Friday, December 17, 2010

who's a snooper?

Are you a snooper when it comes to Christmas? Do you have that "need to know" feeling when you see bags and packages? Years ago, when I was a kid, I was a snooper but after being totally disappointed on more than one occasion I learned to stop.
There is a snooper in my house though. Can you guess who it is?
Today I stopped at the dollar store on the way home and saw something that I thought a certain little someone might like to get on Christmas morning. I brought it home and put the bag in my craft room.
This is what I bought.
Most of it is unstuffed which is a good thing since Duke shakes the stuffing out of them in a matter of minutes.
About a half hour later I see this.
Hmm, those cute little brown paws sticking out from underneath a certain white dog look rather familiar.

Duke! Were you snooping?

I think Duke just got moved to Santa's naughty watch list.

As for me, I've got bunches of things I want to get to tonight so I'm going to hold off on the blog reading and I'll catch up with you all later tonight or tomorrow. Have a great weekend.


Miawa said...

I am not a snooper, I want the joy of "the day" (I'm so boring). As long as Duke enjoyed it, it's all good.

Miawa said...

Oh yea! and did you get 365 of those? (LOL)

Sandee said...

I'm not a snooper either. I can wait as long as it takes.

I don't think Duke deserved to be on Santa's naughty list though. I don't think he qualifies at all.

Have a terrific weekend. My very best to Duke. :)

Anonymous said...

lol and you thought it was just your human children who snooped!

Anonymous said...

And at least we put our toys away after sneaking a peek!

Out on the prairie said...

I am fairly good at guessing, especially when I have been given hints like, what brand of cologne was that you liked, and then am handed a small box later.I get accused of snooping but enjo0y the suspence.

BeadedTail said...

I'm not a snooper, just overly curious! As for Duke, wasn't that his pre-Christmas present? We think so because he could never be on the naughty list!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, that IS funny!

Whimcees said...


I love this dog! You can send him to visit me anytime! :<)

Wishing you a great weekend! I will be back soon to spend some time catching up on your wonderful blog! :<)


Barbara Diane

Julie Harward said...

Oh, I was a snooper big time, I ruined many of my Christmas'...Duke reminds me of my Bo, he shakes the stuffing out too! ;D

Ginny Hartzler said...

Awwwww!! Let him have it, Mommy! That is just too precious! He IS a smart ansd clever boy for finding it so quickly.

Unknown said...

Since everyday in your house is like Christmas to Duke, he didn't see anything wrong with opening a present. (I'm sorry Duke, but that will cost you extra. For it took me a while to come up with something that syrupy sweet.)

Jackie said...

Duke you are a snooper huh? So is Mollipop. I don't dare wrap anything and put it under the tree anymore. She just destroys everything.

As for me I was a snooper once when I was a kid and found out some things I shouldn't have. First, I found out I was getting a new bicycle and I also daddy in his underwear putting the bicycle under the tree.

I was so heart broken to learn the truth and I ruined my Christmas morning completely.

I don't snoop anymore. Now, I wait so I can be surprised. But, it is tempting Duke, I know!

Have a great day Duke and give mommy hugs for your new presents!

J. M. P. said...

I love Duke's face on the last photo, it's totally funny! He got a beautiful present. Duke, you're so lucky!

Russ said...

Nothing under the tree for us. Claudia loves opening presents. She does the same thing to them that Duke does.
One week til Christmas.

Marg said...

Our Mom wasn't a snooper. She might shake something but that is that. We have to agree that Duke is way too cute to be on the naughty list. Like Sandee said, that was just a pre Christmas toy. Santa needs to bring him some more stuff. Have a terrific week end.

Ann said...

Miawa I'm not a snooper any more. I learned my lesson when I was a kid :)

Sandee I can now, but in those younger years darn I had a I should have known you would stick up for Duke :)

Amanda, I think you and your brother have been teaching Duke some bad habits. You may have put them away but I could always tell when you had been in to them

out on the prairie I've always been terrible at guessing.

Beaded tail Duke agrees with the pre-Christmas present theory

Grace I have to admit that it was. He's worse than a kid I tell ya

Whimcees Duke would enjoy that. Come back any time the door is always open around here :)

Julie Harward same here, when Christmas finally came around I didn't even want to open the gifts because I knew I didn't like

Ginny I did, he's so spoiled. Any time I come in the door with a bag he thinks there has to be something in it for him

Fishhawk Duke appreciates your efforts and says that the check is in the mail :)

the painted veil Duke has never bothered any of the wrapped presents. It was the fact that I had it in the bag that got him. He always thinks bags contain gifts and treats for him and he didn't appreciate the fact that I didn't give it to him so he took it upon himself to get
Your snooping story made me laugh, too cute

Josep he looks completely guilty too if you ask

Russ Well Claudia knows how much fun opening gifts can be :)

marg I've shaken quite a few gifts in my day Duke sure is lucky to have all of you standing behind him :)

MadSnapper said...

not a snooper, but the pets are. adorable toy for an adorable dog. enjoy it duke, you snooper you. like that blanket you are laying on.

livintheblues said...

Haha.. Duke the's OK I am too... which puts me on the naughty list :)

Catherine said...

Oh oh Duke!!!! Snooping is not good ~ but oh how could you resist that cute little toy. Well perhaps mom can just wrap it up anyways and you can act surprised Christmas morning... :)
xo Catherine

Donna said...


I'm not a snooper. I like the surprise!

earthtoholly said...

Oh, it is so pretty and Christmas-y over here! Unfortunately, my blog reflects my house...same ole, same ole. Don't even have a tree yet and it's not certain that there'll be one. :o(

Duke, you go ahead and snoop...Lucy says she doesn't blame you a bit, 'cause sniffing stuff out is just natural for you doggies!

Sheri said...

Hard to get mad when he looks so cute!

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

Duke knows that snooping PAYS OFF! I'm not a snooper. I want to be surprised.

I bought an oddly shaped gift for my husband that I'll wrap later when I figure out how exactly to wrap it. In the meantime, it's in an armoire with a note on the door that says "Do Not Open!" I don't know if he's a snooper, but even if he is, he can never work the lock on the door, so I'm safe!

Incidentally, it's a hand-me-down armoire from my parents' house that used to hold Christmas gifts until Christmas morning. The same one I used to stand outside of and wish so hard that I could take a peek.

Zach (Fledgling Blogger) said...

Well, I'm not a snooper but Duke is! LOL

Have a fantastic weekend! :D

Lin said...

Not a snooper. But we used to have a cat that would open presents from Santa while we slept. Nothing like finding half-opened and spit on packages Christmas morning! Ugh!

jeanlivingsimple said...

I was and given the chance am still a snooper. Go Duke!:)

Anne said...

I am a total snooper. It goes along with a total inability to be surprised. I have to snoop until I know the answer to everything so I can totally relate to Duke.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Now, how did he know that was going to be his? Duke, you're very smart.

Ann said...

Sandra sometimes they are worse than kids aren't they.

livintheblues well there is still time to do some good deeds and get off that list

catherine I'm afraid he's not going to have any new toys for Christmas, he got in the bag again and took out another

donna, I prefer the surprise too but not Duke, he wants it and he wants it

earthtoholly yes they sure are good at sniffing stuff out.
I don't have much up for Christmas just enough to say I decorated.

sheri maybe hard but not

junk drawer kathy yes he has learned that lesson A note on the door that says "do not open"? That would be a difficult one to pass up. Somehow I would have the urge to open.

zach I'm not a snooper either anymore

Lin lol, that is just too funny. Maybe the cat was just doing a safety inspection to insure that you would not be harmed by any of the gifts

Jean can't resist the temptation huh?

Anne well if it works for you, go for

sharkbytes he just assumes that everything is his. If I walk in the house with a bag he's positive that there is something in it for him.

booahboo said...

Duke a snooper? hehhehee.. naw... that's just his pre-christmas gift :) and with an angel face like his... how can he be on the notty list.. he's an angel.. he's white :)

Ann said...

Anny, Duke is lucky he has so many supporters here, I guess with all of you standing behind him I'll have to give him a break.

DSS said...

Hahahahaha...I am giggling. I have had to start hiding Louis' surprises upstairs. Because he's afraid of the stairs. They are too steep for him. If I leave anything stuffed sitting around, he will get to it :(

Ann said...

I had 3 things in that bag and believe it or not he went back after I wrote this post and helped himself to another one. Then to make it worse I had the bag sitting on my sewing machine, he climbed up in the chair and tried to get the last

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