Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gift exchange

Last Friday was our yearly gift exchange and pig out at work. Yes "pig out" is exactly what we call it. Our party is held at work, we exchange gifts and everyone brings a dish to share. We set up a table in the back hall and we grab something to eat while we're on break, or walking by the table, or checking to make sure there are enough plates, or get the idea. Very little work gets done that day but even the boss doesn't seem to mind.
Our gift exchange is usually referred to as a secret Santa thing but most of the time it's not too secret. I was asked a couple weeks ago if I knew who had my name. When I said no they asked if I wanted to know who had me. Well sure, why not. The boss drew my name. WooHoo Jackpot!!!! Our gift exchange is for a $15 dollar gift. Most of us that have been around for a while always go over and buy nice gifts. There are always kids or new people though who think a $15 dollar gift  means a $5 item grabbed at the last minute from the dollar store. The boss however, goes way over the limit. In the 13 years I've worked there, he's drawn my name 3 times so I knew I was getting something good.
 When I thanked him for the gift cards his response was "Is that what I got you?" His wife does the shopping and just reminds him to take it to work with him on the right day.

Another gift I got was from the deli manager. This one just made me laugh and I used that saying all day long


  1. Hey I had a 30% off last week at Kohls, but this week only 15. I like thr calender,it should be fun. Glad you like my wreath, you gave me the idea.LOL

  2. That is a really nice present, two gift cards to Kohls, what could be better. What a great boss. The calendar looks like a real hoot. Good haul. Take care and have a good Thursday.

  3. out on the prairie, everyone seems to be able to find great deals at Kohl's but I've never managed to find them when I shop there, Guess I'm just not lucky

    Marg well personally two gift cards to A.C.Moore crafts could be better but I'm not complaining about the Kohl's I loved the saying on the calendar.

  4. Wow! That is a great gift. I'd throw them in my purse and head stright for the purse department! And I love, love, love that saying! Do you ever watch Two and a Half Men? I can picture Berta saying that. Love it!

  5. Good haul! Those gift cards are great.

  6. I'm glad your boss drew your name. Way to go. Love the calendar too. I'll bet it has lot of fun for each month of next year.

    Have a terrific day. My very best to Duke. :)

  7. I love Kohls - but mostly for gift buying. i don't buy much for myself there....but I agree with Sheri! Straight to the purse aisle. I love purses because one size fits all! : )

  8. That made me laugh and I sure needed one...Love those old sayings "If I'm lying, I'm flying and my Mama weren't no blackbird"

  9. love the gift from the Deli manager..:)... and if there ever was a time to pig's this time of year..:))))))

  10. You have to love it when the boss draws your name and gives nice gifts! Good for you! :)
    xo Catherine

  11. I'm your newest follower.
    Happy Holidays.

  12. Your boss had a very nice wife! That saying is so funny! For some reason when I read it the voice in my head sounded hillbillyish! :)

  13. $50.00 to spend at Kohls?? Wow, shopping spree for you! Do you know what you will buy with it? Some of those country sayings are an absolute scream!!

  14. That's a really great gift that you got from your boss! You should be able to have fun that at Kohl's. Oh, and I love that saying!

  15. That is so funny! We don't exchange gifts at work but stop for one hour and have some snacks and champagne. We don't work much that day either!

  16. It's a good thing you don't live down here. For we take sayings like that quite literally, but the nice ones will usually call you "Hon" instead of just "Biscuit."

  17. Great gift cards. My wife hates Kohls. You have to know how to do it. Just run in and check out the mark downs. Wait until you get something you need marked down four times.
    I just love the Calendar. It is too funny. You can use it for more post.
    Have a good day.

  18. Gift cards are great presents!

    Love the calendar!

    Merry CHRISTmas!

  19. wow on the boss gift, that is reall nice, never got one like that when i was working. you will have to do a post on what you buy with the gift, great minds want to know

  20. Sweet! I love the needlework and of course the gift cars are always nice.
    Merry Christmas Ann to you and yours!
    Jackie and family

  21. Congrats on scoring the boss as your secret Santa ;) AND, I will be saying Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit for weeks to come. Hysterical!

  22. Nice gifts you got there!

    May you be filled with love, peace and joy this CHRISTMAS DAY! :D

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Ann and Duke! :D

  23. The boss's wife did great for you! LOL.

  24. I never participate in Secret Santa at work because a) I'm part-time and not always there and b) whoever gets my name is always the worst Secret Santa ever and I get crap. It just happens that way every time, so I don't do it anymore. This year, I was the Secret Santa delivery person which was fun. And now, after seeing everyone's cute gifts, I want to be the Secret Santa Stealer. :)

    (You got GREAT gifts!)

    Hey, Ann and Duke (and everyone else at your place), Merry Christmas!!

  25. sheri I can't decide what I want to buy with them

    sharkbytes it'll be fun going and spending

    sandee me too

    marie I've never been a real fan of Kohls, I never find the great deals that everyone else seems to find

    Grace I spent the entire day saying that and then used it at home on my husband, he about

    livintheblues that's for sure and we do "pig" out

    catherine yep you sure do

    moogie oh wonderful, thanks I love having everyone stop by

    gayle, it sure was, both of them

    beaded tail sometimes I wonder how he manages to hold on to her, I think she may be too nice for Just kidding of course, he's pretty nice too if you know him

    ginny yeah! gotta love a shopping spree. I have no clue what to buy although I could use some new jeans but I also need some boots or a new

    tahtimbo either fun or get annoyed because I can't find anything. I always have that problem when I have money to spend

    josep we don't get champagne, we did have soft drinks though :)

    fishhawk lol, well at least you've got the nice ones

    russ I think I'm with your wife. I've never found the GREAT deals that everyone talks about

    christie cottage they sure are

    sandra but of course I will do a post :)

    the painted veil I thought that was the best calendar I've seen in a long time

    beebeebabs I'm sure I will :)

    DSS I'll be saying it too, I just love that saying. It sounds best if you use a little bit of a twang when you say

    zach and a Merry Christmas to you also, I hope you have a wonderful one

    donna she sure did, she's good at picking out gifts

    Lin I've gotten my share of crap gifts too that's why I started saying that I would only pariticipate if 1) I liked the person who's name I drew and 2) I had to know and like the person who got my

  26. great! congratulations and I love the card


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