Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Almost forgot

I've been so busy since I got home from work I almost forgot that I hadn't scheduled a post for tonight. Oh where has my brain gone.
Oh yes, it's laying in my craft room among the paper scraps, glue and glitter. I see it right over there in the corner next to a couple more completed projects.
Here's another block I did
I could also show you the other thing I finished but then what would I do for tomorrow when I suddenly realize I'm not ready?
To compensate I'll let you all see what Duke thinks of the whole idea.
You can clearly see that's he's not impressed with me at all. Everyone's a critic these days.


  1. Love the card. It's beautiful.

    As for Duke? Get something to eat and you'll be the center of attention. Works every time around here.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  2. I LOVE this angel card! Well done!

  3. That card is fantastic. And we got to see that Duke boy, so we are very happy. Take care and stay warm.

  4. Dukejust wants to go somewhere not sit and craft. Lovely card, I enjoy angels.

  5. Well now... look at you and Duke all ready for Christmas!!! Love the photos!!!!!!

  6. well at least you didn't do I what I have done the same post twice because I forgot I did it..:)

  7. Duke may not be impressed but we are! Love the little angels very much!

  8. Love the beautiful card - and I love the new blog header!!!

  9. Yes, the little angels are perfection!

  10. It's really pretty Ann. Each one you post becomes my next favorite. LOL at Duke. He better settle down before he hurts himself!

    Hugs to you and Duke!

  11. These blocks are just beautiful, I've really never seen anything like them! And this one is just as beautiful, if not more, than the others! Don't worry about Duke, he's just wanting to see one with bones or fire hydrants on it!

  12. That's a great card!
    As for my brain, I have no idea where it is. I think maybe the cats were playing with it and knocked it under the couch. I guess I'll find it the next time I clean :)

  13. It's a beautiful and funny card, I think Duke just wants to draw your attention to him, you being so creative. He's adorable though.

  14. Very pretty card. The quilled angels are especially nice.
    Fun Christmas heading, too.
    Thanks for visiting my non-meme posts as well as my silly SC-post about pointy-toed shoes.


  15. I ♥love♥ that Angel card!

  16. Those little angels are adorable! Goodness you go through a lot of work for your crafts ~ good for you!

    Hmmm... perhaps sweet Duke just needs a little doggie treat to perk him up. :)

    xo Catherine

  17. Very good work as usual Ann.As for Duke. He is doing what all good doggys like to do best. He is just taking it easy. But he is keeping his eye on you.

  18. You always create nice cards. :)

    I think Duke was just tired. Just let him be. LOL

  19. Well, you have set the bar really high.

  20. I love the card! I think Duke's just tired from all the holiday goings on:)

  21. Those angels are perfect - you've clearly got quite a gift. Maybe it'd be more appreciated around there if you made little doggies!

  22. Sweet card! I am always amazed at how often you are able to post and comment. My Santa hat is off to you, Ann!

  23. The angels are so pretty. I love the card.

    And Duke is cute, too. Even when he is not paying attention.

  24. Great card, Ann - and I just LOVE the snowy treescape background to your blog.

  25. I started singing while reading your card and if Duke could hear me he would SHOW some interest, as in run for the hills. Tell Duke he is a dorable and the card is very pretty

  26. I'm impressed with your card and Duke :O)

  27. Duke is simply resting up for the festivities. Love the card. Of course every thing you make is beautiful. I'm glad I don't have to choose a favorite.

  28. Beautiful! I want to scratch the dog behind the ears, too.

  29. I just love those tiny angels on your card, so cute! And Duke too ;D

  30. Sandee, thanks and you are so right. I pulled out some chips and he was

    LDH thank you very much

    Marg thanks Duke was the perfect compliment to the angels :)

    out on the prairie I believe you are on to something, he was longingly looking at his leash

    Jean thanks, yep we're ready, let it come :)

    livintheblues I'll keep that in mind and maybe use that the next time I'm suffering from blogger

    beaded tail thanks, Duke just doesn't appreciate this kind of stuff, takes after his

    marie thanks to both :)

    grace, I rather liked them. I saw other ones that were fancier but this was a nice and simple project

    the painted veil hmm, wonder what I can do to impress you

    ginny maybe after Christmas I'll make one of those for Duke

    tahtimbo thanks. At least if you're brain is under the couch it should be relatively safe there :)

    josep thank you. Duke always wants my attention

    Anna thank you. I thought the angels were so cute.

    Duni, thank you. I can't decide what to do next now

    catherine thank you. I try not to think of it as work, it's more like playing to me.

    Russ I'm sure he is keeping his eye on me, just in case I might be having a snack or something that must be shared with him

    Zach aww thanks, he sure looked tired

    fishhawk I didn't set that bar, I'm short, I would have put it down

    gayle thank you, you may be right about Duke

    Megan thanks, I'm still learning so I need some work on it but I'm getting there.

    Ann thank you. I amaze myself with the daily posts, I never thought I would be able to keep it up this long. It's now a bit of a personal challenge thing

    erika thank you. I liked the angels too

    Philippa thank you. Wish I could take credit for the background picture but it's one that's available in the desi
    gn section on blogger

    sandra go ahead and belt out those tunes Sandra Claus, tis the season :)

    country mouse studio well thank you very much

    Leeuna I wonder if he's been invited to some parties that I didn't get invited to. Thank you very much and I won't ask you to choose :)

    Jen thank you and Duke would love that

    Julie thanks, they were rather fun to make too

  31. The angels turned out so good. I really like the saying too.

  32. B boys mom, thanks, the angels went together pretty quick. That is one of my favorite Christmas carols.


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