Sunday, December 19, 2010


Today Duke and I have agreed to compromise but only for the day. You have the pleasure of seeing Duke and he's going to show you a little project that's on the craft room floor.

I've been looking at all the fabulous wreaths that Jaz over at October Farm has been making and I've been wanting something for my front door.
I stopped in the dollar store again and picked up the wreath that was 50% off and got a container of jingle bells and little ornaments. I already had the white ornaments and silver bells from last year.
 The bow has been sitting around since last Christmas. I made that when I was working on a project last year and got carried away and made a few too many. I'm glad I didn't throw it out because it just seemed to be the right size.
We got out the glue gun and started randomly gluing everything to the wreath. I did this part myself since I didn't want Duke to burn a paw but he did point out spots for placement.
Now I have a super cheap and home made wreath hanging on my front door to welcome all who enter.


  1. I love it! Can't beat the price either!

  2. You and Duke are very crafty Ann! :)
    xo Catherine

  3. Mine is getting a bit threadbare. One year I went out in November and cut grape vines to make a bunch of wreaths with them. Unfortunately there was a bit of poison ivy in my batch so I got the itch when I never should have, it probably was the thinner stuff I threw out. I put those wreaths up for years often changing the lights and decorations.

  4. now that appeals to my "thrifty" side..:)

  5. I would never think of putting all those things together to make such a great wreath. Great deal on it too! Of course, we think Duke's placement spots were perfect!

  6. Just look at the cool stuff you can make with Duke as your assistant! Great team work!

  7. It's beautiful and if Duke hadn't helped it wouldn't have been half as pretty. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. My very best to Duke. :)

  8. How very pretty and clever. Even if you presented me with all those things I still wouldn't know what to do with them!

  9. Oh, this is beautiful!!!! And the door will jingle each time someone goes in or out! I would pay top dollar for it at a store, If I could even find one like it! I'm so glad to have found your blog!!

  10. Well you certainly have been a busy girl Ann. You have so much Christmas at your house however will you bring yourself to box it all away afterwards. I think I would want to leave it there forever.

    You don't tend to see so many houses with wreaths in England. It is a tradition I have not been brought up to do and so I have never had one. I do however like to have bulbs whenever I can to represent the birth of Jesus. My favourite ones are hyacinths - blue if possible mainly because I find that they always smell the sweetest and appear to last the longest.

    Where did you get your lovely reindeer bells from? They are shiny and large ... do they jingle (bells)? How lovely if there are little children in the house you could go outside and shake them and rush inside and say 'listen is that Father Christmas?'

  11. I love this, I especially like the colours you chose, and I'm amazed at those little bells, they're so lovely!

  12. Duke did a fab job helping you decorate the wreath:) Very pretty!

  13. Duke did a wonderful job! You should ask for his help more often.

  14. Beautiful wreath ann! You are so resourceful.
    I almost can hear the bells ringing everytime you open the door!

    Don't think I didn't noticed Duke's Christmas collar too! So festive! :)

  15. Beautiful and wow from the Dollar are good girl at this stuff!!:-)

  16. It came out real pretty! Duke is a good snoopervisor.

  17. You and Duke are extraordinarily talented. I like his placement of the ornaments.

  18. this is beautiful, and with left overs, amazing. Duke did a great job pointing out spots. now my real thoughts are, if i got down on the floor to do this, i would never get back up. both of you are very creative and talented

  19. This looks great. I never got around to making a wreath out of old sheet music; maybe after Christmas.

  20. I should re-create some old family christmas decorations..Duke is cute! both of you are awesome talented:)

  21. Great Price!!Hahaa....You and Duke did a Great job Ann!!

  22. Donna thanks, and yes the price was right. if it's cheap it's right up my

    catherine well we try anyway

    out on the prairie oh no, an itchy I thought about putting lights on this one but then changed my mind

    livintheblues mine too. I love thrifty

    beaded tail well I didn't really think of it myself. I stole the idea from someone

    LDH he is a good assistant. he didn't even try and eat any of the pieces :)

    sandee you are so right. I was about to put one of those bells in a totally different spot and it would have thrown the balance of the whole thing way off

    Grace well quite a few of those things sat in my stash for a long time before I figured out what to do with

    ginny thanks. I thought it would jingle when I opened it but it doesn't, maybe if I shake the door when I open

    kloggers oh believe me I have no trouble boxing it all up. I get to the point where .I'm tired of looking at it. The bells came from the local dollar store and they do jingle

    josep I really liked the bells, they were different from the typical ones. loved the snowflake in them

    duni yes he did, he's a good assistant

    fishhawk as much as I hate to admit it you are probably right

    vanilla seven thank you. Oh I was hoping no one would notice that. you'll see more of that in another post :)

    painted veil yep, dollar store all the way. You can find some cool craft supplies there some times

    daisy thanks and yes he sure is

    anne we make a good team don't we :)

    sandra lol, I have a hard time getting back up. I guess I'm not as young as I used to be.

    erika a wreath from sheet music sounds very interesting. hope you do it one of these days and show it on your blog

    sunny toast creating and recreating are my favorite things to do. Thanks for stopping by, always love to see new faces and appreciate the comments

    donna yes it is especailly since I'm a

  23. That's really beautiful! Your off-the-cuff projects usually turn out better than mine.

  24. Sharkbytes, thanks, I think I need to do more off the cuff I seem to do better than when I'm trying to follow a specific pattern.


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