Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I'm not a fan of seeing Christmas in the stores before the Halloween candy has been passed out but when it comes to crafting it's never to early to get started. Especially if you are as slow as I am sometimes at finishing projects.
With that being said, I started working on Christmas cards. Between the quilling and the cricut there are just so many possibilities, it's hard to decide what to do. Then of course picking the paper is another hard decision for me. I like this one, but that one's nice, oh and look at that one. I think I do better when my choices are limited. Maybe buying that big paper stack on sale wasn't such a good idea but I couldn't resist.
Enough of the chatter, on to the cards. I'm going to show you two today and save the third for another day because I'm also going to enter these in the Take a quill pill  challenge. If anyone else does quilling, the challenge is open until November 20th so there's still plenty of time to get your entries in.

This is the first one that I'm entering in the challenge. 
 This one is pretty simple. Just cut some letters out with the cricut and made some squiggly lines with a metallic marker. Hopefully no one will notice the marker smudge smack dab in the middle of the card. It's highly unlikely that it will go unnoticed though since it sticks out like a sore thumb. That's what happens when you aren't paying attention to where your hand is.


Julie Harward said...

I love it...JOY is always in need! ;D

Ann said...

Pretty cards! Shhhh, you shouldn't have told us about the smudge as it hardly shows. There's always Photoshop to erase it if it really bothers you though. :-)

BeadedTail said...

I love those cards! I think I need a Cricut now! :) I didn't even see the smudge either.

Helen said...

Nicely done on both cards. I really need to get back to my quilling. How did you do the quilling holly leaves? Where do I pinch first?

Grace said...

I'm no fan of plaid and yet I like that second card a whole lot! I like the sparkly on the first one but the second one just caught my fancy.

(Funny story. I managed a hat store way back when and we stocked plaid flannel baseball caps, geared to the ladies of course. Two college girls came in (it was a college town) and oohed and aahed over the hats and one of them said "Plaid is my favorite color" Yes, I did say "plaid is NOT a color". They looked at me as if I was the crazy one.)

tahtimbo said...

Those are really nice cards! As always, I think you did a terrific job.

Sandee said...

I like them both, but the Joy one is my favorite. Way cool.

Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

gayle said...

You are such a talented lady! Love the cards!

Philippa said...

These are great cards, Ann - I was wondering who would be first to enter this month's challenge. The papers you have used are lovely, and I had to really search to find the smudge - I'm sure no-one will notice!

Russ said...

I think they are both great. I didn't see the smudge.Remember you are always your own worse critic. Hope you win.

FishHawk said...


Ann said...

Julie, yep we can always use more Joy

Ann I suppose I could scan the card and edit out the smudge then I could also mass produce that card :)

beaded tail it is a fun little machine, the only drawback is the expense of all the cartidges

Helen thank you. I make a marquise and then pinch it in the center with a pair of tweezers and then just push the ends in towards the middle.

Grace LOL I probably would have told them the same thing. That is too funny.

Tahtimbo thank you very much

Sandee I rather liked the joy card until I made that big smudge on it :)

gayle why thank you, I have fun doing them

Philippa I was surprised that no one has entered yet. As for the smudge since I put it there that's the first place that I

Russ yes I'm indeed my worst critic. And why is it that I feel the need to point out every flaw I see?

Fishhawk, I tried the BAA HUMBUG route but my daughter won't let me get away with it

Charlotte said...

Ann, your cards are so festive! Love the quilled holly. I will be starting on my cards soon and know just what you mean about choosing the papers, etc. Thanks for the inspiration!

Sandra said...

both of these will for sure spread the JOY. have fun. I watched a tutorial on photoshop yesterday how to create your own paper. the man made a blue background with white clouds and grass and butterfly's for scrap booking. it was really neat.

Duni said...

Ann - I'm amazed at what you can do with paper! Your cards are beautiful. I love the holly on the first card!

Catherine said...

I like these cards Ann! Oh they put me in the Christmas spirits. I think I shall put up my tree right after my exam tomorrow ~ that will be a good celebration for sure! :)

Happy Day!
xo Catherine

Marg said...

Those are both great cards. But I like the Joy one maybe because the letters are bigger and are kind of decorative. You just do good work.
Take care and have a great day

Out on the prairie said...

I wondered if you embossed the swirls on your first card.Like your paper schemes.

B Boys Mom said...

I can't pick which one I like better. They both are really nice.

digiVickie said...

ok, I l.o.v.e. Christmas cards - these are splendiferous! hehe I really really don't see the smudge.

Country Mouse Studio said...

nope, no smudge, these are really beautiful

Shinade said...

Ann I am having a hard time deciding which I prefer. I love them both.

I think perhaps the plaid edges out as my fave just by a bit.

And I saw no smudge whatsoever either! But, I whenever I do anything I always find the flaws too!!

Happy night. I have been so so lazy today and I am late making visits!!

livintheblues said...

great cards Ann.. I almost feel guilty about never sending ANY.... :)

Ann said...

charlotte thanks hopefully I keep it up and make enough to send to everyone

sandra making your own papers and backgrounds is a lot of fun, I've wasted plenty of hours playing like that

duni thank you, paper is pretty versatile.

catherine well have fun putting that tree up.

marg well thanks I liked the big letters too

out on the prairie very observant yes I did, however I still need a lot of practice with that

b boys mom thanks,

vickie aw you are too nice. and thanks for the splendiferous rating

country mouse studio :) you guys are too kind

shinade no need to choose :) and thank you very much

livintheblues lol there have been several years where I never got around to sending any out

Poetic Shutterbug said...

All of our stores had Christmas candy, wrapping, cards etc... before Halloween. I love what you are creating. The colors in the first card are gorgeous. And I really like the design of the Joy card. I am, again so impressed with your talent.

Ann said...

poetic shutterbug, thank you very much. Same here with the stores. I hate seeing all the Christmas stuff out that early. It tends to take away from the thrill of it

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