Monday, December 6, 2010

changing of the plates

You may have noticed in my pictures yesterday a plate rack hanging on the wall. I have 2 sets of plates that I hang up. One set is birds and the other set is snowmen. Well it's that time of year again to bring out the snowmen plates.

I bought these plates several years ago when I was working part time at the dollar store. For some reason I needed something to do and on top of working full time I was also working about 15 hours a week at Dollar General. It got old fast but it was nice to have the extra money. The only problem was I think half my pay check went back to the store. Of the 4 plates the bottom one in the last picture is my favorite.


  1. I LOVE the plates! I know what you mean about spending your earnings... I worked at Books-A-Million a while back and could barely make it out the door with ANY money left! Oh well... I have very few regrets and you have a cute Christmas display!

  2. The bottom plate is my choice too. I do like them all though.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  3. I love snowmen as much as I love Christmas! These are really cute! ;D

  4. Funky folky they are cute. I guess that's what the extra cash was for anyway. So I could afford to buy all those frivolous things :)

    Sandee yep, that's my favorite

    Julie I have a bunch of snowmen, and hopefully I'll drag them out soon here.

  5. That was worth working there to get those plates.We like the last one too with all the snowmen. What a good idea for a decoration. We like those a lot. Hope you have a good evening.

  6. Really cute!! Love the snowmen :)

  7. What fun! I love blue and white for winter.

  8. I used to get series plate for my mom, she had lots.I like the snowmen, but I get stuff like that and forget I have it.I did the snowman theme for quite a few years.When I went through my boxes I found lights that were never used and an amazing amount of ornaments.I found those dragonfly lights over the summer and got four strings.

  9. Very cute plates! I like the bottom one best too!

  10. I love plates on the wall, and I have lots of hanging plate racks and plates. I even have a mini rack with tiny plates the size of a coaster. So again we have something in common. I love your snowwman plates, they are adorable. I noticed them first thing yesterday on your last post, and I also noticed that it looks like you put a bow on top of the rack? Some of mine are real plain and have nothing on top, that is such a great idea, I'm going to do it!

  11. These winter plates are so cute! The Dollar Store always has the cutest things. Very nice Ann!
    xo Catherine

  12. Guess what I did today?? Yep--changed my plates too!! Scary, eh?

  13. My mom would kill for those snowmen plates, you know. Don't worry, I won't tell her where you live :)

  14. Those are very cute! I don't have any Christmas plates or any decorating plates for that matter. I'm so behind we don't even have time to get a tree this year. *sigh* Oh well, as long as there's presents - hopefully!

  15. OK Ok I have to admit your Christmas stuff and spirit is knocking the edge off of my Bah Humbug.. :)

  16. I noticed the plates in the previous post. Probably because I really like snowmen and wish they could be up year-round.

  17. Definitely the time of year for snowmen...unfortunately that also mean snow...Ohh, the dreaded "s" word!

  18. Those are nice plates. We don't have any yet, but I know my wife would like to collect them.

  19. I could already feel Christmas in the air by just seeing those cute plates. :D

  20. Yep, the last one is my favorite too! A whole group of fun snow people!

  21. Sorry, but the only plates that I pay any attention to are the ones with food on them. Did I get a woof woof on that from Duke?

  22. I don't really have a favorite. But I do think the top snowman needs a hat.

  23. They are so pretty, festive actually, showing your holiday cheer! I haven't found mine yet! (LOL) I don't even want to put up the lights this year. Relaxing seems to be the word for this season, for me.

  24. I love plates and these are great. It's hard for me to pick a favorite. But, the bottom one is special!

    We are spending Christmas this year in Corpus with Pam and Bill and you are really making me miss decorating.

    Also I want my house painted again. But, we don't have time this vacation.

    I'll tell Walter it's all your fault when he has to paint again next summer!!
    Hope you have a terrific day!:-)

  25. Your plates are adorable. Now you know you are really in the season.

  26. They are so cheerful, I'd have not been able to pass them up either

  27. Dec. 7th, 2010
    Hi Ann,
    What fun snowman plates! It is sure appropriate for the weather even here!

    Thank you for visiting my recipe-post for abc-Wed Rd-7-T. I finally finished it today. All of the photos are in place.

    Please come visit it again whenever you have the time. Here's a permalink:
    Anna's abcWdRd7-T

    Best wishes & hugs,

  28. Love Dollar General! You can really find some good bargains there...
    The last one is also my favorite!

  29. i can't believe you found these at dollar general. i love that store. we have 2 dollar generals 3 family dollars 2 dollar trees and i love them all and then throw in Big lots the plates are beautiful and make your home look festive

  30. They are all very nice. I would never of guess they came from the dollar store.

  31. marg it was fun while it lasted but I don't think I could work 2 jobs anymore

    bobbi thanks, they are one of my favorite things to pull out this time of eyar

    sharkbytes perfect winter colors

    outontheprairie I only have 2 sets, not much to worry about changing them that

    LDH I thought they were cute and they were cheap too

    ginny I only have the one plate rack but I like it. I like the idea of a coaster size one, bet that's really cute

    catherine they do, and the girls I worked with new I liked snowmen so every time a new one came in they were like "HEY ANN, look at this one"

    Lin NO WAY. great minds think alike don't ya know

    Lisa uh oh, and if she goes to visit you she'll be headed right through my neck of the

    Beaded tail aw, no tree. I hope you guys at least find some time to enjoy the holidays

    livintheblues HOORAY! now all I have to do is get you singing all those holly jolly Christmas

    erika I love snowmen and for years everyone was buying them for me

    grace I'm not so crazy about real snowmen but stuffed ones, plastic or glass ones are awful cute

    tahtimbo just another one of those dollar store purchases that I didnt need but wanted

    zach, ah yes, I can feel the holly jolly building

    marie snow people spell fun :)

    fishhawk you got a double woof woof from Duke

    Russ I agree, no self respecting snowman should be caught without proper head cover

    miawa dig down into the corner of the box, your holiday cheer is there I'm sure of it ;) I think I'm actually starting to get back into my old holiday mood. I lost it for a few years and I really missed it

    shinade, I used to do tons of decorating but now without the kids at home I don't really feel the need to do as much. I think it will be just my favorite things. I do hope Walter will forgive me for making you want to

    Anne thanks, yes the season has arrived whether I like it or not

    country mouse they are cheerful, they always make me smile when I see them

    Anna yes it sure is for here too, the snow just keeps falling and I wonder when it's going to stop

    Donna the only thing is that Dollar General is RIGHT behind my house, too convenient

    sandra there are lots of dollar generals around here not so many of the family dollars or dollar trees, I believe there are only one of each of those close by. But I love dollar stores

    b boys mom it's amazing what you can find in those stores sometimes.

  32. Those are beautiful! I can't believe their dollar store! My favorite is the last one too.

  33. Gorgeous plates! Love the drawings and colors!

  34. Reeni, I know, amazing that they came from a dollar store.

    Vanilla seven thanks, me too, I just thought they were the cutest.


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