Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pot luck

I think that today is the perfect pot luck day. A mish mash of thoughts floating around in my head that need to be cleaned out and used up.
I'm sure you've noticed that I did away with the word verification on comments. I hate them myself and only put it up because of all the spam I was getting. So what do I find in my spam folder today? You got it, a whole bunch of spam comments. All on old posts. At least now with the way things are set up they don't get published, they just go into one neat folder where I can delete them.
The other day I got in the car, turned on the lights and this is what I saw.
 I never had a car that told me when I had a headlight out before. Can you believe it was $16 for one itty bitty bulb. I wonder what it would have cost if it was the high beam.

Do you know who this is?
 Nope, it's not Duke. Amanda sent me this one a couple weeks ago with a text that said she saw it at the mall. I'm pretty sure she wanted to take it home with her.
OK, so will the real Duke please stand up.
Or just lay there on the couch and look ultra cute. That works too.


  1. Yes I can believe it was 16 bucks for one tiny lamp. Cars are expensive.

    I knew that wasn't Duke. That's a sad dog that needs a forever home. Duke is also much more handsome.

    Thanks for the kind words today. I needed them. I'm feeling much better about the entire thing.

    Have a terrific day Ann. My very best to Duke. :)

  2. Duke is TOO cute!! Since I'm a new follower, I want to know how old he is and how long you've had him. Any other pets? Me and hubby both now want to know what kind of car you have and how old it is. You crack me up! You took a picture of the check bulb warning! That is so much like me, I probably wouldn't have thought of taking a picture and then wished I had. I take pictures of everything!

  3. Sixteen bucks ouch..maybe the Dukester needs a brother or sister...:))))))))))))

  4. Oh, yes... ultra cute really does work!

    Ouch! That's a lot for a bitty light bulb!

    I have been thinking of getting rid of the word verification too. But, I don't feeling having any problems either.

  5. That's an expensive light bulb! I'm glad my car doesn't tell me that! :)

    That's a cute little Duke but the real Duke is the cutest of all!

  6. miss ann,

    yikes! 16 green papers for an itty bitty little light bulb thingie?
    duke's lookin' like a totally handsome dude (as always!)

    the booker man

  7. The new Blogger spam thingy works very well indeed. So far nothing has gotten through, tho I do moderate comments - I'm home all day so it works for me.

  8. Ouch! That's pricey for a bulb. Our car doesn't really tell us anything except to get the oil changed. Other than that, it keeps to itself. Maybe it's shy or something :)
    On the spam front, I have anonymous comments turned off and that has greatly reduced the number of spam comments I get on my older posts. I also have comment moderation turned on for posts older than 14 days, so I can catch the odd one that might get through.

  9. Thats sad about all the spam..I hate that! Give Duke a hug for me..and that puppy needs to go home for Christmas! ;D

  10. what a sweet photo, hopefully the little guy finds a good home.

  11. I really did want to take that puppy home but Ian would have killed me!! He was so super cute!!! One day I'll get the man to let me have a dog :)

  12. Things are getting more expensive and prices never go down when they have gone up. Its the same here.

    but.. Duke.. that picture brings lots of smiles to us :) Have a lovely weekend Ann.

  13. I don't know if your daughter should get that puppy from the mall. For it looks like it is very fond of shredding paper.

  14. BOOOO to spam! Hooray for a car that tells you when you need a new lamp! Hugs to Duke for looking so cute!

    Happy weekend Ann!
    xo Catherine

  15. I have an idea for Amanda. She could buy the puppy for her Husband for Christmas.LOL Of course Duke is looking good as usual.Good luck with the spam.

  16. My Mommeh's car has a light that goes on when the tire pressure is low. It also has a shrill siren noise that goes off at the same time and usually scares her to death!

  17. adorable itty bitty duke, tell the real duke each time i see his face i would love to kiss it. i still don't have a car that says light is out, what will they think of next? maybe one that can repair itself.

  18. Duke is just so adorable and so good for you. I bought all the animals here nice Christmas bows and such and everyone is very mad at me here for doing so. you should just see the pictures.

    I hate text in the commetns box too and have mine turned off. But, I do have it so no-one can comment as Anonymous.

    I was getting a ton of spam also until I removed the ability for an anonymous comment. I haven't had any since.

    I hope you have a great day!

  19. Yes, the spam is irritating.
    Oh, Duke looks so adorable!
    And the little guy at the mall looks like he wants to come home with you ;-)

  20. Ahhhh! Such a cute puppy!
    But Duke is potty trained...Hahaaa
    Happy weekend Ann!

  21. Are you humming ,How Much For That Doggie In The Window? A hint for a gift perhaps.I will have to look at getting out those cute little words like glinsingds, that hold up the process.I had came close to writing a blog using a list i made of them. My little psenbable isn't working quite fomattaet.LOL

  22. We always check out the pet stores at the malls. Always want to bring home the puppies too :)

  23. Thank you for getting rid of the dreaded word verification. That spam filter really works great. I was getting deluged with spam comments most of the summer, so the fix was a welcomed relief. And at least you could actually get to your burned out bulb to change it yourself. Some car designs require a mechanic to take the whole unit apart!

    Duke is just too precious. I'm wildly jealous, you know. My sidekick is an imaginary, flea-bit rabbit with an attitude!

  24. Duke is super cute! Is he a Westie?

  25. Sandee they sure are. I'm glad you're feeling better and hope you can now enjoy the season

    ginny yes he is too cute for his own good some I answered your questions on your blog but I'll do it here too :) Duke is just over 2, no sisters or brothers other than the human kind. My car is a ford fusion. I take pictures of everything too. some really strange

    livintheblues I doubt that Duke would appreciate a brother or sister, he would be incredibly jealous

    LDH tell me about it, I couldn't believe it

    beaded tail and what are you gonna do, you have to have the light so you have to pay the price

    booker man yes, can you believe it. Duke says thanks

    Grace well as long as it keeps going to the folder instead of posting I'm ok with it

    tahtimbo sure is. well you don't have a very sociable car do

    julie that puppy would look so cute in someone's stocking :)

    country mouse studio I hope he does too.

    Amanda I think that would be funny if you got a Westie too. I think Ian would eventually warm up to the idea

    Anny they sure are but unfortunately we have no choice, we have to buy the stuff

    fishhawk no telling what other bad habits it has too. I'm sure it couldn't be as wonderful as Duke is either

    Catherine Duke says thanks for the hugs

    Russ I think that would be a good idea. He's in Iraq right now but by the time he comes home the dog would already be settled in and he would have to accept

  26. Daisy I don't know if my car has that or not, if it does our tire pressure has never been low :) I wouldnt like that shrill siren thing though

    Sandra Duke likes that idea, he thinks that would be fun

    shinade Duke loves it when I buy him bows and bandannas and sweaters, he's a real fashion conscious dog

    Duni ver irritating. I think that little Duke look a like needs a home soon

    Donna he is cute. I can't believe Duke was ever that little

    out on the prairie LOL you are just too funny

    Audrey oh me too, I'm such a sucker for a puppy face

    donna thank you for reminding me that I wanted to do it. Actually it wasn't that easy to get to the bulb. He was outside trying to put it in and it's not in quite right but his hands got so cold he couldnt feel his fingers anymore and he gave up for now. It works though so it will do for now

    Kathleen yep, he's a Westie. He is a cutie

  27. wow..I love the fact that the car tells you it needs a bulb...I think all cars should do this..especially with the amount I have seen driving around in thick snow without lights working. After all you only put you lights on when you're in the car so it's not like you're going to notice unless you're told!!

  28. allotments4you. I know I was really surprised. I never had a car that did this before. It's hard to tell when a light goes out when your sitting behind the wheel

  29. I'm sure Duke would love a little playmate. I had a car that when the turn signal went out it just acted like it was on. I didn't know it and it kept blinking like I was turning left but I didn't have it on. I felt real stupid I didn't know that was the notice that the bulb was out.

  30. b boys mom, actually I think duke is probably too jealous to be able to get along with another animal in the I wouldn't have know what that blinking was all about either :)


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