Saturday, November 20, 2010

Don't blame the mom

Hey everyone I know you've all been missing me but please don't blame my mom for my poor attendance on the blog lately.
Mom has been trying to take pictures of me but I give her a lot of poses like this one.
Besides that, it's been cold, rainy and rather dreary lately and I've just been in the mood to take lots of naps.
But I'm awake now. Do you know what happens when a little white westie gets up from a nap? His belly growls, that's what happens. I need a snack and I think I know just where to find one.
Mom can have her coffee and peanut butter cups but I want those combos.I don't think she'll mind if I just take a couple. Do you?
I really will try to help mom out a little more with the blogging but until next time I'm sending you all White Westie Wishes.


  1. hey eyes off the Combos..they are one of my faves... :)

  2. I don't think your mom will mind if you have some of those combos. I'm with your mom...I'd love to have the peanut butter cups. Yummo.

    Have a terrific day. You're such a good boy Duke. Just saying. :)

  3. Pass some combos over here Duke! And a PB cup please! Your so cute - even sleeping!

  4. It must be the weather--Hobbes won't pose for photos either these days. Ugh.

  5. Duke, you can have all the combos you want. Just tell your Mom I said so. I wanna sleep through all this stormy weather too :)

  6. Lordy, I haven't had combos in years - those are the filled pretzel thingies, right? I think I liked them, I like pretzels...

  7. Any picture of you is a good picture, Duke!

  8. hihi duke!!
    it's good to see you! i know how the icky rainy weather can make a doggie feel like snoozin', so no worries. oh yeah, my mama loves those combo thingies, too...i bet they are super duper delish...just snooter out a couple while your mama's not lookin'. heehee!

    the booker man

  9. livintheblues, mine too

    sandee mom always shares them anyway so why not help myself

    Reeni the sleeping picture is a couple years old but it is a favorite

    Lin they can be so uncooperative :) Aside from the not posing it's been so dark that it doesn't make for very good pictures

    poetic shutterbug this weather certainly doesn't help the energy level

    grace, yep, the filled pretzels. they are good. one of my favorites

    bossy betty thanks, even the blurry one? :)

    the booker man I was thinking about doing just that, then she walked in with the camera

  10. WOO HOO! He's back! Woof! Woof!! WOOF!!!

    (By the way, it is so good of you to try to take much of the blame, Duke, but we ALL know who's really at fault. Just try to be patient with her--okay? Yeah, I know it's really, really hard sometimes. Several studies have been conducted, and many of the finest minds in the world haven't come up with a cure for crafting yet. Hopefully, they will someday soon, and sweet little puppies like you won't have to suffer so much.)

  11. I am smiling... love that curled up sleeping beauty pose. and of course the gemme gemmme in the last one. I get lost of butt shots of our dogs and also lots of walking out of the picture shots. unlike Remingoton who is a ham and poses

  12. That is such a cute picture of you Duke on that little tiny table. I bet Mom would prefer that you didn't take her snacks. Take care and have a fun day.

  13. Well Duke it is nice seeing you again. I hope all that nasty rain is gone. Go ahead and help yourself to the combos. Mom won't mind.LOL

  14. Cute photo's! I've been trying to take photo's of a dog that is in our kennel right now - but she keeps turning the wrong way too. Maybe I'll have better luck today.

  15. You can have the Combos, Duke, and I will have the peanut butter cups. Deal?

  16. Every blogger needs some good "filler" material, but your little pooch always steals the show!

  17. I hope you get lots and lots of Combos, Duke!

  18. Fishhawk, somehow I expected that reaction from you :)

    Sandra sometimes Duke will cooperate but more often than not he won't

    Marg thank you very much, it's actually a couple years old I don't know if I still fit on that or not, I haven't tried it in a while

    Russ I think it might be giving us a break which would be really nice

    Audrey never give up, that's the motto I have to go with when it comes to taking pictures of Duke :)

    LDH Deal!

    Donna yes he sure does. He's just a natural.

  19. Duke never fails to make me smile. Most photogenic pup on earth I say!

  20. What?? You don't like peanut butter cups?! My Gigi would have those wolfed down in a heartbeat. We have to hide ALL chocolate candies in a very secure place because she finds it and eats it all the time. I can't believe she hasn't died from eating all the chocolate! You're so cute Duke - backside an all!

  21. Duke, you look adorable in ANY pose!

  22. Ahhhh..duke now you are acting like Mollipop but I agree with Duni. you look great in any pose.

    You are just so darn handsome! I share snacks with Molli too and she also has taken to giving me those sort of poses too.

    What's up Duke with you pets and the cameras lately?

    Give your mommy a hug for me and one from Mollipop and me for you!

  23. napping sounds like a good idea in this weather and what a great companion to nap with :O) we don't have combos but they sound great!

  24. Smart doggie. Lots of naps and snacks are a good thing :-)


  25. They look good to Me Toooo!!Hahaaa
    Cute Guy!!!

  26. Surely the combos are for both of you.I need to offer a piece of that Reeces if I am eating it,it has to be fair in this house.

  27. Duke- I think you are too busy helping Mom with her Combos to help with the blogging!

  28. Duke if mom won't share her combos you can come over here and have a treat with me!!! Ginger has some yummy stuff, I am sure she will share with you :)

  29. Duke, we think your mom should get you your own Combos! You sure are a cutie pie!

  30. Ann, he has that effect on a lot of people :)

    split rock ranch I like them but mom says they are bad for me. I just take her word for it.

    duni thank you

    shinade and thank you too. I think Mollipop and I would be good friends

    country mouse studio, the cold weather makes me want to nap much more than I should :)

    the old geezer works for me :)

    donna aww shucks, thanks

    out on the prairie the combos are always shared, it's a must

    sharkbytes and I'm a good helper too.

    tanyia thanks for the offer, mom always shares her combos with me though

    beaded tail I keep telling her the same thing but she likes sharing her bag

  31. I'm with Duke a nap then a little chocolate sound great for a rainy cold day.

  32. It's nice to see you again, Duke!
    Oh yes, there is nothing better on a cold and rainy day then a cup of coffee and a Reese's. Here, it's cold and snowing with a huge winter storm moving in. They say we could get between 5-10 inches here in the valley. However, whenever they predict these big storm, it always ends up being warm and sunny :)

  33. I bet your mom would share a couple of the combos. I agree with her, the peanut butter cups rock! Cold and dreary weather makes me want to nap too.

  34. b boys mom napping and chocolate are the perfect combination

    tahtimbo we haven't gotten any snow yet but it can't be too far away. It is that time of year I hope you don't get all the snow they are calling for, that's a lot

    Anne, mom always shares the combos because she knows how much I like them, the peanut butter cups she never shares though, not fair

  35. Sweet little Duke. I think sleeping westies are the most precious things ever! You do need to try to look at mom when she tries to take your photo though. I have the same trouble with my little while guy, and he has been somewhat absent from my blog for the same reason :(

  36. DSS, it seems to me these little guys are either running around like crazy or sleeping. I don't think they have an in


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