Monday, September 6, 2010

A pleasant surprise

This morning while we were enjoying our extra day off from work, Wade decided to cook up a big breakfast. While he was standing by the kitchen window he commented that the feeder must be empty because the birds were all over the yard. There were a ton of them.

This isn't the best picture because I was taking it through the window, but just in this one little spot there were 9 birds. I opened the door as quietly as I could. Apparently not quiet enough.

Just when I thought it was time to put the camera away, Wade said there was a humming bird at the feeder outside the kitchen window. I look, no hummer. Oh yeah, way to tease me. I've been hoping to spot one of those all year and haven't seen even one. Then he tells me it's back. I quick grab the camera and away to the window I flew like a flash. I didn't however, tear open the shutters or throw up the sash.

Do you see that? It's my first hummingbird of the year. I finally got to see one. It was brief, I only got 2 shots, one of which was a total blur but I got a picture of a humming bird. My day was a success.


jeanlivingsimple said...

You did have a successful day! I love your hummingbird in flight shot. They are tough for me.
I think the group of birds are Chipping Sparrows. They are delightful birds.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

The birdies are starting to flock, for sure.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Oh, Yes! I feel your adrenalin rush. It happens every time I see a hummer! :) I have a feeling you are going to be peeking at that feeder a little more often.

I think they are most active early morning and at dusk.

I have heard that hummingbirds sometimes return to the same feeders in the spring. Now, aren't you excited?

Joanne Olivieri said...

Wow! what great shots, especially the hummingbird. I would love to see that scene outside my window.

Sandee said...

Well it doesn't take much to make you happy. I'm the same way. And Wade fixed breakfast too. What a great way to start the day.

Have a terrific evening. My very best to Duke. :)

Anonymous said...

Are they on their way South already...there is one tree on my block - just to the left of our house and there have actually been birds this year - lots of them - and they have been very loud these past few days - perhaps the cooler weather??

gayle said...

Love your bird pictures!! Reminds me of my dad's love for birds!

Janice said...

I had a flock of birds in the yard today as well. Isn't it crazy that we are the ones wanting to see the hummers and our husbands are the ones that get to see them first! Our hummers eluded me for days while my husband kept seeing them.

Nessa said...

Those birds must love your yard! :D The Hummingbird is truly a sight, I have yet to see a Hummingbird.

When I was small when we use to plant paddy (rice), mom would lay the rice to dry under the sun and birds would come in droves to eat them. My sis and me would chase them birds away. Wished I had a camera back then :)

Philippa said...

I think you're on a roll, Ann! First the humming bird, and then your creative inspiration starts coming back! That's great news.

Grampy said...

I love the humming birds. I see them every time I go to my wife's parents house. Now to remember my camera. We were just there yesterday. A lot of gold finches also. I just love that pretty little bird.
Have a good week Ann.

Unknown said...

I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye the other day, and it turned out to be a hummingbird looking in the glass storm door to the breezeway between our house and the garage. It is the first one that I have seen this year, but since I rarely get out of house, and the drapes are usually drawn, we might be surrounded by them without me having a clue. Anyway, that was a great shot you took!

Marg said...

Great job getting a picture of that hummingbird. I couldn't put any feeders up this year because of way too many cats here. Love the picture of the other birds too.
Have a terrific Tuesday.

June Zach (Fledgling Blogger) said...

Congratulations for your "first hummingbird of the year"! :D

Your day was truly a success! ;)

Anne said...

What a great hummingbird photo! They are very hard to photograph because they are so fast. I bet Duke would have loved to go out and play with the birds.

Out on the prairie said...

I bought a cordless remote for my Sony Alpha to set my camersa close. This time of year the hummers will come in getting ready to migrate, Jean has been seeing lots she said.All birds are flocking ,it is a change in season. Have seen some good numbers of sparrows like you had.Soem species are gone around here in Iowa.

Bossy Betty said...

Oh great hunter! You have done well!

Catherine said...

Sweet hummingbird! I've never seen one in real life before ~ you are lucky!
xo Catherine

DSS said...

Hummingbirds always make me smile :)

Erika said...

Great shot. We went to a concert this weekend and after the lights were turned down, what looked like a hummingbird flew (almost)into a lady's hair. I am pretty sure it was a bat, though.

Tammy said...

I have been trying to get a shot of the hummingbird by my house all summer. They are so fast. What a great job of getting a picture of one.

Ann said...

Jean, not the best shot but still was exciting to see it there. It didn't help that I took it through the screen in the window.

Sharkbytes yep sure are, it's kind of sad

LDH I sure am and I will be checking it more often. I'm not home early morning except for weekends but I'll have to remember in the evening to keep an eye on it

Poetic shutterbug I'll have to hang out in the kitchen more often now so I can see it again :)

Sandee gotta love a morning like that and no it really doesn't take much to make me happy :), it's the little things

Grace it does look like they are ready to start heading south for the winter. I'm gonna miss them.

gayle I've always enjoyed watching the birds

Janice it's just not fair is it?

Nessa I don't get a big variety but I do get quite a lot of birds

Philippa yeah! it's nice to be rolling

grampy a camera is like an american express "Don't leave home without it" I also love to see the gold finches, they are so pretty

Fishhawk you should peek out those drapes more often, never know what you might see

Marg I can imagine what your yard might look like if you had feeders up. The cats would be having a field

junezach thanks, yeah me :)

Anne I was lucky to get that one before it flew off

out on the prairie that's what I need a remote. Yes, the change in season, I've noticed signs of it, too bad, I was enjoying summer :)

bossy betty LOL, I caught my prey, victory is mine :)

catherine I've seen a few others but not many

DSS me too :)

Nico oh no, that poor lady. I think that would freak me out having a bat almost hitting me in the head

b boys mom I've just been waiting to see one. I've been hoping but hadn't seen one until this one

Julie Harward said...

That is awesome! They are so hard to get a pic of...they just won't hold still!!! LOL

Ann said...

Julie, they sure are hard to take a picture of. I barely got this one in time before he was off.

Ann Martin said...

Two successes - a hummer arrived AND you got a great pic of it!

Ann said...

Ann, it was a good day. I was happy that I got any picture of it. Dang they move fast

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