beat the horse of fall colors to death and posted enough photos to choke a horse, but felt i had to do something so went the easy way. i do want to say, any photo you post of duke is not bottom to me, i love looking at him.

Out on the prairie said...

Get crafting girl, I stopped at a church meal and sale last night. Headed for one at 3 different schools today, they must all be close.

You must have been a good hider if you didn't get caught first in the barn games.

Molly Smith said...

Ann, every time I visit your blog I want to say something about your dog, so here's my chance. DUKE it too stinkin' cute! And the picture of him is fantastic!

I hear you about scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas. Don't spend too much energy on that one. Sometime just a picture will suffice with no words. That screams "I'm busy, I'll be back tomorrow" :o)

Have a GREAT Saturday! hugs xo

Ann Nichols said...

If this isn't a very good picture of Duke...than you don't have any problems!! But...working on Sunday...that is a hard one... Thank God Duke is there to greet you when you come home!! Yep, the positives do outweigh the negatives!! (Your visits to my site certainly do brighten my day!)
Many blessings!

Country Mouse Studio said...

He's so sweet :O) it's a good post

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Ann, you have many more positives with Duke being at the forefront. I wish I had that positive :)

Erika said...

Well, I don't know but taking photos of Duke is never scraping the bottom of any barrel!

Ann said...

Donna, I couldn't agree more. It's always a treat coming home from work and there he is sitting at the door wagging his whole body

Sandra I know what you mean about beating the horse, I sometimes wonder if I don't over do some subjects.

out on the prairie I wish I had some sales to go to. I went to one small one last weekend but didn't see much. I did spend some time today working on a couple things

Molly :) I think everyone who visits here will agree with you about Duke. Can't help but think he's a cute one :) Sometimes I post a picture AND say I'm busy, I'll be back

Ann and your visits here brighten mine. Yes working on Sunday really stinks

country mouse studios thanks, I always know that if I have nothing else a post with Duke will be a hit :)

poetic shutterbug I sure do, I can't even remember what life was like without Duke around :)

Erika Duke, no but sometimes he isn't the most cooperative and the shots just don't come out too good.

Bossy Betty said...

Oh that doggie!!! I just love Duke! Positive all the way!

Ann said...

Bossy Betty, he's a keeper alright

allotments4you said...

No picture of Duke is a bad one so by my reckoning the positives out-way the negatives 5-3!!!

Ann said...

allotments4you I could show you some pictures of Duke that are much much worse than that but I'll go with your theory

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