Sunday, December 12, 2010

I can't drive 55

I know some of you out there have never experienced the joy of winter driving. While you are flying down the highways, we here in the Pennsylvania snow belt have to deal with white outs, black ice and just generally nasty conditions.
It is for the benefit of those of you who say you wish that you could have snow that I went to extreme lengths to bring you a look at our reality.
Last week we were experiencing what was called a lake effect storm. What that boils down to is there's going to be a ton of snow. As much as I wish I could stay inside and just watch said storm through the window, I must venture out. This is what it looked like on one trip

And here is what it looked like a little further down the road.
On top of slippery roads and poor visibility there's always at least one idiot on the roads with a death wish. I must say though that during this past storm the only idiot I saw was the one taking pictures with her cell phone. Seriously though, I was going really slow already, there was no one behind me so I did stop and take these. Wade would kill me if I were to take pictures while I was actually in motion and I don't have a death wish.


  1. I've lived and driven in snow country. I don't care for it one bit and I've no desire to live in snow country again. I'm just fine here in mostly sunny California. I'm a fair weather gal.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  2. I could not agree more! Folks who covet White Christmases have probably not had the trial of driving on slippery roads. Stay safe this winter, Ann!

  3. Been there, done that with winter driving in Colorado and I'll just stay here in Oregon and not complain about all our ocean effect rain! I am glad you stopped the car to take those photos though!

  4. My mom and her family come from Pennsylvania, and me from up north, so I never wish for snow!!! It's fine for rich people and retired people, but those of us who have to go out early in the morning to work have a terrible time, as your pictures clearly show. Once on the way to a funeral with our baby son, wen drove into an ice storm and the car slid around in a circle in the middle of the road. My screams nearly deafened the baby. We stopped at the motel across the street that night. Another time we were driving when it started to snow hard very unexpectadly and we got stranded on the side of the road at night. Stay safe!!!

  5. LOL..been there and done that many many years in Maine. I don't care to do it again either.

    I moved there from Texas and had never driven in that sort of weather before. I only went off in a ditch once though, in 10 years.

    I am just happy as can be driving down here on clear roads. But, one pretty day of snow would be nice.

    It always melts and goes away the day after!:-)

  6. Hah Ha..looks like my place..Ann we of the snow brother and sisterhood have to drive in all kinds of careful now..:)

  7. I live in PA but we had rain today and the temperature was in the upper 50. No, I am not looking forward to the winter storm.

  8. I have always hated driving in the snow. Being fro California, I didn't grow up knowing how to do it. So, the first year I was driving here, I went to a deserted parking lot and practiced driving in the snow and ice...I still don't like it. As for the idiots, I agree. They seem to drive too fast and follow too close. They just need to SLOW DOWN, but they don't.
    Stay safe!

  9. Having lived in Northern Vermont where it can start snowing in September and keep at it right up through May - Gad - I hate snow and the morons who think "No problem"! As for ice, ain't nothing you can do about it but hold on and pray!

  10. Ann - I too sympathise ... I hate the snow and the ice. Sometimes there is absolutely no control the wheels spin in one direction and the car rolls in another ... it is totally frightening.

    Years ago I went to Norway and although they have both snow and ice they seem to have a knack of making there roads much safer to travel on. Even on the coldest spots across the top of the glaciers the roads seem very well attended.

    Did you realise though that snow has a different consistency in different areas. I think that this may well be the reason why some people find it easier to travel in and on than others. It is never nice here in Britain!!!

  11. Ann, I'm one of those who always wishes we could have snow here. However, after seeing the reality here I have to rethink :)

  12. You be careful out there on those roads kid..they look awful! ;D

  13. You know I live in the tropics so we do not have snow at all.
    Well, I wish to experience a snowy Christmas. From the looks of your photos I must say it is very difficult to drive.

  14. I like snow - but on the mountains surrounding the city where no one lives! Or on a Sunday morning - well, no, not even then - My husband still has to go out!
    Be careful Ann...for the other guy...
    Blessings for a safe week of driving under these conditions...
    PS Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!

  15. I love winter, but that's a bit too much. Take good care.

  16. It looks like a good time to stay snuggled up to a fuzzy white puppy on your couch.

  17. I agree, Ann - snow is awful and disrupts everything. I have never dreamt of a white Christmas, but I fear we're about to get one again this year.

  18. I love snow...but for only a couple of days. Then I'm ready for a warm-up. I admit that I don't have much experience driving in snow and zero on ice so...I just stay home and watch the birds.

  19. Winter driving... I know it well... Those are the days I wish I could stay curled up in bed instead of driving to work.

    Keep warm Ann!
    xo Catherine

  20. Driving in the snow looks very skerry!

  21. Great job with the pictures Ann. At first I was afraid you were driving down the road taking them. I should have known better. Guess I don't have to send Wade an Email.LOL
    Have a good week.

  22. I hear of the lake snow here, but have only seen the bad storms twice while in Buffalo.I did get in a few squalls during the summer,one time barely making to land.I like to play in it and but not drive.i waited to get out until 3 yesterday, I needed a break from baking and stirring.

  23. I shudder to think of CA drivers there. One rainstorm and we all forget how to drive.

    These pictures made me shiver!

  24. You are so funny for taking pictures while you are driving. They are beautiful though:) I love the snow, just not driving in it.
    Have a great week!

  25. People in Texas freak out if there is sleet so i can imagine what it would be like with all of that snow! I only like snow when it lasts for a few hours and is gone by noon.

  26. Ah yes, that's why I drove a Subaru for 14 years. Now that we're in San Diego I don't really need all wheel drive much anymore but I got so spoiled by never slipping that I still buy cars with it.

  27. Oh Ann! We know all about those road conditions in winter. It's so scary!

  28. my husband left PA for FL in 1970 and never returned, these scenes in your phone photos and the words you wrote are his exact reasons. he said in feb he said i have picked up my last snow shovel and driven on black ice for the last time, by winter we will be in florida, he moved his family here and never left Florida except a few time i dragged him over the state line to savannah ga to visit my parents. it does not snow in savannah, but one jan it did, we got up to drive home and there is was. he was not happy

  29. I thank God daily that I live in Texas...If it snows at All, it's usually gone in a few hours...
    YOU be SAFE!!!!

  30. We have the same weather. I took some picture around the house this morning and hope to post them tonight. I do not like driving in this mess.

  31. Sandee, I've often asked myself just why it is that I still live here

    Ann exactly :)

    beaded tail I dream about moving every winter

    sharkbytes, we're getting it again today

    ginny I've had enough close calls to make me very cautious when I drive in this junk

    the painted veil I can't wait for a day when I no longer have to go out in this on a daily basis. I sure hope that happens some day :)

    livintheblues always careful, you take it slow too :)

    helen my daughter lives in colorado and called to tell me she had temps in the 60's

    tahtimbo it's definitely a very different experience

    grace as beautiful as I've always though Vermont looked in pictures no way could I ever take that much winter

    kloggers i laugh at people who say it's ok I have 4 wheel drive. I hate to tell them but on ice their 4 wheel drive isn't going to do a thing for them

    poetic shutterbug lol, yes the reality isn't always so nice

    julie and these are actually good :)

    zach I wish I lived in the tropics. Snow at Christmas is one thing but any other day is totally

    ann that's the thing, I'm ok and know I'm driving very carefully but I don't know what the other guy is going to do

    josep LOL yep tell me about it

    fishhawk I couldn't agree with you more

    Philippa I don't mind it at Christmas but the day after it should melt and go away

    Jean staying home and watching the birds sounds like a good plan

    catherine me too, I can't tell you how much I would love to pick up the phone and say I won't be in today

    daisy, it is, I call it white knuckle driving

    russ lol, I'm a little crazy but not totally nuts

    out on the prairie it's been years since I've gone out and played in the snow, it's not nearly as fun as it used to

    bossy betty CA drivers would have a heck of a time

    Angela yeah, what can I say, I needed a subject for a blog

    erika a few hours at a time wouldn't be bad, I could maybe handle that

    dennis for years I drove a rear wheel drive car and believe it or not I never really had a problem

    duni it sure is. I've always hated it

    sandra I don't blame him one bit.Maybe some day I'll get to move away from here

    donna every year it feels like winter here gets longer and longer

    b boys mom well I hope your not getting hit too bad with the white stuff.

  32. That is definitely not the fun kind of snow to drive in. I'm glad I haven't had to be out in anything like that yet this year.

  33. ratty, you are so right. I hope this kind of snow just passes right over you this year, may be a long shot but you never know it could happen right? :)

  34. I don't drive in the snow! Too scared!

  35. I don't drive in the snow! Too scared!

  36. Wow, look at that snow. We are getting snow now. Not enough to make an impact, but it looks pretty.

  37. gayle, if I could avoid it I would

    anne sure it looks pretty but only if you don't have to go out in


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